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Researcher: Sharma, M (Dr Manab Sharma)

Fields of Research

Transition metal chemistry
Organometallic chemistry

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in the chemical sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

η1-Alkynyl Chemistry for the Higher Oxidation States of Palladium and Platinum; Topics in Organometallic Chemistry: Higher Oxidation State Organopalladium and Platinum Chemistry
Binuclear Intermediates in Oxidation Reactions: [(Me3SiCC)Me2(bipy)Pt-PtMe2(bipy)]+ in the Oxidation of PtIIMe2(bipy) (bipy = 2,2'-Bipyridine) by IPh(CCSiMe3)(OTf) (OTf = Triflate); Journal of the American Chemical Society
Carbon-carbon and carbon-chlorine bond formation on reaction of iodine(III) reagents with the bis(alkynyl)palladium(II) motif, and structural chemistry of trans-Pd(CΞC-o-Tol)2(PMe2Ph)2] and trans-[PdCl(CΞC-o-Tol)(PMe2Ph)2]; Journal of Organometallic Chemistry
Insight into oxidation chemistry: Formation of a binuclear intermediate in the oxidation of PtMe2(bipy) by IPh(CCSiMe3)(OTf); OZOM5: 5th Australian Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry
Ligand effects in bimetallic high oxidation state palladium systems; Inorganic Chemistry
Mechanisms of oxidation reactions: a binuclear intermediate in the oxidation of PtMe2(bipy) by IPh(CCSiMe3)(OTf); ICCC39: International Conference on Coordination Chemistry
Organoactinides Promote the Dimerization of Aldehydes: Scope, Kinetics, Thermodynamics, and Calculation Studies; Journal of the American Chemical Society
Structural Chemistry of [MX2(bipy)] (M = Pd, Pt; X = Cl, Br, I): the Yellow Polymorph of Dichlorido(2,2'-bipyridine) platinum(II) and Diiodido(2,2'-bipyridine)palladium(II), and Overview of this System; Australian Journal of Chemistry
Synthetic and computational studies of the palladium(IV) system Pd(alkyl)-(aryl)(alkynyl)(bidentate)(triflate) exhibiting selectivity in C-C reductive elimination; Dalton Transactions
Theoretical investigation into the mechanism of reductive elimination from bimetallic palladium complexes; Inorganic Chemistry

Research Projects

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