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Researcher: Borzak, C (Ms Christina Borzak)

Fields of Research

Terrestrial ecology
Forest health and pathology

Research Objectives

Hardwood plantations

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Direct and indirect effects of marsupial browsing on a foundation tree species; Oikos
Genetic stability of physiological and plant secondary metabolite induced responses to defoliation in a eucalypt; Gordonís Research Conference on Plant-Herbivore Interactions
Genetic stability of physiological responses to defoliation in a eucalypt and altered chemical defence in regrowth foliage; Tree Physiology
Indirect and direct plant-herbivore interactions in a eucalypt system; 33rd ESA Annual Conference
Population divergence in the ontogenetic trajectories of foliar terpenes of a Eucalyptus species; Annals of Botany
Survival and recovery of Eucalyptus globulus seedlings from severe defoliation; Forest Ecology and Management

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision