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Researcher: Frost, L (Professor Lucy Frost)

Fields of Research

Australian literature (excl. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander literature)
Australian history
North American literature
Historical studies
History and theory of the built environment (excl. architecture)
British and Irish literature
Cultural studies
Applied ethics
English language
Postcolonial studies
Other Indigenous studies
Literary studies
Other history, heritage and archaeology
Architectural heritage and conservation
Tourism policy
Other philosophy and religious studies
Literary theory
Other language, communication and culture
Gender studies
Tourist behaviour and visitor experience
Globalisation and culture
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sociology

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in psychology
Understanding Australia's past
Expanding knowledge in human society
Expanding knowledge in history, heritage and archaeology
Socio-cultural issues in tourism
Conserving the historic environment
Understanding Africa's past
Other commercial services and tourism
Tourism services
Social ethics
Expanding knowledge in language, communication and culture
Economic issues in tourism
Understanding past societies
Conserving collections and movable cultural heritage

Career Best Publications

Terra Nullius and Australia's Vanishing Bodies; A Sense of Space
Chain Letters. Narrating Convict Lives; Melbourne University Press
Displaying Trugernanna; Storykeepers
Escaping the Bush Paradigm; Imagining Australia: Literature and Culture in the New New World
Sephardi convicts in Van Diemen's Land; A Few from Afar: Jewish lives in Tasmania from 1804

Research Publications

'At home' on a mission station and in a female factory: Imagining Mary Hutchinson ; Empire Calling: Administering Colonial Australasia and India
'Fully Ripe for Transportation': The Scottish Convict Women sent to Van Diemen's Land; History Scotland
'Wished to get out to our Mother': Convict Transportation as Family Experience; Tasmanian Historical Research Association Papers and Proceedings
City Bushman: Henry Lawson and the Australian Imagination by Christopher Lee
Terra Nullius and Australia's Vanishing Bodies; The South African Society for General Literary Studies
Terra Nullius and Australia's Vanishing Bodies; A Sense of Space
Terra Nullius and Australia's Vanishing Bodies; A Sense of Space
A 'Quixotic Episode' at Recherche Bay; Something Rich & Strange: Sea Changes, Beaches and the Littoral in The Antipodes
A Colonial Novel
A Spanish convict, her clergyman biographer, and the amanuensis of her bastard son; Chain letters: Narrating convict lives
Abandoned women: Scottish convicts exiled beyond the seas; Allen and Unwin
Accolades and Fetters; Critical Survey
At large with the run-a-ways; Chain Letters. Narrating Convict Lives
Baynton, Barbara Jane
Chain Letters. Narrating Convict Lives; Melbourne University Press
Dawbin, Anna Maria
Dawbin, Annie Baxter
Dierdre Coleman (ed.), Maiden Voyages and Infant Colonies
Difference (Review of Richard Flanagan 'Sound of One Hand Clapping'
Displaying Trugernanna; Storykeepers
Eliza Churchill tells; Chain letters: Narrating convict lives
Escaping the Bush Paradigm; Imagining Australia: Literature and Culture in the New New World
Fear of Passing; Australian Humanities Review
Female Factories
Footsteps and Voices: A Historical Look into the Cascades Female Factory
Gifts of Patchwork and Visits to Whitehall: The British Ladies' Society and Female Convict Ships; Victorian Traffic: Identity, Exchange, Performance
Living memory and the interpretation of heritage: Developing a multimedia interactive to record and store personal stories for use in heritage interpretation and research
Not waving, drowning
Passion under the Influence
Protecting the Children: Early Years of the King's Orphan Schools in Van Diemen's Land; Coolabah
Remembering Elizabeth Jolley; Westerly
Review of 'The Pursuit of Wonder'
Review of Peter Carey, 'Jack Maggs'
Saying the Unsayable
Sephardi convicts in Van Diemen's Land; A Few from Afar: Jewish lives in Tasmania from 1804
Sexual Harassment; Social Theory and Practice: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal of Social Philosophy
The Journal of Annie Baxter Dawbin. July 1858 - May 1868; University of Queensland Press
The Politics of Writing Convict Lives: Academic Research, State Archives and Family History; Life Writing
The Vanishing Iberian Connection; Changing Geographies: Australia and the Millennium
Those Women Who Go to Hotels; Minerva
Untrodden Dresses, Loose Trowsers, and Trailing Skirts: walking through colonial space; Women's Writing
Who Speaks for the Past?; Siglo
Wilde Eve: Eve Langley's Story; Random House
your unfortunate and undutiful wife; Chain letters: Narrating convict lives

Research Projects

Centre for Colonialism and its Aftermath; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Female Convicts as Women Travellers: An Investigation into how the Itineraries of Convict Experience Affected Life Narratives; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Heritage Highway - Expansion of 'Skulduggery' and Review of the Initial CRC Tourism Research Grant; CRC for Sustainable Tourism Pty Ltd (CRCT)
Living Memory and the Interpretation of Heritage; CRC for Sustainable Tourism Pty Ltd (CRCT)
Materials to sustain and further develop cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research into Colonial Australia; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Narratives of Hispanic and Lusophone Convicts Transported to New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Narratives of Vanishing in Australia: Genealogy and Critique of a National Preoccupation; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Supplementary Funding; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
The Silent Buildings of Willow Court: Testing a New and Innovative Model for Cultural Heritage Assessment; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Within These Walls: A Self Guided Tour and Interpretive Booklet for the Female Factory Historic Site (Cascades); CRC for Sustainable Tourism Pty Ltd (CRCT)
Female Factory Muster
Female Factory Muster

Research Candidate Supervision

"I Could hardly Speak"- dialogues in the Poetry of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes
A consideration of the role of moral philosophy in literary theory and some implications for the study of literature.
A short novel accompanied by an exegesis examining the relationship between black and white Tasmanians, past and present
An Annotated Edition of the Journals of Mary Morton Allport
Aspects of Metamorphosis- The Fiction of David Malouf
Bright shoots of everlastingness
Bringing the Dingo Home- Discursive Representations of the Dingo by Aboriginal, Colonial and Contemporary Australians
Commercialisation, Conflict of Interest and the Public Broadcasters (Australia)
Constructing Port Arthur
Creating a place- women, land and improvisation
Domestic disillusionment- New England writers & their homes in the 19th Century
From Prison to Home- Identity and Place in Tasmania
From the doomed west to the timeless city
Gunter Grass's Unkenrufe- Telling German Hi/Stories - Who is telling them? And by whose authority?
Heritextuality- A Study in an Emergent Discipline of Touristic Discourse Touristic Discourse
Hold the Presses- The Vision Unsplendid for Australian Newspapers
Joseph Conrad and the myth, mystery and meaning of the Macquarie Island Figurehead
Littoral Fictions- Writing Tasmania and Newfoundland
Medicine, Medea and the Media- The Rise and Fall of Roy Meadow
Of Marriageable Age- Rethinking Approaches to Father-Daughter Incest Narratives in the Long Eighteenth Century
Orlan/Deleuze- Corporeal/(In)Corporeal
Reappraising Forgotten Fictions- The Tasmanian Romances of Marie Bjelke Petersen
Recent 'Grunge' and Neo-realist Australian Fiction
Redefining Eve Langley- Eve Langley and her Editors
Ross Female Factory
Space and power in Arthur's Van Dieman's Land- a study in the nature of carceral society
Space and Sexuality in the Post-Victorian Fiction of Sarah Waters
Textual Traces- Writing the lives of two colonial Tasmanian women.
The Adventurous Travels of a Disobedient Reader- A Reading Practice for the Fiction of W.G. Sebald
The dialogue imagination of Elizabeth Jolley
The Hotel in Postmodern Literature and Film
The Secret Life of Us- Eve Langley and Her Family
The subcontinent diaspora-Challenging assimilation & ethnicity through hybridity in fiction & film
Unsettled Imaginings- Australian Novels of Asian Invasion
Victims as Media Celebrities
Women and Writing- A comparative study of some texts by Miles Franklin and Higuchi Ichiyo
zwischen dem Meer und dem Nichtmehr- Anziety, repression and hope in the works of Erich Fried