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Researcher: Davidson, J (Dr John Davidson)

Fields of Research

Public policy
Social geography
Personality and individual differences
Human geography
Social change
Sensory processes, perception and performance
Social and political philosophy
Applied and developmental psychology
Political theory and political philosophy
Psychology of ageing
Health services and systems
Urban and regional planning
Architectural heritage and conservation
Urban geography

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in human society
Institutional arrangements
Other culture and society
Expanding knowledge in psychology
Other transport
Health status (incl. wellbeing)
Other environmental management
Environmental education and awareness
Civics and citizenship
Trade and environment
Other health
Ground transport
Pacific Peoples community services

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Attributional and affective responses of impostors to academic success and failure outcomes; Personality and Individual Differences
Citizenship and Sustainabililty in Dependent Communitites: The Case of the Huon Valley Region in Southern Tasmania; Habitus 2000
Dream Emotions, Waking Emotions, Personality Characteristics and Well-Being - A Positive Psychology Approach; Dreaming
Group processes and individual factors in gender cleavage during middle childhood; 27th Annual Meeting of the Society of Australasian Social Psychologists
In Search of the Ecologically Responsible Society: Sustainability as Ecopraxis
Internally Motivated Instrumental Homicide: Psychophysiololgical and Psychological Peri-Homicidal Reactions; International Journal of Forensic Psychology
Issues of Sustainability, Community Values and Transport in the Derwent Valley
Moving People: Issues of sustainable transport in Tasmania
One for the road: on the utility of citation data for identifying problem hotels; Drug and Alcohol Review
Sustainability and Community in Tasmania's Huon Valley
Sustainable Development: Business as Usual or New Way of Living; Green Politics in Grey Times
Sustainable Development: Business as Usual or a New Way of Living?; Environmental Ethics
The effect of anterime analogy in word recognition; 25th Annual Experimental Psychology Conference
The Social and Institutional Dimensions of Natural Resource Management - Building the Knowledge Base: Final Report
Three ecofeminists speak on women, peace and nature

Research Projects

Development of an evaluation system for the Cradle Coast Authority

Research Candidate Supervision