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Researcher: Brain, KL (Ms Brain)

Fields of Research

Health psychology
Behavioural neuroscience

Research Objectives

Other health
Expanding knowledge in human society
Mental health
Expanding knowledge in psychology

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A comparison of the psychophysiology of self-poisoning and self-mutilation; 19th Congress of the International Association for Suicide Prevention
Psychological and psychophysiological mechanisms of self-mutilative behaviour
Self-cutting: Factors associated with tension reduction; 19th Congress of the International Association for Suicide Prevention
The influence of imagery ability on the response to personalised guided imagery; Sixth Australasian Psychophysiology Conference
The Psychopathology of Incarcerated Self-Mutilators; Canadian Journal of Psychiatry
The psychophysiology of repetitive self-mutilation; 9th World Congress of the International Organization of Psychophysiology
The Psychophysiology of Repetitive Self-Mutilation; Archives of Suicide Research
The Psychophysiology of Self-Mutilation; Journal of Abnormal Psychology
The psychophysiology of self-mutilation: Evidence of tension reduction; Archives of Suicide Research
The psychophysiology of self-mutilative behaviour; Suicide Prevention The Global Context
The psychophysiology of self-mutilative behaviour: Evidence of tension reduction; 23rd Annual Experimental Psychology Conference
The self-mutilative nature of severe Onychophagia: A comparison with self-cutting; Canadian Journal of Psychiatry

Research Projects

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