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Researcher: Driller, MW (Dr Matthew Driller)

Fields of Research

Exercise physiology
Sport and exercise nutrition

Research Objectives

Specific population health (excl. Indigenous health)
Other health
Evaluation of health and support services
Organised sports
Allied health therapies (excl. mental health services)
Health related to ageing
Expanding knowledge in the health sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Acute protease supplementation effects on muscle damage and recovery across consecutive days of cycle racing; European Journal of Sport Science
Circulating adiponectin concentration and body composition are altered in response to high-intensity interval training; Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
Confounding compression: the effects of posture, sizing and garment type on measured interface pressure in sports compression clothing; Journal of Sports Sciences
Evaluating the Kikuhime pressure monitor for use with sports compression clothing; Sports Engineering
The effect of Beta-Alanine supplementation on isokinetic force and cycling performance in highly trained cyclists; International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism
The effect of high intensity interval training in state-level rowers; Australian Association for Exercise and Sports Science 2008 National Conference. Science and Nutrition in Exercise and Sport. From Research to Practice
The effects of chronic sodium bicarbonate ingestion and interval training in highly trained rowers; International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism
The effects of high-intensity interval training in well-trained rowers; International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance
The effects of NaHCO3 and NaCl loading on hematocrit and high-intensity cycling performance; Journal of Exercise Physiology
The effects of respiratory muscle training in highly-trained rowers; Journal of Exercise Physiology Online
The effects of serial and acute NaHCO3 loading in well-trained cyclists; Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
The effects of serial vs acute NaHCO3 loading in highly-trained cyclists; Sports and exercise Science New Zealand Annual Conference
The effects of serial vs acute NaHCO3 loading in highly-trained cyclists; Exercise & Sports Science Australia Conference

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision