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Researcher: Adair, D (Dr Desmond Adair)

Fields of Research

Higher education
Construction engineering
Numerical modelling and mechanical characterisation
Other engineering
Mechanical engineering
Vocational education and training curriculum and pedagogy
Science, technology and engineering curriculum and pedagogy
Education assessment and evaluation
Organisational planning and management
Software engineering
Applied sociology, program evaluation and social impact assessment
Educational technology and computing
Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development
Engineering practice and education
Human resources management
Information systems development methodologies and practice
Civil engineering

Research Objectives

Learner and learning
Assessment, development and evaluation of curriculum
Teaching and instruction technologies
Expanding knowledge in engineering
Other construction
Other education and training
Commercial building management and services
Policies and development
Management and productivity
Expanding knowledge in education
Other culture and society
Construction processes
Expanding knowledge in commerce, management, tourism and services
Other manufacturing
Management, resources and leadership
Teaching and curriculum

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A power series solution for rotating nonuniform Euler-Bernoulli cantilever beams; Journal of Vibration and Control
A probabilistic scoring method in multiple-choice testing incorporating partial knowledge; Curriculum Development, Innovation and Reform
A scoring method based on simple probability theory that considers partial knowledge and omission of answers in multiple-choice testing; International Journal of Engineering Education
Aggregating student peer assessment during capstone projects; International Journal of Engineering Education
An eLearning system for numerical models; International Journal of Excellence in Education
Application of evidence theory to construction projects; The International Journal of the Constructed Environment
Assessment influence on Project‐Based Learning (PBL) environment perception; Fifth International Symposium on Project Approaches in Engineering Education (PAEE’2013)
Case study: Ethics concepts during a student's final year project in the Middle East; Journal of Modern Education Review
Classifying TQM benefits, practices and obstacles as perceived in Kuwait; Innovation Arabia 8 Annual Conference 2015
Comparison of Two Approaches when Teaching Object-Orientated Programming to Novices; International Journal of Engineering Education
Construction safety simulations and students' perception of stress; 40th SEFI Conference - Engineering Education 2020: Meet the future
Course development: integrated design, manufacturing and testing; International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education
Cross cultural construction project management in the GCC countries: A local perspective on Western project parties; International Journal of Construction Project Management
Cultivation of critical thinking in undergraduate engineering education; 43rd SEFI Annual Conference - Diversity in engineering education: an opportunity to face the new trends of engineering
Developing engineering expertise within numerical methods; 42nd Annual SEFI Conference 2014
Developing programming skills to enhance engineering dynamics modelling; International Engineering and Technology Education Conference
Difficulties in Teaching and Learning the Java Programming; ICEE2011 : Engineering Sustainability for a Global Economy
Electronic project simulation in construction management education: eLearning as a means to improve simulation; International Journal of Excellence in Education
Human factors simulation in construction management education; European Journal of Engineering Education
Incorporating computational fluid dynamics code development into an undergraduate engineering course; International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education
Incorporating critical thinking into an engineering undergraduate learning environment; International Journal of Higher Education
Increasing the pro-activity in human factors simulation for construction management education; INTED 2010
Integration of computational fluid dynamics into a fluid mechanics curriculum; Computer Applications in Engineering Education
Making engineering mathematics more relevant using a computer algebra system; International Journal of Engineering Education
Managing the interdisciplinary approach to engineering design; International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education
MBNQA criteria used in the GCC countries; TQM Journal
Organisational culture of Chinese construction organisations in Kuwait; Engineering Construction and Architectural Management
Organisational culture of construction project managers in the GCC countries; Engineering Construction and Architectural Management
Perception of TQM benefits, practices and obstacles: the case of project managers and quality management representatives in Kuwait; The TQM Journal
Preparing mechanical engineering design students for computational fluid dynamics code development; 19th International Conference on Engineering Education (ICEE 2015)
Quasistatic modelling of PEM fuel cell humidification system; 5th International Conference on Nanomaterials and Advanced Energy Storage Systems (INESS 2017)
Review design of concrete structures: Evaluating learning effectiveness; 2016 IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON 2016)
Simulation of the vibrations of a non-uniform beam loaded with both a transversely and axially eccentric tip mass; International Journal of Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements
Students’ perception of learning facilitation during an interdisciplinary engineering design course – a case study; 19th International Conference on Engineering Education (ICEE 2015)
The influence of students’ interest, ability and personal situation on students’ perception of a problem-based learning environment; European Journal of Engineering Education
Time pressure in scenario-based online construction safety quizzes and its effect on students’ performance; European Journal of Engineering Education
Two consecutive project-based learning engineering design courses – an analysis of portfolio assessment results; Interdisciplinary Engineering Design Education Conference (IEDEC) 2014
Using an evidential reasoning approach for portfolio assessments in a project-based learning engineering design course; European Journal of Engineering Education

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision