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Researcher: Adams, GW (Dr Geoffrey Adams)

Fields of Research

Classical Greek and Roman history
Archaeology of Europe, the Mediterranean and the Levant
Latin and South American history
Historical studies

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in history, heritage and archaeology
Expanding knowledge in human society

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

An analysis of Antoninus Pius' frontier policy in Northern Britain and its representation of his Principate; Journal of Ancient Civilizations
Domestic Art versus Domestic Archaeology: A consideration of the types of evidence from Roman Campania; Anistoriton: History, Archaeology, Art History Journal
Licinius Sura, Dio and the Not so Acephalous ILS 1022; Journal of Ancient Civilizations
Living in the Suburbs of Roman Italy: Space and Social Contact; Archaeopress
Marcus Aurelius in the Historia Augusta and Beyond; Lexington Books
Power and Religious Acculturation in Romano-Celtic Society: an examination of archaeological sites in Gloucestershire; Archaeopress
Power and Status in the Roman Empire, AD 193-284; Classical Review
Romano-British Tombstobnes between the 1st and 3rd Centuries AD
Romano-Celtic Elites and their Religion; Caeros Pty Ltd
Rome and the Social Role of Elite Villas in its Suburbs; Archaeopress
The connection between Romano-Celtic Temples and Rural Romanised villa's in Britian: An examination of some possible sites in Gloucestershire; Journal of Ancient Civilizations
The Emperor Commodus: Gladiator, Hercules or a Tyrant?; Brown Walker Press
The Literary Allusions to the Suburbium of Rome and Their Social Implications: Catullus 44, Statius Silvae 4.4 and Martial 5.62; Anistoriton Journal
The Representation of Heroic Episodes in Plutarch's Life of Pyrrhus; Anistoriton: History, Archaeology, Art History Journal
The Roman Emperor Gais 'Caligula' and his Hellenistic Aspirations; Brown Walker Press
The sexual behaviour and policies of the Emperor Domitian in Book 67 of Cassius Dio; Ancient History Bulletin
The Suburban Villa's of Campania and their Social Function
The thematic structure of Marcus Aurelius' biography in the Historia Augusta; Anistoriton Journal
The Unbalanced Relationship Between Ptolemy II and Pyrrhus of Epirus; Ptolemy II Philadelphus and His World

Research Projects

ARCHHIST 2014: History of Architecture Conference on Periods, Movements, Outsiders; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision

Domestic Archaeology in Egypt¿s Dakhleh Oasis- Tradition and Transformation
Elegiac Ascent- Plotting a Path through Propertius' Poetic Landscape
Imperial Legitimacy in the Roman Empire of the Third Century- AD 193 - 337
Lucan's Bellum Ciuile and the Epic Genre
Marcus Aurelius- Family, Dynasty, Power
Ritualising Encounters with Subterranean Places- an Investigation of Urban Depositional Practices of Roman Britain
The Contest for Macedon- A Study of the Relationship Between Cassander and Polyperchon
The First Meeting of the Roman and Parthian Empires - Geopolitical Context and Consequences
The Politics of Rape in Ovid's Fasti
The Role of Battle Narrative in the Bellum Gallicum
Vespasion's Success and the Percieved Nature of the Principate