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Researcher: Griffin, P (Dr Phoebe Griffin)

Fields of Research

Respiratory Diseases
Medical Bacteriology
Infectious Diseases
Clinical Microbiology
Medical Genetics (excl. Cancer Genetics)
Medicine, Nursing and Health Curriculum and Pedagogy
Curriculum and Pedagogy Theory and Development
Mental Health
Innate Immunity
Health and Community Services
Infectious Agents
Health Promotion
Applied Immunology (incl. Antibody Engineering, Xenotransplantation and T-cell Therapies)

Research Objectives

Respiratory System and Diseases (incl. Asthma)
Infectious Diseases
Human Pharmaceutical Treatments (e.g. Antibiotics)
Expanding Knowledge in the Medical and Health Sciences
Inherited Diseases (incl. Gene Therapy)
Learner Development
Assessment and Evaluation of Curriculum
Endocrine Organs and Diseases (excl. Diabetes)
Evaluation of Health Outcomes
Mental Health Services
Health Education and Promotion

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Cross kingdom signaling during P. aeruginosa infection of the CF lung results in a decreased capacity of the host to clear the infection; Proceedings of the National Meeting of the Australian Society of Microbiology
Expression of PPARγ and Paraoxonase 2 correlated with Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in Cystic Fibrosis; PLoS One
Health System Improvement through Innovative Curriculum Design; CAPHIA 2017 Public Health Teaching & Learning Forum
HIV-1 Nef control of cell signaling molecules: multiple strategies to promote virus replication; Journal of Biosciences
Identification of two immune system changes that may contribute to infectious pathology in cystic fibrosis; BacPath 2013
Six Rights to a Masters in Public Health Curriculum Redesign; CAPHIA 2017 Public Health Teaching & Learning Forum

Research Projects

Identification of a New Target for Therapy in Cystic Fibrosis Lung Infections; Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation (RHHRF)

Research Candidate Supervision

Cross Kingdom Signaling During P.auruginosa Infection of the CF Lung Results in a Decreased Capacity of the Host to Clear the Infection