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Researcher: Blackhall, ML (Dr Melanie Blackhall)

Fields of Research

Nutritional science
Biologically active molecules
Nephrology and urology
Nutrition and dietetics
Sport and exercise nutrition
Public health nutrition
Respiratory diseases
Analytical biochemistry
Health services and systems
Metabolic medicine
Gastroenterology and hepatology
Preventative health care

Research Objectives

Clinical health
Pome fruit, pip fruit
Other health
Expanding knowledge in the health sciences
Preventive medicine

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Physiological' temperature found to be prime for extracting sweet cherry anthocyanins; 39th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Nutrition Society of Australia in conjunction with the Nutrition Society of New Zealand
In vitro investigation of sweet cherry extract; Nutrition Society of Australia 42nd Annual Scientific Meeting
A contribution to Melanie Blackhall’s PhD “The physiological benefits of anthocyanins (flavonoids) as a functional food
A healthy diet - getting back to basics
Anaphylaxis and Allergy Research (AARG); Paramedics Australasia, Tasmania Chapter, State Conference
Anaphylaxis recognition: Is there consistency in Paramedic and Emergency Department diagnoses?; Paramedics Australasia International Conference (PAIC) 2019
Anthocyanins derived from sweet cherries reduce obesity markers in high fat fed mice; 10th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition
Are Tasmanian sweet cherries effective functional foods?
Bioactive compounds in sweet cherries: 24 months post-harvest, is there anything left?; Nutritional Advances in the Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease
Boost your wellness: motivation tips to get you started
Can cherries help alleviate obesity related inflammation?
Can energy drinks for kids: experts
Cherry treatment value to be tested
Clinical Trials in Tasmania: Health Benefits of Anthocyanins; 2013 FGT Annual May Conference
Community presentations of anaphylaxis in Tasmania: Who is administering the adrenaline?; Australasian Journal of Paramedicine
Cooking with kids
Effects of Antioxidant Supplementation in Renal transplant Recipients
Effects of antioxidant supplementation on blood cyclosporine A and glomerular filtration rate in renal transplant recipients; Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation
Energy Drinks
Food from nine to five: healthy ideas from breakfast and lunch in the office
Food on the go: the lesser of two evils
Get ready to take the Veg Pledge as part of Eat Well Tasmania’s latest campaign
Hobart research funding epi pens
How to get more vegetables on your plate - interview with Paul MacIntyre
How to give yourself a health check
Incidence and patient demographics of pre-hospital anaphylaxis in Tasmania, Australia; Australasian Journal of Paramedicine
Invited keynote speech for the Early Career Masterclass; National Society of Australia 43rd Annual Scientific Meeting
Large lunch versus large dinner: the science behind the debate
Optimized extraction of anthocyanins from Reid Fruits’ Prunus avium ‘Lapins’ cherries; Food Chemistry
Patient demographics, disease severity and compliance of individuals seeking advice from the Asthma Foundation of Tasmania; TSANZ & ANZSRS Annual Scientific Meeting
Research bid to save lives
Ripe for the picking: anthocyanin content of waste fruit versus first grade fruit in Australian sweet cherries; 39th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Nutrition Society of Australia in conjunction with the Nutrition Society of New Zealand
Sports nutrition Part 1: Foundation and fuelling
Sports nutrition part 2: Foundation nutrition and fuelling
Teaching children why junk food is junk
The benefits of breakfast
The impact of storage conditions and growing season on the anthocyanin content of sweet cherry varieties; Nutrition Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting
The relationship between antioxidant supplements and oxidative stress in renal transplant recipients; a review
The truth about superfoods
The University od Tasmania is kicking off a crowd sourcing campaign for a study into EpiPens
What you need to know about coffee

Research Projects

Bioactive Food and Nutrition Research PHASE 2 (mouse trial and cycling trial)
Impact of cherry anthocyanins on gout and inflammation
The bioactivity of Reid Fruits cherries and their potential as functional foods
The physiological benefits of anthocyanins as a functional food

Research Candidate Supervision