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Researcher: Gilfedder, LA (Ms Louise Gilfedder)

Fields of Research

Terrestrial ecology
Conservation and biodiversity
Biogeography and phylogeography
Agricultural production systems simulation
Social geography
Environmental law

Research Objectives

Other environmental management
Rehabilitation or conservation of terrestrial environments
Terrestrial biodiversity
Assessment and management of terrestrial ecosystems
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Ecosystem adaptation to climate change
Sheep for wool

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A survey of landholder attitudes and intentions towards the longterm conservation of native lowland grasslands
Adaptation pathways for conservation law and policy; WIREs Climate Change
An irreplaceability map for Tasmanian priority plant species; Papers and Proceedings Royal Society of Tasmania
Aspects of the distribution, phytosociology, ecology and management of Danthonia popinensis D.I. Morris, an endangered wallaby grass from Tasmania; Papers and Proceedings from the Royal Society of Tasmania
Biodiversity on the brink: evaluating a transdisciplinary research collaboration; Journal for Nature Conservation
Characteristics and conservation status of rock pavement vegetation in lowland perhumid and subhumid Tasmania
Conserving weedy natives: Two Tasmanian endangered herbs in the Brassicaceae; Australian Journal of Ecology
Distribution, disturbance tolerance and conservation of Stackhousia gunnii in Tasmania ; Australian Journal of Botany
Distribution, ecology and conservation status of lowland and subalpine woodlands in Tasmania; Temperate Eucalypt Woodlands in Australia
Factors influencing the integrity of remnant bushland in subhumid Tasmania; Biological Conservation
Frequent planned fire can prevent succession to woody plant dominance in montane temperate grasslands; Austral Ecology
Global plight of native temperate grasslands: going, going, gone?; Biodiversity and Conservation
Improving the conservation of vegetation remnants in Tasmania; Nature Conservation 4: The role of Networks
Land use conservatism results in conservation of grassy ecosystems used for sheep grazing; The 28th Annual Conference of the Ecological Society of Australia
Landowner perceptions of payments for nature conservation on private land; Environmental Management
Maintaining integrity compared with maintaining rare and threatened taxa in remnant bushland in subhumid Tasmania; Biological Conservation
Mapping scenario narratives: a technique to enhance landscape-scale biodiversity planning; Conservation and Society
Modelling seasonal pasture growth and botanical composition at the paddock scale with satellite imagery; In Silico Plants
Observations on the ecology and conservation of Rough Eyebright Euphrasia scabra Scrophulariaceae, in Tasmania; Victorian Naturalist
Past, present and future refugia for Tasmania's palaeoendemic flora; Journal of Biogeography
Run country on the run; People, Sheep and Nature Conservation: the Tasmanian Experience
The distribution, ecology and conservation needs of Colobanthus curtisiae West; Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania
The distribution, ecology and management of two rare Tasmanian sedges - Schoenus absconditus Kuk. and Carex tasmanica Kuk; Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania
The endangered Tunbridge buttercup (Ranunculus prasinus): Ecology, conservation status and introduction to the Township Lagoon Nature Reserve, Tasmania; Australian Journal of Ecology
The flora of Township Lagoon Nature Reserve and its management, Tunbridge, Tasmania; Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania
The impact of cell grazing in native grasslands; ESA Ecology Conference Adelaide 2004
The influence of owners intentions on remnant bush conservation in Tasmania; Conservation outside nature reserves
The Nature of the Midlands; Midlands Bushweb
The Tasmanian Endemic Shrub Acacia axillaris: Conservation Ecology Applied to the Question of Rarity or Vulnerability; Australian Journal of Botany

Research Projects

Biodiversity Conservation Integrated into Sustainable Grazing Systems; Land and Water Australia (LWA)
Rare and endangered plants from rocky outcrops; Australian Heritage Commission (AHC)
Tasmanian Grasslands - Survey of Owner Intentions; Australian Nature Conservation Agency (ANCA)
Threatened Plants of Tasmanian Grasslands; Department of Parks, Wildlife & Heritage (DPWH)

Research Candidate Supervision

A History and Interpretation of Fire Frequency in Dry Eucalypt Forests and Woodlands of Eastern Tasmania
How Adapatable are Australia's Biodiversity Conservation Regimes, Particularly in the Context of the Projected Impacts of Climate Change on Threatened Speicies and Ecosystems