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Researcher: Clarke, RGH (Dr Robert Clarke)

Fields of Research

Australian Literature (excl. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Literature)
English and Literacy Curriculum and Pedagogy (excl. LOTE, ESL and TESOL)
Literary Studies
Language, Communication and Culture
Postcolonial Studies
Cultural Studies
Australian History (excl. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History)
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Literature
Urban Sociology and Community Studies
Higher Education
Consumption and Everyday Life
Education Assessment and Evaluation
Creative Arts, Media and Communication Curriculum and Pedagogy
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Studies
Globalisation and Culture

Research Objectives

Languages and Literature
Expanding Knowledge in Languages, Communication and Culture
Cultural Understanding
Arts and Leisure
Expanding Knowledge through Studies of Human Society
School/Institution Community and Environment
Understanding Australia's Past
Education and Training Theory and Methodology
Education and Training Systems Policies and Development
Citizenship and National Identity
Ethnicity, Multiculturalism and Migrant Development and Welfare
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Development and Welfare
The Creative Arts (incl. Graphics and Craft)

Career Best Publications

'New Age Trippers': Aboriginality and Australian New Age Travel Books; Studies in Travel Writing
Intimate Strangers: Contemporary Australian Travel Writing, the Semiotics of Empathy, and the Therapeutics of Race; Journal of Australian Studies

Research Publications

'Intimate Strangers: Contemporary Australian Travel Writing, the Semiotics of Empathy, and the Therapeutics of Race; Travel Writing: Critical Concepts in Literary and Cultural Studies
'New Age Trippers': Aboriginality and Australian New Age Travel Books; Studies in Travel Writing
An Ordinary Place: Aboriginality and 'Ordinary' Australia in travel writing of the 1990s; Journeys: The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing
Australia's Sublime Desert: John McDouall Stuart and Bruce Chatwin; In Transit: Travel, Text, Empire
Blended English: Technology-enhanced teaching and learning in English literary studies; Arts and Humanities in Higher Education: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice
Book Clubs and Reconciliation: A Pilot Study on Book Clubs Reading the ‘Fictions of Reconciliation’; Australian Humanities Review
Book Clubs prove to be popular
Celebrity Colonialism: Fame, Power and Representation in Colonial and Postcolonial Cultures; Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Developing Cultural Citizens through Australia's Young Artists Mentoring Program; Global Perspectives on Mentoring: Transforming Contexts, Communities, and Cultures
Digital Narrative and the Humanities: An Evaluation of the Use of Digital Storytelling in an Australian Undergraduate Literary Studies Program; Higher Education Studies
Digital storytelling in Australia: Academic Perspectives and Reflections; Arts and Humanities in Higher Education
Distant Cousins and Ordinary Australians: Encounters with Aboriginality in the 1990s; Text, Travelling, Text
First Year English at UTAS
First Year English at UTAS; EduTATE
Forgetting Martin Bryant: what to remember when we talk about Port Arthur
Intimate Strangers: Contemporary Australian Travel Writing, the Semiotics of Empathy, and the Therapeutics of Race; Journal of Australian Studies
Island home: returning to Tasmania in Peter Conrad’s Down Home (1988) and Tim Bowden’s The Devil in Tim (2005); Studies in Travel Writing
Online Learning and the Education Encounter in a Neo-Liberal University: A Case Study; Higher Education Studies
Postcolonial Studies; Postcolonial Studies
Productive Dissonance: Using Digital Narratives in the Australian Literature Classroom; Antipodes
Reading Groups and Reconciliation: Kate Grenville’s The Secret River and the Ordinary Reader; Australian Literary Studies
Reading in Community, Reading for Community: A Survey of Book Clubs in Regional Australia; Journal of Australian Studies
Reading in the Regions: A Scoping Study of Online and F2F Book Club Activity in Northern Tasmania
Reading The Secret River; The Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies
Reconciling Strangers: White Australian Travel Narratives and the Semiotics of Empathy; Travel Writing, Form, and Empire: The Poetics and Politics of Mobility
Review of Elizabeth McMahon (2016) Islands, identity and the literary imagination, London and New York, Anthem Press. 312pp ISBN 978-1-78308-534-7. US115.00
Shadow zones: dark travel and postcolonial cultures; Postcolonial Studies
Star traveller: celebrity, Aboriginality, and Bruce Chatwin's The Songlines (1987); Postcolonial Studies
Sublime Travel: Allegory in Three Central Australian Travel Texts
The Branded Isles
The Idea of Celebrity Colonialism: An Introduction; Celebrity Colonialism: Fame, Power and Representaiton in Colonial and Postcolonial Cultures
The teaching of English in Tasmania: building links between Senior Secondary and Tertiary teachers; English in Australia
The Utopia of the Senses: White Travellers in Black Australia, 1980-2002
Travel and celebrity culture: an introduction; Postcolonial Studies
Travel Writing from Black Australia: Utopia, Melancholia and Aboriginality; Routledge
Traveling the sequestered isle: Tasmania as penitentiary, laboratory and sanctuary; Studies in Travel Writing

Research Projects

Contemporary Travel Writing and Australian Aboriginality; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Reading Reconciliation: Book Clubs, Contemporary Fiction and Reconciliation; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision

A 'New' Environmental Sensibility? Representing Non-Indigenous Connections with the Environment in Contemporary Writing in Australia
Comparison of Political Orientation of Common Fantasy Tropes With The Political Orientation of Fantasy Readership
Defying Defoe- Rewriting the Castaway Hero
Journeys on the Small Screen- The Televised Travelogues of Michael Palin
The Woman Who Did- Janet Achurch, Ibsen, and the New Woman
This Mortal Coil- Travel, Identity, Mortality in the Work of Robert Dessaix