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Researcher: McMahon, JA (Associate Professor Jennifer McMahon)

Fields of Research

Other education
Sport and exercise psychology
Physical education and development curriculum and pedagogy
Sociology of culture
Specialist studies in education
Curriculum and pedagogy
Higher education
Sport and leisure management
Teacher education and professional development of educators
Sport and exercise nutrition
Social change
Applied and developmental psychology
Education systems
Special education and disability
Gender relations
Sociology of education
Arts and cultural policy
Sports science and exercise
Gender, sexuality and education
Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development
Health services and systems
Creative arts, media and communication curriculum and pedagogy
Continuing and community education
Public health nutrition
Health promotion
Applied sociology, program evaluation and social impact assessment
Education assessment and evaluation

Research Objectives

Equity and access to education
Other education and training
Sport, exercise and recreation
Learner and learning
Other culture and society
Social ethics
Teaching and curriculum
Other health
Organised sports
Expanding knowledge in human society
Gender aspects in education
Teaching and instruction technologies
Women's and maternal health
Internet, digital and social media
Expanding knowledge in psychology
Health education and promotion
Social structure and health
Specific population health (excl. Indigenous health)
Expanding knowledge in creative arts and writing studies
Teacher and instructor development
Expanding knowledge in education

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Body practises - exposure and effect of a sporting culture?' Stories from three Australian swimmers; Sport Education and Society
'Body work - Regulation of a swimmer body': An autoethnography from an Australian elite swimmer; Sport Education and Society
'Slim-to-Win' to Injury: How Swimmers' are Engaging with 'Health Risk' Culture due to Entrenched Body Ideals; Sport Injury Psychology: Cultural, Relational, Methodological, and Applied Considerations
(Re)assembling ‘Balance’: A Creative Nonfiction of Athlete Mothers Negotiating Sport and Family; Creative Nonfiction in Sport and Exercise Research
(Re)Storying embodied running and motherhood: a creative nonfiction approach; Sport Education and Society
(Self-) surveillance and (self-) regulation: living by fat numbers within and beyond a sporting culture; Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health
A Cultural Perspective on Growth Following Adversity: Using Autobiography to Understand Addiction Recovery through Sport; Growth Following Adversity in Sport
A Malleable Body - Revelations from an elite Australian swimmer; Healthy Lifestyles Journal
A/r/tographic inquiry in sport and exercise research: a pilot study examining methodology versatility, feasibility and participatory opportunities; Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health
Acting out what is inside of us: self-management strategies of an abused ex-athlete; Sports Management Review
An intensive longitudinal investigation of a parent–coach’s practices and strategies ‘in action’; challenges and opportunities; Sports Coaching Review
Assimilating to a boy’s body shape for the sake of performance: three female athletes’ body experiences in a sporting culture; Sport Education and Society
Athlete and coach-led education that teaches about abuse: an overview of education theory and design considerations; Sport Education and Society
Athletes reveal wave of abuse: interview with David Riccio
Becoming an athlete father: a media analysis of first time father tennis star Andy Murray and the implications for identity; International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology
Biopolitics and the 'Obesity Epidemic' - Governing bodies
Body classification in sport: A collaborative autoethnography by two female athletes; Psychology of Women Section Review
Body pedagogies, coaching and culture: three Australian swimmers' lived experiences; Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy
Body shaming and associated practices as abuse: athlete entourage as perpetrators of abuse; Sport, Education and Society
Body work - regulation of a swimmer body: an autoethnography from an Australian elite swimmer; Changing Climates: Education for Sustainable Futures
Chapter Seven - The Impact of Selection and Deselection on Athlete Wellbeing: Australian Women’s Cycling; Developing and Supporting Athlete Wellbeing Person First, Athlete Second
Children with autism in a sport and physical activity context: a collaborative autoethnography by two parents outlining their experiences; Sport, Education and Society
Control, consent and complicity in the coaching of elite women’s cycling in Australia: a media analysis; Sport Education and Society
Creative Analytical Practices; Routledge Handbook of Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise
Do what (S)HE says and you will be a champion: poetic representations and the unmuting of my swimmer body; Qualitative Inquiry
Eating disorders and disordered eating: the hidden role of sporting organisations and how the cycle can be broken; Routledge Handbook of Athlete Welfare
Educating parents of children in sport about abuse using narrative pedagogy; Sociology of Sport Journal
Empowering swimmers and their bodies in and through research; Qualitative research in sport, exercise and health
Exposure and Effect: An Investigation into a Culture of Body Pedagogies; Structuring the Thesis: Matching Method, Paradigm, Theories and Findings
Extreme sport, identity, and well-being: a case study and narrative approach to elite skyrunning; Case Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology
Fleshy, female and forty: A docudrama of a former elite swimmer who re-immersed herself into elite swimming culture; Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health
Former swimmers pay price for negative culture
From superhero to human: a narrative analysis of digital news stories of retirement from the NFL due to injury; Journal of Applied Sport Psychology
Gender assimilation in the name of performance: Three adolescent female athletes’ experiences in a sporting culture; 4th International Conference on Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise
Gender order through social censure: an examination of social exclusion in sport coaching; Sport Education and Society
Health and physical education and the online tertiary environment at two universities: Preservice teachers' perceived 'readiness' to teach HPE; Australian Journal of Teacher Education
High-performance sport, learning and culture: new horizons for sport pedagogues?; Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy
How narrative became a useful tool in reconstructing coaching identity; AARE NZARE 2014 Conference
I am fast but I do not fit: an autoethnography of a swimmer’s experiences of ‘competitive performance’ stigma in two sporting contexts; Sport Education and Society
International qualitative research in sport exercise, and health conference
Intersections of Indigenous Knowledge and Place Based Education: Possibilities for New Visions of Sustainability Education in Uganda; Structuring the Thesis: Matching Method, Paradigm, Theories and Findings
Ivor Goodson: Narrative coach learning and pedagogy; Learning in Sports Coaching: Theory and Application
Jennifer McMahon shares her story of pain after years of abuse on Australian swimming team
Juggling motherhood and sport: A qualitative study of the negotiation of competitive recreational athlete mother identities; Psychology of Sport & Exercise
Living by fat numbers: Exposure and effect of corporealism in a sporting culture? Stories from three Australian swimmers; AARE 2010
Medal of the Order of Australia (General Division)
Media representations and athlete identities: Examining benefits for sport psychology; QMiP Bulletin
Mentoring in coaching: the means of correct training? An autoethnographic exploration of one Australian swimming coach's experiences; Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health
Mommy blogging: Understanding athlete-mother identities in a running community using discursive psychological analysis; Digital Qualitative Research in Sport and Physical Activity
Mother runners in the blogosphere: a discursive psychological analysis of online recreational athlete identities; Psychology of Sport and Exercise
Narrative Inquiry: a Cultural Approach for Understanding Big and Small Stories of Motherhood and Sport on Instagram; Sport, Social Media, and Digital Technology
New warning over swimmers' diet
PE: It's just me; AARE APERA 2012 Conference
Power and knowledge in a coach mentoring program; Sports Coaching Review
Producing success: a critical analysis of athlete development governance in six countries; International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics
Re-immersing into elite swimming culture: a meta-autoethnography by a former elite swimmer; Sociology of Sport Journal
Research Merit Certificate for Very Good Contribution
Research Merit Certificate for Very Good Contribution
Shifting perspectives: Transitioning from coach centered to athlete centered; Journal of Athlete Centered Coaching
Skating through pregnancy and motherhood: A narrative analysis of digital stories of elite figure skating expectant mothers; Psychology of Sport and Exercise
Slim to win: an ethnodrama of three elite swimmers' 'presentation of self' in relation to a dominant cultural ideology; Sociology of Sport Journal
Sociology of Sport Journal Outstanding Article Award
Sport Media Research: Examining the Benefits for Sport Injury Psychology and Beyond; Sport Injury Psychology: Cultural, Relational, Methodological, and Applied Considerations
Sporting parents on the pool deck: Living out a sporting culture?; Qualitative research in sport, exercise in health
Stories from mother runners: a case study and narrative analysis of facilitators for competitive running; Case Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology
The athlete–doctor relationship: power, complicity, resistance and accomplices in recycling dominant sporting ideologies; Sport Education and Society
The fast-tracking of one elite athlete swimmer into a swimming coaching role: a practice contributing to the perpetuation and recycling of abuse in sport?; European Journal for Sport and Society
The impact of a coaching/sporting culture on one coach's identity: how narrative became a useful tool in reconstructing coaching ideologies; Sports Coaching Review
The lived and living bodies of two health and physical education tertiary educators: how embodied consciousness highlighted the importance of their bodies in their teaching practice in HPE; Australian Journal of Teacher Education
The Long and Winding Road: An Autobiographic Study of an Elite Athlete Mother’s Journey to Winning Gold; Journal of Applied Sport Psychology
The media’s role in transmitting a cultural ideology and the effect on the general public; Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health
The Relational Art Inquiry Tool: Supporting participants and researchers from non-Arts backgrounds to engage in and with a/r/tography; Revista VIS: Revista do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Arte
The role of ultrarunning in drug and alcohol addiction recovery: an autobiographic study of athlete journeys; Psychology of Sport and Exercise
The Sociology of Sports Coaching
The use of narrative in coach education: The effort on short and long-term practice; Sports Coaching Review
Trauma-informed abuse education in sport: engaging athlete abuse survivors as educators and facilitating a community of care; Sport Education and Society
Two elite swimmers’ ‘presentation of self’ through Instagram and Twitter and how they might re-produce, negotiate or contest dominant discourse: A sensory presentation; 4th International Conference on Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise
Understanding Athlete Mother Transition in cultural context: a media analysis of Kim Clijsters’ tennis comeback and self-identity implications; Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology
Understanding female athlete disordered eating and recovery through narrative turning points in autobiographies; Psychology of Sport and Exercise
Using narrative as a tool to locate and challenge pre service teacher bodies in health and physical education; Australian Journal of Teacher Education
Using short looping video to develop demonstrations of skill, reflective skills and advanced pedagogical practice in a Heath and Physical Education teacher education program; Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) conference 2016: transforming education research
Using stories to investigate, reflect on and raise social consciousness in a sporting culture; What is Next in Educational Research?
What happens when a sporting culture that normalises abuse leaves a long-lasting legacy on your life — and the life of countless others? Interview with John Bonasera and Tiffany Bonasera
Whose stories matter? Re-vising, reflecting and re-discovering a researcher's embodied experience as a narrative inquirer; Sport Education and Society
Will to win: the darker side of elite sport; Routledge Handbook of Physical Activity Policy and Practice
Working within culturally diverse environments: The role of discourse in identity construction and implications for coaching; Professional advances in sports coaching: Research and practice
Young athletes feeling pressure
‘I hurt myself because it sometimes helps’: former athletes’ embodied emotion responses to abuse using self-injury; Sport, Education and Society

Research Projects

Athlete- and Coach-led education for teaching about abuse and neglect: Researching the process, experiences and outcomes.; International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Health and Physical Education in the virtual classroom /cyber space at two universities: Students and pre-service teacher educators' perceptions of learning HPE online and their subsequent 'readiness'; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
The British Psychological Society - Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology Conference - Nov 2015; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Using Narrative Ethnography to Intercept Body Pedagogies in Australian Swimming Culture; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision

Intertwined- An investigation into Becoming an Artist and Teacher
The Narrative- An infotainment strategy to educate about the environment and sustainable development in Uganda