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Researcher: Holmes, WN (Mr Neville Holmes)

Fields of Research

Other information and computing sciences
Information systems
Software engineering
Other philosophy and religious studies
Theory of computation
Digital electronic devices
Public policy
Numerical analysis
Information retrieval and web search
Computational complexity and computability
Information systems philosophy, research methods and theory
Other physical sciences
Design management
Mathematical physics
Image processing
Artificial life and complex adaptive systems
Educational technology and computing
Transport engineering
Software testing, verification and validation
Human information interaction and retrieval
Other mathematical sciences
Programming languages
Operating systems

Research Objectives

Other information and communication services
Expanding knowledge in human society
Expanding knowledge in the mathematical sciences
Computer, electronic and communication equipment
Other culture and society
Other environmental management
Expanding knowledge in the physical sciences
Library and archival services
The creative arts
Transport equipment
Policies and development
Expanding knowledge in philosophy and religious studies

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

0 and Counting; Mathematics Today
32 & 16 Years Ago; Computer
32 & 16 Years Ago; Computer
32 & 16 Years Ago; Computer
32 & 16 Years Ago; Computer
32 & 16 Years Ago; Computer
32 & 16 Years Ago; Computer
32 & 16 Years Ago; Computer
32 & 16 Years Ago; Computer
32 & 16 Years Ago; Computer
32 & 16 Years Ago; Computer
32 & 16 Years Ago; Computer
32 & 16 Years Ago; Computer
A Re-Vision of Information Systems; Australasian Conference on Information Systems
After 400 years, print is still superior
Anecdotes: A Tale of Assembly; IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
Artificial Intelligence: Arrogance or Ignorance?; Computer
Away with pseudoprefixes!; The Sciences
Beware of RS/6000 SP
Comments on 'Crossing the Divide'; IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
Composite Arithmetic
Composite Arithmetic: Proposal for a New Standard; Computer
Computers, Programming and People; Computer
Converging on Program Simplicity; Computer
Crouching Error, Hidden Markup; Computer
Data and Information as Property; Computer
Design of a Composite Arithmetic Unit for Rational Numbers; SoutheastCon 2000
Dicing Decimal Digits; The Mathematical Gazette
Digital Technology and Intellectual Property; International Conference on Advances in Infrastructure for Electronic Business, Education, Science, and Medicine on the Internet
Digital Technology, Age, and Gaming; Computer
Document imaging: computer meet press
Fashioning a Foundation for the Computing Profession; IEEE Computer
Floating Point and Composite Arithmetics; The Eighth Biennial Computational Techniques and Applications Conference:CTAC97
Focus goes off the rails
In Defense of PowerPoint; Computer
In Defense of Spam; Computer
Ipsilateral Programming
Languages and the Computing Profession; Computer
Mathematical or Not; American Scientist
Mitigating Microsoft with Virtual Consoles; Computer
More on Units of Measure; EOS: Transactions of the American Geophysical Union
Multiplying with quarter squares; The Mathematical Gazette
Olympic Games Reform - A Study in System Engineering; IEEE Computer
Programming With Fortran; Fortran Forum
Rationality and Digital Technology; Computer
Representative Democracy and the Profession; Computer
Revising the principles of technorealism [professional aspects]; Computer
Should Professionals be Political; Computer Innovative Technology for Computer Professionals
Simplifying Array Processing Languages; APL'98
Software Engineering: To Be or What To Be?; Software Engineering Notes
Some Basic Functions for Composite Arithmetic; Vector
Some Comments on the Coding of Programs; IEEE Computer
Sustainable Development; InterDESIGNS 95
Taking the year out; The Economist
Technology Talkback
Technology Talkback
Technology Talkback
Terrorism, Technology, and the Profession; Computer
The Case for Perspicuous Programming; Computer
The Digital Divide, the UN, and the Computing Profession; Computer
The Evitability of Software Patents; IEEE Computer
The Great Term Robbery; Computer
The Internet, the Web, and the Chaos; Computer
The KWIC and the Dead - A Lesson in Computing History; Computer
The Myth of the Computer Revolution; Computer
The Myth of the Educational Computer; Computer
The Myth of the Intelligent Computer; Computer
The Net, the Web, and the Children; Advances in Computers
The Numerical Dysfunction
The Numerical Dysfunction; The Mathematical Intelligencer
The Philosophy of Nothing and Everything; International Conference on APL
The problem with Unicode; Computer
The Profession and the Big Picture; Computer
The Profession's Future Lies in Its Past; Computer
The Turning of the Wheel; Computer
The Turning of the Wheel; Computer
The Usefulness of Hindsight; Computer
The Vulgar Calculator
To See Ourselves as Others See Us; Computer
Toohey picks wrong target
Towards implementation of a binary number system for complex numbers; IEEE Southeast Con 2000
Truth and Clarity in Arithmetic; Computer Innovative Technology for Computer Professionals
US Electoral Reform: The Obvious Obligation; Computer
Vanity and Guilt, Humility and Pride; Computer
What Can Computers Do?; Computer
Why Johnny Can't Program; Computer

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision