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Researcher: Iversen, E (Mr Eric Iversen)

Fields of Research

Innovation management
Industry economics and industrial organisation
Heterodox economics
Other Indigenous studies
Research, science and technology policy

Research Objectives

Technological and organisational innovation
Government and politics
Professional, scientific and technical services
Law reform
Political systems
Measurement standards and calibration services
Industrial organisations
Policies and development

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'The bearer of the mechanism of change': small-firm inventiveness and patenting in Norway; Re-Discovering Schumpeter: Creative Destruction Evolving Into 'Mode 3'
A baseline for the impact of academic patenting legislation in Norway; Scientometrics
An excursion into the patent-bibliometrics of Norwegian patenting; Scientometrics
Emerging coordination mechanisms for multi-party IPR holders: linking research with standardization; DIME Intellectual Property Rights for Business and Society
Emerging ways to address the re-emerging conflict between patenting and technological standardization; Industrial and Corporate Change
Influences on the Commercial Success of Academic Patents; Academic Patents: Emerging Issues and Challenges
IP-valuation as a tool to sustain innovation; The Management Of Intellectual Property
IPRs and Norwegian enterprises: diversification of innovative efforts in Norwegian firms; Diversity in the Knowledge Economy and Society: Heterogeneity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Knowledge, Technology and Policy; Knowledge, Technology and Policy
Norwegian small and medium-sized enterprises and the intellectual property rights system: exploration and analysis; World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
Organizational design and the changing role of standardization: a study of the Symbian alliance; EGOS Colloquium Passion for Creativity and Innovation - Energizing the study of organizations and organizing
Patenting and voluntary standards: tensions between the domains of proprietary assets and 'public goods' in the innovation of network technologies; Science Studies
Promoting legitimacy in technical standardization; Science, Technology & Innovation Studies
Raising standards: innovation and the emerging global standardization environment for ICTs; 2nd IEEE Conference
Sources of inventive activity and the IPR - system: An empirical analysis of a changing relationship in a small open economy (Norway)
Standardization and intellectual property rights: conflicts between innovation and diffusion in new telecommunications systems; Information Technology Standards and Standardization: A Global Perspective
Standardization and Intellectual Property Rights: ETSI's controversial search for new IPR-procedures; IEEE Conference on Standardisation and Innovation
Standardization and the democratic design of information and communication technology; Knowledge, Technology and Policy
Standardization, innovation and IPR; Telektronikk
Standards dynamics and industrial organization in the mobile telecom sector; Info
The impact of patenting on collaboration: Evidence from a Norwegian panel of two waves of the Community Innovation Survey; Second Asia‐Pacific Innovation Conference
The interrelationship between IPR and standardisation: patterns and policies; EURAS workshops

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision