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Researcher: Eversole, R (Professor Robyn Eversole)

Fields of Research

Urban geography
Anthropology of development
Regional analysis and development
Public policy
Social and cultural anthropology
Economic development policy
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sociology
Continuing and community education
Horticultural production
Agricultural systems analysis and modelling
Rural sociology
Other Indigenous studies
Social geography
Population trends and policies
Farm management, rural management and agribusiness
Other agricultural, veterinary and food sciences
Aged care nursing
Sustainable agricultural development
Science, technology and engineering curriculum and pedagogy
Other commerce, management, tourism and services
Counselling, wellbeing and community services
Urban and regional planning
Gender studies
Organisational planning and management
Environmental management
Environmental assessment and monitoring
Urban sociology and community studies
Forestry sciences
Community planning
Environmental politics
Social policy
Research, science and technology policy
Technical, further and workplace education
Urban and regional economics
Organisation and management theory
Social change
Animal production
Environment policy
Applied economics

Research Objectives

Other culture and society
Pacific Peoples community services
Policies and development
Assessment and management of Antarctic and Southern Ocean ecosystems
Employment patterns and change
Public services policy advice and analysis
Management and productivity
Multicultural services
Work and labour market
Expanding knowledge in human society
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community services
Social class and inequalities
Field grown vegetable crops
Structure, delivery and resourcing
Government and politics
Children's services and childcare
Ageing and older people
Technological and organisational innovation
Productivity (excl. public sector)
Climate change adaptation measures (excl. ecosystem)
Management, resources and leadership
Environmental policy, legislation and standards
Disability and functional capacity
Unpaid work and volunteering
Other animal production and animal primary products
Human capital issues
Institutional arrangements
Teaching and instruction technologies
Beef cattle
The creative arts
Workforce transition and employment
Gender and sexualities
Horticultural crops
Other commercial services and tourism
Economic growth
Evaluation of health outcomes
Communication across languages and culture
Other education and training
Regional planning
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander determinants of health
Processed fruit and vegetable products (incl. juices)
Equity and access to education

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Filling the gaps': Regional academics and invisible innovation; TASA Thematic Week
Quyen; Towns in Time 2001 Analysis: Population change in Victoria's towns and rural areas, 1981 - 2001: Incorporation the Study of Small towns in Victoria revisited.
A new direction for regional university campuses: catalyzing innovation in place ; Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research
A Regional Agricultural Development Strategy for North West Tasmania: Accounting for agriculture in place ‐ based frameworks for regional development
A State of the Region Report for North West Tasmania: Accounting for agriculture in place - based frameworks for regional development
Accounting for agriculture in place-based frameworks for regional development: A value assessment and development framework and toolbox for building constructed advantage in agriculture-based regions
Attending 'Sheepvention': Culture, Identity and Rural Events; Rural Society
Balancing Act: Business and Household in a Small Bolivian City; Development in Practice
Beyond Microcredit - The Trickle Up Program; Small Enterprise Development
Bridging Social Divides? Using Collaborative Research as an Anti-Poverty Tool; Development in Practice
Bridging the Development Gap: Community and Industry Development in Rural Australia; Sustaining Regions
Challenging the Creative Class: Innovation, 'Creative Regions' and Community Development; Australian New Zealand Regional Science Association International Conference (ANZRSAI)
Challenging the Creative Class: Innovation, Creative Regions and Community Development; Australasian Journal of Regional Studies
Change Makers? Women's Microenterprises in a Bolivian City; Gender, Work and Organization
Clockwork and Network: Getting Things Done in a Rural Town; Australian Universities Community Engagement Alliance (AUCEA)
Community agency and community engagement: re-theorising participation in governance; Journal of Public Policy
Constructing advantage in the Cradle Coast region, Tasmania: knowledge partnering as a regional development platform approach; Regional Science policy and practice
Crafting Development in Bolivia; Journal of International Development
Creating regional Australia’s future: development of a community entrepreneurship development (CED) framework
Creating regional Australia’s future: development of CED framework; 29th Annual SEAANZ Conference
Creative Regions and the Market: Art, Culture and Regional Development; Double Dialogues
Crime and Violence Prevention in an Urban Indigenous Community; Environment and Urbanization
Developing new market opportunities in SE Asia for Tasmanian viegetables and developing supply chain models for industry
Development in Motion: what to think about migration?; Development in Practice
Empowering Institutions: Indigenous Lessons and Policy Perils; Development
Engaging Communities: A Critical Perspective on Public Participation in Australia; Politica
Engaging Communities: Common Pitfalls, Uncommon Opportunities; Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability: Contemporary Perspectives
Exploring NGOs: Civil Society and Development; Bolivian Studies
Five rivers and where they meet (cross-disciplinary reflections on development, policy and place); Journal of Place Management and Development
From the Shop Floor: Microenterprise Development in a Bolivian City; Urban Anthropology
Governance in the gaps: inter-agency action in a rural town; Rural Society
Help, Risk and Deceit - Microentrepreneurs Talk about Microfinance; Journal of International Development
Here to Help, NGOs Combating Poverty in Latin America; M.E. Sharpe
Heritage and Regional Development: A Process and Outcomes Typology; Australasian Journal of Regional Studies
Indigenous Peoples & Poverty; Zed Books
Jobs in the Bush: Global Industries and Inclusive Rural Development; Social Policy and Administration
Keeping Youth In Communities: Education and Out-Migration in the South West; Rural Society
Knowledge Partnering for Community Development; Routledge
M4R - Markets for the Region - Baseline Study Report : Learning from the Assessing Market Opportunities in SE Asia for Tasmanian Vegetables Project
Making us Marketable: Reframing Poverty Through CED, Ethnodevelopment and Women's Microenterprise; International Journal of Business and Glovalisation
Managing the Pitfalls of Participatory development: Some Reflections from Australia; World Development
Measurement as legitimacy versus legitimacy of measures: Performance evaluation of social enterprise; Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management
Migrant remittances and household development: an anthropological analysis; Development studies research
Migration and Resource Access: View From a Quechua Barrio; Migration Letters
My Business Pays Me: Labourers and Entrepreneurs Among the Self-Employed Poor in Latin America; Bulletin of Latin American Research
NGOs and African Grassroots Community Organisations in Australia; Third Sector Review
Participation and Governance in Regional development; Ashgate Publishing Limited & Ashgate Publishing Company
Participation at the coalface: translating local knowledges and institutions in post-war Tigray, North Ethiopia; Community Development Journal: an international forum
Policy brief: Barossa Yorke & Mid-North Regional Profile
Policy brief: Darling Down and South West Regional Profile
Policy brief: EVAD framework
Policy brief: Innovation in Regions
Policy brief: Murraylands and Riverland Regional Profile
Policy brief: Northern Inland Regional Profile
Policy brief: Policy Opportunities
Policy brief: Regional Comparisons of Drivers and Constraints
Promoting agriculture in north west Tasmania - RIRDC report summary
Regional development in Australia: being regional; Routledge
Remaking participation: challenges for community development practice; Community Development Journal
Remittance flows and their use in households: a comparative study of Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Philippines; Asian and Pacific Migration Journal
Remittances as a Development Option: Framework of Key Issues; Remittances, Microfinance, and Development: Building the Links
Retirement Living in Tasmania: Expanding choices, informing decisions
Retirement living in Tasmania: Expanding choices, informing decisions
Rural development from the ground up: agro-food initiatives in Tasmania; Development in Practice
Rural youth and multimedia: an interagency approach; Youth Studies Australia
Rural youth and multimedia: An interagency approach; Adolescent Wellbeing: Trends, Issues and Prospects
Social enterprise as counterwork: Building a new development paradigm; Social entrepreneurship and Enterprise: Concepts in context
Social Enterprises as Development Actors; A Research Agenda for Social Entrepreneurship
Social enterprises as local development actors: Insights from Tasmania; Local Economy
Social enterprises in rural community development; Community Development Journal
Social enterprises in rural community governance: evidence from Tasmania; Critical Reflections on Interactive Governance: Self-organization and Participation in Public Governance
Social enterprises in rural community governance: Evidence from Tasmania; Critical Reflections on Interactive Governance: Self-organization and Participation in Public Governance
Social Profits? Non Profit Organisations in Market Culture; New Community Quarterly
Solving Poverty for Yourself: Micro-Enterprise Development, Microfinance and Migration; Micro- Enterprises- Perspectives and Experiences
Strengthening the Role of Agriculture in the North West Region of Tasmania: Issues and Approaches: Accounting for agriculture in place - based frameworks for regional development
Supporting Learning Partnerships Through the Use of ePortfolios; Teaching Matters 2009
The Chocolates of Sucre, Stories of a Bolivian Industry; Enterprise and Society
The Competitive Advantage of Towns: Transaction Costs and Innovation in Rural Service Town; Future of Australia's Country Towns National Conference
The Development Players: Nationally Important Industry and Regional Economic Change; Local Global: identity, security, community
The relationship of Entrepreneurial Orientation, Vincentian Values and economic and social performance in social enterprise; Review of Business
The use of knowledge partnering as an extension strategy in adaptation to climate variability; Extension Farming Systems Journal
Toward responsive community services: consumer participation in rural counselling service; Rural Social Work and Community Practice
University, Community and Social Change: A Research Partnership Case Study; New Community Quarterly
Urban Micro: reflections on a decade of microenterprise development in a Bolivian city
Value-Adding Community? Community Economic Development in Theory and Practice; Rural Society
West Coast: Place Based Workforce Planning Project
West Coast: Place Based Workforce Planning Project: Final Report
What do I know how to do? Piloting the 'Student ePortfolio' as a reflective learning tool in the Bachelor of Regional Resource Management course; Teaching Matters 2008
Whose Vision, Whose Rules? A Culture and Development Typology; Canadian Journal of Development Studies
Women Working Away: Female Labour Migration in Asia and the Pacific; Women and Work 2005: Current RMIT University Research
Work on the Edge, Enterprise and Employment Between City and Countryside; Anthropology of Work Review

Research Projects

Accounting for agriculture in place-based frameworks for regional development; AgriFutures (AgFut)
Exploring the Understanding and Intent of Tasmanian Non-industrial Private Forest Growers Towards the Adoption of Forest Certification; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Intensification of beef cattle production in upland cropping systems in North West Vietnam; Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)
Making Stories: Writing Our People; Tasmanian Community Fund (TasCF)
Rapid assessments of regional primary industry competitiveness; AgriFutures (AgFut)
Regional Research Network; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Rising Stars 3; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
WIIN Workshops, Industry, Intelligence and Networking; Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER)
Retirement Living: Informing Evidence-Based Policy
Unified voice for the businesses of Burnie
West Coast Place Based Workforce Development
Leveraging Remittances with Microfinance – A Cross-country Study
Microsoft Unlimited Potential Program Evaluation

Research Candidate Supervision

"Regional Intellect"
An Exploration of the Social and Technological Factors That Drive Information and Communication Technology Adoption in
Assessment by members of regional human services NGOs in NW Tasmania of their changing relationships with State and Federal governments and the impacts on their governance of contracting for the provision of human services with State
Bottom-Up Driven Community Empowerment- The Case of African Communities in Australia
Constructing Sustainable Development Platforms for Rural Communities- A case study of Circular Head agri-food Communities, Tasmania.
Defining, Implementing and Measuring Sustainable Development in Latin America and Alternative Forms of Development in an Extractive Economy- A Study of Latin American Communities
Establishing Joint Management Processes and Models in Tasmania
Investigating the Potential of the Participatory Worldview to Support Socio-Ecological Sustainability
Local Government is Changing and so is its Relationship With Community- Determining Relational Factors Associated with Local Government, Social Enterprises & Community Governance
Prejudicial Attitude vs Reality- A closer look at the host community of refugee migrants in regional Tasmania
Private Property- Prerequisite for or Obstacles to Ghana's Development
Rural-Urban Linkages and Local Development
Strength of Place as determinant for Place Management Practice in Regional Development
The People, The Place and the Produce- How Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Leverage the Attributes of Place to Construct Competitive Advantage
Young, Female and Looking to the Future- Exploring the Aspirations of Adolescent Girls in Regional Tasmania