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Researcher: Walker, RH (Professor Rhett Walker)

Fields of Research

Business systems in context
Innovation management
Musicology and ethnomusicology
Evolutionary biology

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in psychology
Other environmental management
Other economic framework

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A case for more integrative multi-disciplinary marketing education; European Journal of Marketing
Destination Branding and Positioning - The Tasmania Experience, Its Unique Characteristics and Implications; 1997 Academy of Marketing Science Conference
Ecologically Based Macro-Marketing and Management of Tasmania as a Tourism Destination
Eels, exporting and aquaculture aspirations in Australia; Marketing: A strategic approach
Export Marketing of Primary Produce: Implications for Development of International Marketing Theory; Australia New Zealand Marketing Educators' Conference
Green Marketing and Green Places: A Taxonomy for the Destination Marketer; Journal of Marketing Management
Green Marketing of Green Places: The Tasmania Experience; Greener Marketing. A Global Perspective on Greening Marketing Practice
Integrating Technology & Customer Service: Reconciling Managerial and Customer Needs to Mutual Satisfaction; International Services Marketing Conference '99.
Integrating Technology and Customer Service: Reconciling Operational and Customer Decision-Making; Decision Sciences Institute: 5th International Conference
Key Issues in Eco-Tourism Development: A Tale of Two Islands
Services Marketing: Australia-New Zealand; Prentice-Hall
Taking stock of place of origin branding: Towards reconciling the requirements and purposes of destination marketing and export marketing; ASAC-IFSAM 2000
Technology-Enabled Service Delivery: At Risk of Compromising the Customer-Service Provider Connection?; Marketing Connections
Technology-Enabled Service Delivery: Reconciling Managerial and Customer Perspectives; World Marketing Congress
The Macro-Marketing and Management of Tasmania as a Tourism Destination - Implications, Challenges and Imperatives; 22nd Annual Macro-Marketing Conference
Towards a more integrative cross-functional approach to management; Management Theory and Practice: Moving to a New Era
Towards a More Integrative Cross-Functional Approach to Management Education; 11th ANZAM Conference
Towards defining and measuring service quality; 1996 Australian Marketing Educators' Conference
Towards Identifying How Visitors to Tasmania Define and Assess Service Quality in the Hospitality Industry; Australian Journal of Hospitality Management
Towards Identifying the Psyche of Effective Service Provision; ANZAM 95 Conference

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision