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Researcher: Berg, C (Ms Christl Berg)

Fields of Research

Fine arts
Photography, video and lens-based practice
Visual arts
Other creative arts and writing
Art history, theory and criticism

Research Objectives

The creative arts
Expanding knowledge in psychology

Career Best Publications

Between Phenomena : The Panorama and Tasmania
Perceptions of Nature
Remnants - unique photogram
Tracings: A Photographic Investigation into Being in the Land

Research Publications

1996 City of Hobart Art Prize
1996 Trust Bank Art Award
A Flourishing Ecology
A Postcolonial Florilegium
A Postcolonial Florilegium
Above the street awning
Adventure in art
Art in Public Buildings
Between Phenomena : The Panorama and Tasmania
Celibrate Botanica
Commission for Royal Hobart Hospital
Digital Art Award
Divergent Views
Drawing with Light
Drawing with Light
Fifty trees of Launceston
Half Way There
Imagined Realities
Imitations of Vastness
In Search of Origin. Specimen
Intimate Encounters: botanically inspired works by Christl Berg
Island to Island
Ordered, 2006; Labelled, 2006; Boxed, 2006; Folded, 2006
Pansies and Fruit
Perceptions of Nature
Pins and Needles
Pivot 3
Planting my Garden
Quantum Images
Remnants - unique photogram
Remnants, 2000
Rhapsody 21C: Tasmanian Contemporary Art
Roadside Reality - In a liminal space
Roadside Reality: In a Liminal Space
Rosa fantasia, etc
Rosa Profunda
Selected works from AfterGlow and Washed Up 1 series
Shell Fremantle Print Award 1996 Exhibition
Street Show #1
Suburban Retreats
Tasmania to Siberia - Greeting from an island
The joy of being
The Naming
Through a Glass Lightly
Through the Landscape
Touching Ground
Traces (Installation #2)
Tracings : a photographic investigation into being in the land
Tracings: A Photographic Investigation Into Being in the Land; Artists with PhDs: On the New Doctoral Degree in Studio Art
Tracings: A Photographic Investigation into Being in the Land
UnStill Life
Voices from the Kitchen
Washed Up I, #5
Washed up II
West Coast Cultural Trail
West Coast Cultural Trail Image Series
Will the Real Australia Please Stand Up
Will the Real Australia Please Stand Up
X4 = The Ubiquitous 8 x 10

Research Projects


Research Candidate Supervision

Axminster Carpet- Visual design Strategies for Appearance Retention
Beneath the Patterned Veneer
Bitumen Networks and River Paths
Examining the changing visual language in the culture of Tuvalu and my own sense of place in response to the natural environment under threat.
Feminist theory and images of text in popular culture, especially the media
Form and Function - The Image on the Inside of the Eggshell.
From Market Place to Superstore
Interconnectedness with the Natural World- A Journey of Moments and Interactions
Making Nature- Extinct Tasmanian Plants
Memory and oblivion
Second Skin
Shipbuilding as Romantic Abstraction
The relationship between community newspapers and social capital- the power to empower
Truth, Untruth and the space in between
What Bone Shall Speak For Me? Seeking the Language of Bones- A Photographic Investigation
White 2
World Beyond the Horizon- Reconstructing the Complexity of the 'Normal' Experience