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Researcher: Toiviainen, LH (Dr Leila Toiviainen)

Fields of Research

Applied Ethics
Bioethics (human and animal)
Ethical Theory
Social Philosophy
Aged Care Nursing
Professional Ethics (incl. police and research ethics)
Philosophy and Religious Studies
Medical Ethics
Human Rights and Justice Issues
History of Philosophy
Urban Sociology and Community Studies
Social Policy
Hermeneutic and Critical Theory
Public Health and Health Services

Research Objectives

Expanding Knowledge in Philosophy and Religious Studies
Expanding Knowledge in Psychology and Cognitive Sciences
Health Related to Ageing
Ageing and Older People
Education and Training Systems
Women's Health
Health Education and Promotion

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Philosophy for Nursing' by J Reed & I Ground review; Health Care Analysis
A Response to 'The Right to Die?'; Nursing Ethics
Are the Newborn and the Aged 'Persons'?; Health Care Law and Ethics
Australian Philosophers; Pyrrho Press
Book Review
Can Nurses Contribute to Better End-of-Life Care?; Nursing Ethics
Can practical nursing ethics be taught?
Can the Care Ethic Save the World Where the Economists, Postmodernists and Marxists Have Failed?; Environmental Justice: Global Ethics for the 21st Century International Conference
Case commentary 1; Nursing Ethics
David Seedhouse: Health Promotion: Philosophy, Prejudice and Practice
Disaster Ethics; International Disaster Nursing
Do Older People Deserve Ethical Care?; 2002 IIPE Biennial Conference
Does Nursing Ethics Fit in with Philosophy and Bioethics?; Cutting Through the Surface: Philosophical Approaches to Bioethics
Ethical Issues IN Dementia Care; Nursing Ethics
Gordon S, Nursing Against the Odds
Health Care Concerns Everyone; Health Care Law and Ethics
Home care for older people; The Journal of the British Menopause Society
James Martineau Memorial Lecture
Kalaitzidis, E. Client centered nursing ethics: a reconstruction of professional ethics for professional nursing
Leila Toiviainen interviewed by Ebin Arries
Life or death: the painful decision
Looking Out: An Investigation of the Visitor's Experience of Natural Environment
Matthews E, Russell E, Rationing medical care on the basis of age
Nietzsche's Nurse
Nursing Ethics in a Changing World; Applied Ethics: Strenghtening Ethical Practices
Oliko Nietzsche rasisti?’ [‘Was Nietzsche a Racist?’]; Rasismi ja filosofia [Racism and Philosophy]
Papers of the 18th Annual AAPAE Conference; 18th Annual Conference of Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics
Population changes and new social structures; Medical Problems in Women over 70: When Normative Treatment Plans Do Not Apply
Practical Dignity in Caring; Nursing Ethics
Practical Ethics for the New Millennium; Philosophy and the New Millennium
Relation Between Time and Value in Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra: How to develop an affirmative attitude to existence in spite of its transcience; LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Review of Milligan E and Woodley E. Confessions: confounding narrative and ethics
Skene L, Thompson J eds, The Sorting Society
Socio-economic issues of ageing; The Year in Post-Menopausal Health 2004
The Ethics of Teaching Nursing Ethics; Health Care Analysis
The First Casualty
The Relation Between Time and Value in Nietzsche's 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra'
The Role of Older People in Our Communities; Nursing Ethics
Vaillant GE, Aging well. Surprising guidelines to a happier life
Vaillant GE, Aging Well. Surprising guideposts to a happier life
What is a Good Nurse

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision

'Trust'-The basis for the development of an organisational ethics
A Calculus of Consequences and Compassion- A Comparative Analysis of Mahayana Buddhist Ethics and Classical Utilitarian Ethics
A Choreitic Approach to the Sacred
An Analysis and Comparison of Michel Foucault's and Hannah Arendt's Theories of Power
Can the humanist Thought of Hannah Arendt be Made Feminist?- Using the Philosophy of Luce Irigaray to Make the Philosophy of Hannah Arendt Feminist
Common Places, Private Spaces
Concept & Form- Post-philosophical Studies in Contemporary Art
Ethical and Metaphysical Mores within Western Society are being Justified for Modern Convenience Resulting in Positive Eugenics Contradicting Katn's Theory 'never to use a person soley as a means
Forgiveness and Reciprocity
Investigating the Ethics of Contemporary World View - Using 'Sustainability' as the Foundation Concept
Is Meditation the Only Means to Attain the Buddhist 'Summum Bonum'- An Experiential Analysis of Pastoral Care through Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)
John Anderson on society
Kant, Schopenhauer and Ethics
Morality on a Leash- Walking the Dogma. A Search for Plausible Connections between Morality and Biology
Nietzsche and scepticism
Nietzsche's immoralism
Picturing the Universe- The Aesthetics of Astronomical Art
Problems of Ideology
The Buddhist Perspective of the Mind and Meditative Practice
The Educational and Ethical Management of Choking in Dysphagia Care
The Foundations of Flourishing- Determining the Ethics of Infant Care Decisions on Examination of Neuroscientific Evidence and Attachment Theory
The Philosophy of Comparative Philosophy
The Philosophy of Fishing
Understanding Sufism- Contextualising the Content
What are the Ethical Implications and Responsibilities when there is an Interface Between community Agencies and those Living with Tourette Syndrome?
Wilderness- Nature Out of Control