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Researcher: McGaurr, LC (Dr Lynette McGaurr)

Fields of Research

Journalism studies
Media studies
Communication and media studies
Communication studies
Environmental sociology
Causes and prevention of crime
Social change
Communication technology and digital media studies

Research Objectives

The media
Expanding knowledge in human society
Crime prevention
Ageing and older people
Trade and environment
The performing arts
Civics and citizenship

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Ageing my Way
Complementary Problems, Competing Risks: Climate Change, Nuclear Energy and The Australian; Climate Change and the Media
Complementary Problems, Competing Risks: Climate Change, Nuclear Energy and the Australian; Comparative Journalism Studies Conference
Country Studies: Australia; Climate Change in the Media: Reporting Risk and Uncertainty
Developing journalism protocols for reporting elder abuse in Australia; 51st AAG Conference
Environmental Communication and Travel Journalism: Consumerism, conflict and concern; Routledge
Environmental groups treading the discursive tightrope of social license: Australian and Canadian cases compared; International Journal of Communication
Environmental leaders and Indigenous engagement in Australia: a cosmopolitan enterprise?; Conservation and Society
Face the Facts Briefing: Sexual Health and Young Australians,
Face the Facts Briefing: Youth Gambling in Australia
From Wild to Mild: The Changing Discourse of Tasmanian Ecotourism in an Era of Environmental Conflict; Imaging Nature II
Grant Noble Award for best refereed paper by a post-graduate student
Journalism versus the information bubble on National Geographic dot com; Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia Conference
Leadership and the construction of environmental concerns; Palgrave Macmillan
Make love, not war?: Radical environmental activismís reconfigurative potential and pitfalls; Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space
No so soft? Travel journalism, environmental protest, power and the internet; Environmental Conflict and the Media
Putting the Globe in the Sphere: Climate Change Scientists in the Public Sphere; ANZCA 09
Risk, uncertainty and opportunity in climate change coverage: Australia compared; Australian Journalism Review
Searching National Geographic; Conference on Communication and Environment
See It Before Itís Too Late? Last-Chance Travel Lists and Climate Change; Climate Change and the Media
The Climate Gaze; Journalism from the margins to the mainstream: JERAA Annual Conference
The Climate Gaze and Koalas in Extremis; Intimate Relations: Communicating (in) the Anthropocene
The Devil May Care: Travel journalism, cosmopolitan concern, politics and the brand; Journalism Practice
The Election that Forgot the Environment? Issues, EMOs, and the Press in Australia; International Journal of Press/Politics
The photography of debate and desire: Images, environment and the public sphere; Ethical Space
Travel Journalism and Environmental Conflict: A Cosmopolitan Perspective; Australian and New Zealand Communications Association Conference
Travel Journalism and Environmental Conflict: A Cosmopolitan Perspective; Journalism Studies
Travel Journalism, Cosmopolitan Concern and the Place-Branded Environment
Travel Journalism, the Environment and Imagined Communities of Risks; International Association of Media and Communications Researchers Conference
Travel Journalists and Environmental Conflict: Working the Web on the Path to Print; Environmental Politics and Conflict in an Age of Digital Media Symposium
Violence against young women in Australia
Wilderness and the media politics of place branding; Environmental Communication
Working the Web: Artists, Environment and the New York Times; Journalism Education Association of Australia conference
Your Threat or Mine? Travel Journalists and Environmental Problems; Travel Journalism: Exploring Production, Impact and Culture
Youth Income Support in Australia

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision