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Researcher: Kember, DR (Professor David Kember)

Fields of Research

Higher Education
Curriculum and Pedagogy Theory and Development
English as a Second Language
Continuing and Community Education
Curriculum and Pedagogy
Educational Technology and Computing

Research Objectives

Learner and Learning Processes
Learner and Learning Achievement
Education and Training Theory and Methodology

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A four category scheme for coding and assessing the level of reflection in written work; Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education: An International Journal
A workshop to demonstrate that approaches to learning are influenced by the teaching and learning environment; Active Learning in Higher Education: The Journal of The Institute for Learning and Teaching
An evolving approach to the teaching of writing skills to university students for whom English is an additional language; Thinking Doing Learning Conference
Approaches to learning and teaching by the Chinese; The Oxford handbook of Chinese psychology
Characterising a teaching and learning environment capable of motivating student learning; Learning Environments Research
Characterising the motivational orientation of students in higher education: A naturalistic study in three Hong Kong universities; British Journal of Educational Psychology
Comparing face-to-face and asynchronous online communication as mechanisms for critical reflective dialogue; Educational Action Research
Comparing the effect on development of graduate capabilities of the differing teaching and learning environments in three discipline areas; Structural equation modelling: Concepts and applications in educational research
Development of a questionnaire for assessing students' perceptions of the teaching and learning environment and its use in quality assurance; Learning Environments Research
Disciplinary differences in student ratings of teaching quality; Research in Higher Education
Establishing the validity and reliability of course evaluation questionnaires; Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education: An International Journal
Evaluating taught postgraduate awards from the studentís perspective; Further and Higher Education, Journal Of
Evaluating teaching and learning: A practical handbook for colleges, universities and the scholarship of teaching; Routledge
Evaluation of peer-generated MCQs to assess and support learning in a problem-based learning programme; European Journal of Dental Education
Examining the cultural specificity of approaches to learning in universities in Hong Kong and Sydney; Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology
From model answers to multiple perspectives: adapting study approaches to suit university study; Active Learning in Higher Education: The Journal of The Institute for Learning and Teaching
Initial motivational orientation of students enrolling in undergraduate degrees; Studies in Higher Education
International students from Asia; Routledge international handbook of higher education
Is it the teaching or the discipline? Influences of disciplinary epistemology and pedagogy on students adapting study behaviour and epistemological beliefs; European Journal of Higher Education
Issues in English language teaching in Nepal; What is Next in Educational Research?
Mechanisms for promoting the development of cognitive, social and affective graduate attributes; Higher Education
More can mean less motivation: Applying a motivational orientation framework to the expanded entry into higher education in Hong Kong; Studies in Higher Education
Motivating the learning of part-time taught-postgraduate students through pedagogy and curriculum design: are there differences in undergraduate teaching?; International Journal of Lifelong EducationI
Nurturing generic capabilities through a teaching and learning environment which provides practise in their use; Higher Education: The International Journal of Higher Education and Educational Planning
Nurturing graduate attributes through a first year student experience which promotes the formation of effective learning communities; American Journal of Educational Research
Opening up the road to nowhere: Problems with the path to mass higher education in Hong Kong; Higher Education: The International Journal of Higher Education and Educational Planning
Promoting student-centred forms of learning across an entire university; Higher Education: The International Journal of Higher Education and Educational Planning
Taking qualitative studies beyond findings of a limited number of categories, with motivational orientation as an example; Methodological challenges in research on Student learning
The importance of relevance in motivating student learning; Active Learning in Higher Education: The Journal of The Institute for Learning and Teaching
Understanding and teaching the Chinese learner: Resolving the paradox of the Chinese learner; The Psychology of Asian Learners: A Festschrift in Honor of David Watkins
Understanding the Nature of Motivation and Motivating Students through Teaching and Learning in Higher Education; Springer
Understanding the ways in which design features of educational websites impact upon student learning outcomes in blended learning environments; Computers and Education: An International Journal
Use of structural equation modeling to examine the relationship between learning patterns, teaching and learning environments and graduate attribute development; Methodological challenges in research on Student learning
What motivates an ever increasing numbers of students to enroll in part-time taught postgraduate awards?; Studies in Continuing Education
Why do Chinese students out-perform those from the West? Do approaches to learning contribute to the explanation?; Cogent Education

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision

A Co-constructivist Approach to Learning and Teaching Writing Skills for University Students for whom English is an Additional Language- A Focus on Meta-Cognitive and Pedagogical Perspectives on Students' Perceptions
Conformity, Disciplinary Power and Docility in the Coach-Mentor Coach Relationship.
Continue Enlarging the Enrolment of International Students in Australian Universities? An Empirical Study of Overeducation among Chinese Graduates from Group of Eight
Persistence, Epistemological Beliefs and Learning Environment Expectations of First Year Students
Problem of Student Dropout in Bhutanese Schools- Challenges to Bhutanese Education System and Government Policy
Review and Change in a Tongan Education System
Teaching and Learning English in Nepal- Perceptions, Problems and Strategies of Secondary Teachers and Students
The Effects of Introducing Creative Writing, with Particular Reference to Poetry People in Institutional Care
The Narrative- An infotainment strategy to educate about the environment and sustainable development in Uganda
Women's Participation in Classroom Discussion- A Comparative Study between Australian and Nepalese Women
Writing to be heard- Authorial voice in the written discourse of Chinese International Students