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Researcher: Fei, J (Dr Jiangang Fei)

Fields of Research

Human Resources Management
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Transportation and Freight Services
Higher Education
Maritime Engineering
Marine Engineering
Business Information Management (incl. Records, Knowledge and Information Management, and Intelligence)
Technical, Further and Workplace Education
Educational Technology and Computing
Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Engagement
Curriculum and Pedagogy Theory and Development
Air Transportation and Freight Services
Web Technologies (excl. Web Search)
Consumer-Oriented Product or Service Development
Organisation and Management Theory
Ship and Platform Hydrodynamics
Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum and Pedagogy (excl. Economics, Business and Management)
Organisational, Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication
Small Business Management
Rail Transportation and Freight Services
Information Systems Management
Multicultural, Intercultural and Cross-cultural Studies
Food Processing
Food Packaging, Preservation and Safety
Organisational Planning and Management
Education Assessment and Evaluation
Organisational Behaviour

Research Objectives

International Sea Freight Transport (excl. Live Animal Transport)
Coastal Sea Freight Transport
Water Transport
Water Safety
Expanding Knowledge in Engineering
Education and Training Systems Policies and Development
Rail Freight
Teaching and Instruction Technologies
Learner and Learning Processes
Expanding Knowledge in the Biological Sciences
Learner and Learning Achievement
Technological and Organisational Innovation
Human Capital Issues
Port Infrastructure and Management
Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transport Activities
Processed Food Products and Beverages (excl. Dairy Products)
Food Safety
Resourcing of Education and Training Systems
Management of Education and Training Systems
Rail Infrastructure and Networks
Cultural Understanding

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A critical examination of the seafaring English education and training in China; Marine Policy
A review of maritime English education and training on China in comparison with other top suppliers of seafarers; Asia-Pacific Journal of Marine Science & Education
Accuracy of potential flow methods to solve realtime ship-tug interaction effects within ship handling simulators; TransNav: the International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation
An empirical study of the role of Information Technology in effective knowledge transfer in the shipping industry; IAME: International Association of Maritime Economists Annual Conference
An empirical study of the role of information technology in effective knowledge transfer in the shipping industry; Maritime Policy and Management: An International Journal of Shipping and Port Research
An empirical study on the communicative competence of Chinese seafarers; Marine Policy
An improved dynamic linear forecasting model for container port throughput considering periodic fluctuations; International Conference of Maritime Economists (IAME) 2017
Analysis of students' perceptions of seafaring career in China based on artificial neural network and genetic programming; Maritime Policy and Management: An International Journal of Shipping and Port Research
Branding as innovation within agribusiness value chains; Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Breaking the psychological contract and managing expectations: developing solutions for the shortage of ship officers; 2013 International Association of Maritime Economists Conference (IAME13)
Challenging the current paradigms of seafarer training and careers; 15th Annual general assembly International Association of Maritime Universities
Class attendance and use of Echo360 in Australia: A comparison between undergraduate nursing and maritime disciplines; 2014 International conference on new horizons in education
Communication challenges to maritime English education and training in China in the modern shipping world; 2015 Master Mariners Congress
Comparison of use of Echo360 generated materials in maritime engineering and nursing disciplines to support student learning; 25th Annual Conference of the Australasian Association for Engineering Education
Conceptualising Organisational Knowledge Base in the Shipping Industry; SCMIS 2007: Fifth International Conference on Supply Chain Management and Information Systems
Data mining practice in SMEs: a customer relationship management perspective; 11th Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Operations, Supply Chain and Services Management Symposium
Effective knowledge transfer in the shipping industry and the role of information technology; 2008 International Conference and Annual Meeting of chinese Institute of Transportation
Estimation of drag force on tug hulls at different drift angles; 3rd International Symposium of Maritime Sciences
Exploratory factor analysis - antecedents of information sharing in supply chains; IAME2017
Exploring the range of retention issues for seafarers in global shipping: opportunities for further research; WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs
Human resource practices in seafaring: Opportunities for improving retention; Contemporary Marine and Maritime Policy
Identifying the factors affecting active seafaring career; 1st Annual World Congress of Ocean
Identifying the factors affecting information sharing in supply chain - A systematic review of the literature; IAME 2015 conference
Improving the quality of rail freight services by managing the time-based attributes: the case of non-bulk rail network in Australia; World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research
Integrating intangible resources in strategic co-operations of container lines: ships agents' perspective; Current Issues in Shipping, Ports and Logistics
Investigate the possible Impacts of differential seafarers’ career progression on seafarer competence in China; 15th Annual General Assembly International Association of Maritime Universities, IAMU AGA 2014 - Looking Ahead: Innovation in Maritime Education, Training and Research
Investigating the transformative role of Echo360 on learning and teaching; 2013 Teaching Matters Conference
Knowledge management in the shipping industry; Lap Lambert
Logistics in Oceania - A project conducted for the Korean Maritime University
Maritime Safety Management System - Final Report
Motivational profile: An Australian perspective of the reasons for increased turnover among ship officers; IAME 2015 conference
Non-dimensionalisation of lateral distances between vessels of dissimilar sizes for interaction effect studies; Transactions of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects Part A: International Journal of Maritime Engineering
Organisational knowledge base and knowledge transfer in the shipping industry; Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management
Port State Control; Taiwan's Maritime Safety and Security Studies
Punctuality improvement in Australian rail freight network by transit time management; International symposia for next generation infrastructure
Student perceptions of ‘flipped’ microbiology laboratory classes; International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education
The communicative competence of Chinese seafarers and their employability in the international maritime labour market; Marine Policy
The contribution of intangible resources to the competitive performance of container lines: Perspectives of senior managers in Sri Lanka; International Association of Maritime Economists Annual Conference
The Effects of Information Technology on Port Operations; The First International Conference on Logistics Strategy for Ports
The Establishment of a Framework of Communicative Competence of Seafarers: A Systematic Review; What is Next in Educational Research?
The impediments to the competitiveness of the rail industry in Australia: The case of the non-bulk freight market; Asia-Pacific journal of marketing and logistics
The making of master mariners: Understanding the incentives of a seafaring career in Australia; 2015 Master Mariners Congress
The use of Echo360 generated materials and perceived student performance; 2014 International Conference of Teaching, Assessment and Learning (TALE)
Understanding and managing the complexity of retention issues for 21st century seafarers in the global shipping industry; 2014 International Association of Maritime Economists Conference (IAME 2014)
Uptake of lecture capture technology by lecturers in engineering, management and nursing disciplines; 2014 International Conference of Teaching, Assessment and Learning (TALE)
Use of Echo360 generated materials and its impact on class attendance; 30th Annual Ascilite Conference
Using Echo360 Personal Capture software to create a ‘flipped’ classroom for Microbiology laboratory classes; ASCILITE 2014
Utilisation of Echo 360: A comparison between undergraduate nursing and maritime disciplines; Teaching Matters 2014

Research Projects

ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Innovative Horticultural Products: Adding value to horticulture value ; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Investigating the transformative role of Echo360 on learning and teaching; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision

Developing Maintenance Supply Chain to Improve Ship Maintenance Performance
Human-Machine interaction in the Era of e-Navigation
Improvements in Ship to Ship Interaction Modelling
Integration of Rail Freight Transport into the Value Chain to Create Environmental, Social and Economic Benefits
Making Seafaring Attractive in an Era of Global Shortage in Qualified Sailors
Supply Chain Management and its Security in Online Retailing
The Contribution of Intangible Resources to the Post Strategic Co-operation Success of Container Lines- Perspectives of Senior Managers in Agencies and Regional Offices
The Effects of Manila Amendment on Maritime English Education in China and its Effective Solutions to the Problem of Some Deficiencies of Chinese Seafarers' English Ability
The Multifaceted Legal roles of the International Freight Forwarder