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Researcher: Pankhurst, MW (Mr Michael Pankhurst)

Fields of Research

Central nervous system
Cellular nervous system
Tumour immunology
Cellular immunology
Molecular targets

Research Objectives

Clinical health

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Increased circulating leukocyte numbers and altered macrophage phenotype correlate with the altered immune response to brain injury in metallothionein (MT) -I/II null mutant mice; Journal of Neuroinflammation
Metallothionein (MT) -I and MT-II expression are induced and cause zinc sequestration in the liver after brain injury; Pl o S One
Metallothionein induces a regenerative reactive astrocyte phenotype via JAK/STAT and RhoA signalling pathways ; Experimental Neurology: A Journal of Neuroscience Research
Metallothionein Treatment Attenuates Microglial Activation and Expression of Neurotoxic Quinolinic Acid Following Traumatic Brain Injury ; Neurotoxicity Research: An International Journal on Processes and Mechanisms in Neurodegeneration, Apoptosis, Neuroprotection and Regeneration
Peripheral effects of metallothionein in brain injury: Altered immune system response in metallothionein-1/2 null mice; 4th International Congress on Stress Responses in Biology and Medicine

Research Projects

Investigating the role of metallothionein in ultraviolet radiation-induced skin cancer; Cancer Council of Tasmania (CCT)

Research Candidate Supervision