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Researcher: McCall, TJ (Dr Tony McCall)

Fields of Research

Political science
Public policy
Australian government and politics
Environmental politics
Urban geography
Economic development policy
Innovation management
Impacts of tourism
Anthropology of development
Sustainable agricultural development
Environment policy
Urban and regional economics
Regional analysis and development
Corporate governance
Architectural heritage and conservation
Macroeconomic theory
Organisational planning and management
Ecological impacts of climate change and ecological adaptation
Economic geography
Urban sociology and community studies

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in human society
Government and politics
Political systems
Environmental policy, legislation and standards
Public services policy advice and analysis
Technological and organisational innovation
Paper products and pulp
Economic growth
Employment patterns and change
Institutional arrangements
Electoral systems
Expanding knowledge in economics
Other law, politics and community services
Environmental protection frameworks (incl. economic incentives)
Economic issues in tourism
Civics and citizenship
Regional planning
Port infrastructure and management
Industry policy
Rights to environmental and natural resources (excl. water allocation)
Effects of climate change on Australia (excl. social impacts)
Urban planning
Conserving the historic environment
Sustainability indicators
Other education and training
Other environmental management
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A Framework to Monitor the Cradle Coast Authority's Performance
Call Centres in Regional Australia: Panacea or Poor Relation of the Information Economy; 3rd National Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia (SEGRA) Conference
Community economic development models:false hope or panacea?; SEGRA 2001 Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia
Constructing advantage in the Cradle Coast region, Tasmania: knowledge partnering as a regional development platform approach; Regional Science policy and practice
Constructing Advantage through Regional Developmnet Platform Methods (RDPM): towards a new approach to Regional Development Policy in the Cradle Coast Region, Tasmania
Devolution in Embryo: The McArthur River Mine; Australian Environmental Policy 2: Studies in Decline + Devolution
Evaluation of the Staying Put Program: Final Report
Hobart and Launceston: The social and economic impact of Tasmania's major cities
Institutional design for community economic development models: Issues of opportunity and capacity; Community Development Journal
Jim Bacon/Paul Lennon: The Changing of the Guard - From 'The Emperor' to 'Big Red'; Yes, Premier: Labor Leadership in Australia's States and Territories
Northern Tasmania - Regional Profile
Place-making - in theory and practice: The Stanley 'Guided' Development Plan model; Making Sense of Place: Exploring concepts and expressions of place through different senses and lenses
Policy Responses to Environmentalism in Liberal Democratic Political Systems: A Case Study of Ecologically Sustainable Development in Australia
Political Chronicle - Tasmania; The Australian Journal of Politics and History
Political Chronicle - Tasmania; The Australian Journal of Politics and History
Political Chronicles - Tasmania: January to June 1998; Australian Journal of Politics and History
Political Chronicles - Tasmania: July to December 1997; Australian Journal of Politics and History
Political Chronicles January to June 1999: Tasmania; Australian Journal of Politics and History
Political Chronicles: July to December 1998: Tasmania; Australian Journal of Politics and History
Political Chronicles: July to December 1999: Tasmania; Australian Journal of Politics and History
Political Chronicles: Tasmania, July to December 2000; Australian Journal of Politics and History
Put Bass down as a Coalition win
Regional Development: The 'Tasmanian Problem'; Minority Government: The Liberal Green Experience in Tasmania
Review of 'Green Power: The Environment Movement in Australia' by Timothy Doyle; Australian Journal of Political Science
Review of: Dear Mr Rudd: Ideas for a Better Australia
Spatial Innovation in Tasmania: Constructing Advantage through Regional Development Platform Methods (RDPM)
Stanley Guided Development Plan Report
Sustainable development platforms and methods for construction innovation and managing common pool resources; Australian New Zealand Regional Science Association International Conference (ANZRSAI)
Tasmania; Mortgage Nation: The 2004 Australian Election
Tasmania; Australian Cultural History
Tasmania; 2001: The Centenary Election
Tasmania's Development as Cargo Cultism: a Political Historical Perspective; Pulp Friction in Tasmania
Tasmanian Political Chronicle: January to June 2000 ; Australian Journal of Politics and History
Tasmanian Vegetable Taskforce: Information and Data Gaps Paper
The Tasmanian Election of 20 July 2002; Australian Journal of Political Science
Transitions in Regional Development Policy: Comparative to Competitive Advantage; Regional Advantage and Innovation: achieving Australia's national outcomes
Victory in Denison: a Shakespearean question?
West Tamar Strategic Opportunities Report

Research Projects

Constructing Competitive Advantage: Regional Ports in Local Innovation Systems; Department of Infrastucture and Regional Development (DIRD)
Local Government Partnerships in Tasmania: Determining an Evaluative Criteria; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Analysis of Northern Regional Profile Data
Developing a Framework for a Place-Based Approach to Economic Diversification in Tasmania
Development of an evaluation system for the Cradle Coast Authority
Economic Opportunities Study in Dorset
Pulp Mill Economic Development Effects in Northern Tasmania
Social and Economic Impact of Hobart and Launceston
Stanley Development Plan
West Tamar Economic Development Services

Research Candidate Supervision

"Regional Intellect"
A New Place for the Peri Urban- No Longer Lost in Transition
Access to 'Alternative' Food System Qualities- A Comparative Study of Internet and Non-Internet Mediated Systems of
Attribution Analysis- A Critique of the Policy Paradigm with a Case Study of the Northern Territory Emergency Response
Climate Change as Regional Competetive Advantage- King Island Case Study
Constraints and opportunities for community forestry within Tasmania - as a model for Tasmanian Regional Development
Constructing Sustainable Development Platforms for Rural Communities- A case study of Circular Head agri-food Communities, Tasmania.
Demographic Change in Tasmania and the Implications for Agriculture
Destruction, Creation and Immortality- Australian Public Policy and Nascent Human Life
Has Rural/Regional Community Planning Provided a Focus on Civic Participation as a Method to Garner Community Involvement or Has it Created a Negemonic Scapegoat?
Health and well-being policy, planning and implementation- A comparative study of Tasmania and international processes using regional development approaches.
Identity, Power and Prosperity - Why Image is important in Regional Economic Development
King Island and a Sustainable Agri-food Future
The Failure to Combine Economic and Environment Value in Market Price - A Theoretical History
The People, The Place and the Produce- How Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Leverage the Attributes of Place to Construct Competitive Advantage
The political economy of development in Tasmania- investigating alternatives to governance and development strategies
The political economy of Tasmania - An analysis of economic enquiries 1901 - 2001
Values, environmental integrity and sustainability- The Advocacy Coalition Framework and the management of Tasmania's coast