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Researcher: Cousins, JM (Mr Justin Cousins)

Fields of Research

Clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice
Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics
Rheumatology and arthritis
Aged health care
Preventative health care

Research Objectives

Evaluation of health and support services
Clinical health
Health related to ageing
Health education and promotion
Allied health therapies (excl. mental health services)
Expanding knowledge in the health sciences
Evaluation of health outcomes

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Magnesium deficiency with proton pump inhibitors: is it more common than we thought?; NPS MedicineWise Conference, National Medicine Symposium (NMS)
Medication regimen complexity index prediction of adverse drug reaction–related hospital admissions; The Annals of Pharmacotherapy
Polypharmacy, hyperpolypharmacy and age - the implications for medication management services; National Medicines Symposium
Preliminary results of Vitamin D supplementation in residents of aged care facilities; APSA ASCEPT Conference
Prescribing of psychotropic medication for nursing home residents with dementia: a general practitioner survey; Clinical Interventions in Aging
Reducing medicine-induced deterioration and adverse reactions (ReMInDAR) trial: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial in residential aged-care facilities assessing frailty as the primary outcome; BMJ open
Vitamin D supplementation in Tasmanian nursing home residents; Drugs and Aging
“Good prescribing is a bit like good driving; everybody thinks they’re a good driver.” An exploratory study on the barriers and facilitators to using quality prescribing indicators (QPIs) in general practice; APSA-ASCEPT Joint Meeting

Research Projects

Preventing Adverse Drug Reactions in the Elderly; HCF Health and Medical Research Foundation (HCF)
ReMInDAR Trial Reducing Medicine Induced Deterioration and Adverse Reactions Trial; Department of Health (Cth) (DoH)

Research Candidate Supervision