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Researcher: Harrison, M (Dr Mark Harrison)

Fields of Research

Government and Politics of Asia and the Pacific
Asian Cultural Studies
International Relations
Studies of Asian Society
International Business
Australian Government and Politics
Economic Development Policy
Higher Education
Public Policy
Asian History
Cultural Studies
Social Theory
Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Engagement
Comparative Government and Politics
Investment and Risk Management
Cultural Theory
Urban and Regional Studies (excl. Planning)

Research Objectives

Communication Across Languages and Culture
Cultural Understanding
International Political Economy (excl. International Trade)
Defence and Security Policy
Public Services Policy Advice and Analysis
Expanding Knowledge in Languages, Communication and Culture
International Relations
Expanding Knowledge through Studies of Human Society
Understanding Asia's Past
International Organisations
Management and Leadership of Schools/Institutions
Trade Policy
International Trade
Government and Politics
Political Systems
National Security
Electoral Systems
International Agreements on Trade
Citizenship and National Identity
Financial Services
Visual Communication
Languages and Literature

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'One China' means different things to different people. It also might mean war: interview with Antony Funnell
'One China': its history and continuing relevance: interview with Antony Funnell
2018 Tasmanian China trade and investment mission briefing document
Envisioning Taiwan: Fiction Cinema and the Nation in the Cultural Imaginary By June Yip
In the Red: On Contemporary Chinese Culture
Lien Heng (1878-1936): Taiwan's Search for Identity and Tradition By Shu-Hui Wu
The Minor Arts of Daily Life Popular Culture in Taiwan Edited by D Jordan, AD Morris, and ML Moskowitz
A Deal for an Australian Dairy Wrapped in Layers of Chinese Loans
A moment for history: The meeting between the leaders of China and Taiwan meant much more than just a handshake; Policy Forum
A triumph for Taiwan's democracy
A year of looking backwards; China Story Yearbook 2016: Control
Antarctica and the China test; The Lowy Interpreter
Art, violence and memory in Taiwan: Telling the story of the beautiful island; Thesis Eleven: Rethinking Social and Political Theory
Art, Violence and Memory: Retelling the Story of the Beautiful Island; Taiwan: The View from the South Conference
As Taiwan Election Nears, Mainland Media Plays Down Politics
As Taiwan’s Links With Mainland Grow, So Do Concerns
Australia likely to see more clashes over Hong Kong protests: Interview with David Sparks
Australian businessman’s visa cancelled in connection to political donations: interview with Emily Baker
Australian universities are accused of trading free speech for cash: interview with Waltzing Confucius
Australia’s China Challenge: interview with Damien Cave
Australia’s One-China Policy and why it matters; The Interpreter
Be mindful of each bowl of rice: democracy, development and Taiwan’s reconciliation with its history; Australian National University public lecture series
Beijing and Taipei headed for collision over democracy: Interview with Kathrin Hille
Beijing imposes ban onChinese travellers going to Taiwan on their own amid strained relations: Interview with Christina Zhou
Best frenemies? Gauging the perceived Chinese threat to academia
Best of The Interpreter 2017: China's influence
Birmingham strays into China-Canada crossfire: interview with Glenda Korporaal
Book Review: Politics of Difference in Taiwan, Ngo T.W. and Wang H.Z. (eds)
Book review: The Cultural Logic of Politics in Mainland China and Taiwan
Butong wenhuajian yingshi xianghuzhuanghua he buduan duihuade; A Collection of Speeches at the Symposium on Sinologists and International Cultural Dialogue
Butong wenhuajian yingshi xianghuzhuanghua he buduan duihuade; A Collection of Speeches at the Symposium on Sinologists and International Cultural Dialogue
Cable and Satellite Platforms; Media in China: consumption, content and crisis
China has become Tasmania's biggest trading partner, but has the state been left vulnerable?: Interview with Emily Baker and Annah Fromberg
China has erased collective memories of the Tiananmen Square massacre
China objects to Australian official's meeting with Taiwan President
China piles pressure on new Taiwan president ahead of inauguration
China Week on the BBC: The Media Making Knowledge and Writing History; China Media Research
China's inteference in Hong Kong has consequences for Taiwan
Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo stripped of Australian residency, banned from returning over ‘political interference’ concerns: interview with Sarah Zheng
Chinese billionaire tried to sell Van Diemen's Land Company before buying it
Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan in Australia
Chinese-Australians distance themselves from Hobart City Council candidate Yongbei Tang: Interview with Emily Baker
Civility across the Straits; China Story Yearbook 2013
Conditions built into Frydenberg’s okay for Chinese baby formula takeover: Interview with Michelle Grattan
Cross Straits Relations; China Story Yearbook 2012 Red Rising Red Eclipse
Culture and its place in the politics of Taiwan Studies; Spatial Cultures and Cultural Spaces in Taiwan: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Disenchantment in Taiwan; Power
Donald Trump is an isolationist with a big stick
Former Taiwan premier Chang San-cheng joins KMT ticket as vice-presidential candidate for 2020: interview with Sarah Zheng
Forum 2: Linking Taiwan Studies with the World; International Journal of Taiwan Studies
Gas and Buddhism
Globalization, Nation, and Television in Asia; Television and New Media
Globalization, Nation, and Television in Asia: The Cases of India and China; The UTS review : cultural studies and new writing
Handling China ties with care
Hibernation versus elimination: interview with Will Glasgow
History of China: Why it's important and the current state of play; China and Tasmania – an evolving relationship
Hong Kong crisis clouds Taiwan's future: interview with Michael Smith and Andrew Tillett
How Taiwan's authoritarian history could affect its current geopolitics; East Asia Forum Quarterley
How the digital age changed Taiwan: Social Media has changed Taiwan's politics, and its international standing; Policy Forum
How to Speak about Oneself: Theory and Identity in Taiwan; Cultural Studies and Cultural Industries in Northeast Asia: What a Difference a Region Makes
Hu comes to town
Identities and Rerpresentations; Spring comes round again: Social movements in postcolonial East Asia
If Taiwan is part of China, then is Taiwan studies part of Chinese studies?; Chinese Studies Association of Australia 16th Biennial Conference
In China, Party Trumps a Strongman
Influence and Alignment in the Indo-Pacific: Perspectives from Northeast Asia
Legitimacy, Meaning and Knowledge in the Making of Taiwanese Identity; Palgrave Macmillan
Ma Ying-jeou in London
Making History: Scotland and Taiwan, 2014; The China Story
Making Place in Taipei in Architecture and the Everyday; Asian Studies Association of Australia 19th Biennial Conference
Methodologies, Epistemologies, and a Taiwan Studies; The Margins of Becoming. Identity and Culture in Taiwan
More mature understanding of China needed
New era for Taiwan as president Tsai sworn in
Occupy Taiwan; Shared Destiny
Pacific reset: Taiwan losing out to China's deep pockets
Political noise nearly drowns out trade plan
Premier Will Hodgman silent on Chinese ambassador’s visit: interview with Emily Baker
President Tsai's apology: Signalling the modern Taiwan; The Interpreter
Professor Bruce Jacobs 1943-2019; Asian Currents
Purifiying the body politic in Taiwan; China Story Yearbook 2015: Pollution
Reading between the lines of Tsai Ing-wen’s inaugural address; East Asia Forum
Redefining the Meaning of ‘Chinese’
Remaking the memory of Zhang Xueliang—the Young Marshall—and Republican China across the Taiwan Straits; National China Seminar Series
Reports the Chinese owner of Van Dieman’s Land Company is failing to fulfil investment promises angers opponents of the sale
Rethinking Australia’s Taiwan policy: History, politics, ideology; Australian Strategic Policy Institute
Rethinking Taiwan policy: History, politics, ideology
Rethinking “One China”
Risks behind China deal: Interview with Emily Baker
Saying the unsayable in Australia’s relations with China; The Interpreter
Saying the unsayable in Australia’s relations with China; China Heritage: Watching China Watching
Space, Time and Images on the Surface of China; Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference
Study Tasmania Trade Delegation to China and Hong Kong
Taiwan and China Stumble Along an Historic Path
Taiwan and Cross-straits relations; ASPI China Masterclass
Taiwan counters China's isolation campaign with mask diplomacy: interview with Chris Horton
Taiwan forgotten in Australia’s rush of successes on free trade agreements
Taiwan may become focus of US-China power play
Taiwan polls a litmus test for pro-independence President: interview with Michael Smith
Taiwan president Tsai resigns as party chair after election losses: interview with Kirsty Needham
Taiwan tense politics on the international fault line
Taiwan Tension
Taiwan vote changes calculus over One China
Taiwan's Choice; Policy Forum
Taiwan's crucial 2018 midterm elections and why Beijing is worried: interview with Christina Zhou and Bang Xiao
Taiwan's election divides generations as China fears run high: Interview with Michael Smith
Taiwan's New Leader
Taiwan's Trump and the fight for independence: Interview with Michael Smith
Taiwan, Thorn in China’s Side, Gets New Attention; YaleGlobal Online Magazine
Taiwan: 70 years on - A difficult anniversary; Prosperity
Taiwan: no roadmap to unification; The Strategist
Taiwanese, like Hong Kongers, pin hopes to a future of liberty: Interview with Rowan Callick
Taiwan’s 2020 Elections in Review; La Trobe University
Taiwan’s Diverse Literature and History on Show in Two New Museums
Talking Point: China ain’t just China and the sooner we realise it the better
Talking Point: Chinese corruption probe has fallout for Tasmanian links
Tasmania's Premier Will Hodgman says concerns about China's future in Antarctica are unfounded: interview with Fiona Blackwood
The end of martial law: An important anniversary for Taiwan; Lowy Interpreter
The End of Martial Law: An Important Anniversary for Taiwan; Global Taiwan Brief
The Impact of Film and the Performing Arts on Life in Taiwan; The Vitality of Taiwan: Politics, Economics, Society and Culture
The margins of becoming : identity and culture in Taiwan ; Harrassowitz
The politics of inalienability
The Qantas Quandary: Is Taiwan in China?
The significance of Tsai’s victory in Taiwan; The Strategist
The Sunflower Movement in Taiwan; The China Story
The Tasmanian government has learned lessons from the Moon Lake sale, says a leading China expert
The “Chinese influence” debate and the breach in Australia’s progressive-neoliberal consensus
Torch Symbolism Upstaged
Touted as ‘next Hong Kong’ Taiwan lives on the edge
Trump aides back selling F-16 fighter planes to Taiwan, sources say
Tsai Ing-wen poised to become Taiwan's first woman president,'
Tsai Ing-wen: The woman in China's sights
Turmoil at Australia's biggest dairy farm has raised issues about the role of the Foreign Investment Review Board
Understanding China: history, politics and current dilemmas
UQ students 'shocked' by intimidation tactics in China Hong Kong protest clash: Interview with AM Radio
US steps up support of Taiwan in open rebuke to China: Interview with Katherin Hill
VDL expansion not affected by financial woes for owner- linked company, Moon Lake says
Waking Tasmania from its China Dream; Asia Institute-Australia China Business Council Public Lecture
Ways of Remembering - Shawna Yang Ryan and Green Island; TAASA Review
What a Tsai presidency could mean for cross-Strait relations
What Tsai’s re-election in Taiwan means for Australia; The Strategist
What's in a Name? A Lot If It Happens to be Taiwan
Where is Taiwanese Identity?; The Margins of Becoming. Identity and Culture in Taiwan
Why don’t Australians study Chinese?; East Asia Forum
Why Taiwanese independence?
Why Tsai's Victory In Taiwan Has China Very Worried; The National Interest
Within Macau: Photography essay
Writing Taiwan's nationhood: language, politics, history; Re-Writing Culture in Taiwan
Xi Jinping’s China and the Australian left’s dilemma
Zhang Yimou's Hero and the Globalisation of Propoganda; Millennium-Journal of International Studies
“Renegade province” and “reunification”: How not to write about Taiwan’s elections: Interview with Isabella Steger

Research Projects

Deleuze and China; Australian National University (ANU)
Rising Stars 3 - Project: China's Futures; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Violence and the politics of memory in Taiwan; Department of Industry and Science (DoIS)
Taipei as a Global City: Place-making between the screen and the everyday

Research Candidate Supervision

A Case Study of (Regional) Place Branding- Tasmania's Complex and Contested Identity, Public Diplomacy Dilemmas and Communication Flows in its Place Branding Strategy towards China
The Educational Movements of Lin Hsien-T'ang- A Study of Lin's Significant Educational Endeavour in the Making of Taiwanese Identity and History During the Japanese Rule of Taiwan