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Researcher: Ellwood, M (Associate Professor Michael Ellwood)

Fields of Research

Chemical Oceanography
Biological Oceanography
Environmental Chemistry (incl. Atmospheric Chemistry)
Isotope Geochemistry
Marine and Estuarine Ecology (incl. Marine Ichthyology)
Atmospheric Aerosols

Research Objectives

Physical and Chemical Conditions of Water in Marine Environments
Climate and Climate Change
Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Oceanography
Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Land and Water Management
Marine Air Quality
Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Marine Environments
Effects of Climate Change and Variability on the South Pacific (excl. Australia and New Zealand) (excl. Social Impacts)
Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Environments

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Research Projects

Constraining external iron inputs and cycling in the southern extension of the East Australian Current; CSIRO-Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Development of an Artificial Living Sediment to Study the Effects of Metal Contamination in Antarctic Marine Ecosystems; Department of Environment and Energy (Cwth) (DoEE)
Iron: the key nutrient controlling Southern Ocean productivity; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Metals in the Southwest Pacific ocean: Participation in GEOTRACES, an international study of marine trace elements and their isotopes.; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Southern Ocean's role in moderating glacial-interglacial variability in atmospheric pCO2: Decoupling nutrient cycling and ocean circulation; Australian and New Zealand Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Consortium (ANZIC)
Surface and subsurface subantarctic Biogeochemistry of Carbon and Iron, Southern Ocean Time Series site; CSIRO-Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

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