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Researcher: Thompson, AJ (Mr Angus Thompson)

Fields of Research

Clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice
Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics
Basic pharmacology
Pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences
Health services and systems
Health systems
Infectious diseases
Cardiology (incl. cardiovascular diseases)
Other health sciences
Aged health care
General practice
Health promotion
Pharmaceutical sciences
Primary health care
Health and community services
Health care administration
Community child health
Continuing and community education
Preventative health care
Health counselling
Clinical sciences
Cardiovascular medicine and haematology

Research Objectives

Clinical health
Evaluation of health and support services
Other health
Human pain management
Health education and promotion
Public health (excl. specific population health)
Neonatal and child health
Preventive medicine
Human pharmaceutical treatments
Health policy evaluation
Health related to ageing
Treatment of human diseases and conditions
Expanding knowledge in the health sciences
Behaviour and health
Efficacy of medications
Palliative care
Diagnosis of human diseases and conditions
Other education and training
Rural and remote area health

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A hard pill to swallow; Prescriber
A spoonful of salt helps the medicine go down; Prescriber
Adverse effects associated with gabapentinoids in persistent pain; Pharmacy Australia Congress
Another one bites the dust; Future prescriber
Antibiotic resistance - the fight moves up a gear
Antibiotic therapy for respiratory tract infections - how does community-initiated treatment differ from guideline recommendations?; NPS MedicineWise Conference, National Medicine Symposium (NMS)
Antimicrobial resistance - evidence in patient care; Australian Pharmacist
Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) in Australian Primary Care; 2021 ACIPC Conference
Antimicrobial stewardship and pharmacy; Australian Pharmacist
Are antidepressants the new antibiotics?; Prescriber
Aspirin therapy: how well do general practice medication profiles reflect reality; NPS MedicineWise Conference, National Medicine Symposium (NMS)
Assessing the uptake and effectiveness of a quick reference guide to antibiotic prescribing in Australian general practice; Australian Journal of Primary Health
Australian pharmacy student perceptions of employment in the pharmaceutical industry; Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research
Barriers to optimal pain management in aged care facilities: an Australian qualitative study; Pain Management Nursing
Can a quick reference guide to antibiotic prescribing assist general practice registrars to prescribe according to therapeutic guidelines?; NPS MedicineWise Conference, National Medicine Symposium (NMS)
Can quality improvement interventions optimise practise? The discharge management of acute coronary syndromes (DMACS) initiative; National Medicines Symposium 2010
Can you help me with my cauliflower ear?; Pharmaceutical Journal
Cardiac failure in children
Cephalosporins - do they still have a role in primary care; Prescriber
Clinical implications of suboptimal documentation of adverse reactions to penicillins; NPS MedicineWise Conference, National Medicine Symposium (NMS)
Clinical pathway and monthly feedback improve adherence to antibiotic guideline recommendations for community-acquired pneumonia; PLoS One
Colchicine: time to recommend lower doses in acute gout; Prescriber (UK)
Combination glaucoma preparations; Prescriber
Combination glaucoma preparations: can be useful but confusing; Australian Pharmacist
Community-acquired pneumonia: why aren’t national antibiotic guidelines followed?; International Journal of Clinical Practice
Concordance with antibiotic guidelines in Australian primary care: a retrospective study of prior‐to‐hospital therapy; International Journal of Clinical Practice
Current discharge management of acute coronary syndromes: baseline results from a national quality improvement initiative; Internal Medicine Journal
Demonstrate our worth by funding clinical interventions in the community; PJ Online
Denosumab - How can we optimise use?; NPS MedicineWise Conference, National Medicine Symposium (NMS)
Does prescribing of immediate release oxycodone by emergency medicine physicians result in persistence of Schedule 8 opioids following discharge?; Emergency medicine Australasia
Doesn’t it make you want to spit?; Prescriber
Dronedarona (Multaq); Annual Medicines Update 2011
Drug formularies and repeat prescriptions ‘Down Under’; Prescriber
Drug induced hypertension - a QUM opportunity for pharmacists?; Australian Pharmacist
Drug switches; Independent Nurse
Emerging concerns with PPI therapy; Pharmaceutical Journal
Ensuring the PBS remains optimally fit for purpose - the need for improved retrospective review of listing decisions; National Medicines Symposium
Fexofenadine – why is it still not available OTC in the UK?; Prescriber
Formulations; Independent Nurse
G6PD deficiency; Pharmaceutical Journal
Generic or not?; Independent Nurse
Healthy hearts; Australian Pharmacist
Helping patients to understand their medicines; Prescriber
Helping to navigate the health information maze; Pharmaceutical Journal
Holding all the ACEs; Prescriber
How patients use repeat antibiotic prescriptions: the impact of dosing directions; Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research
How the prescription charge system works ‘Down Under’; Prescriber
Hypotension: issues and management; PJ Online
Implementation of mouth rinsing after use of inhaled corticosteroids in Australia; International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy
Incretin mimetics; Australian Pharmacist
Integrating pharmacists into the general practice team; Out of the Wilderness Australasian Pharmaceutical Science Association Annual Conference Aus-CRS Symposium
Is the tide going out on fish oil supplements for CVD?; Prescriber
Knowing when to stop antibiotic therapy; Medical Journal of Australia
Laxative use amongst Tasmanian aged care residents receiving controlled released (CR) oxycodone products and other opioids; National Medicines Symposium
Letter to the Editor: Concomitant roxithromycin use among elderly patients taking warfarin resulting in significant over-anticoagulation; Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research
Letter to the Editor: Pricing and utilisation of proton pump inhibitors in South Australian public hospitals and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme; Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research
Magnesium deficiency with proton pump inhibitors: is it more common than we thought?; NPS MedicineWise Conference, National Medicine Symposium (NMS)
Management of acute coronary syndromes at hospital discharge: Do targeted educational interventions improve practice quality?; Journal for Healthcare Quality
Management of hypochlorhydria; Pharmaceutical Journal
Management of pain in surgical patients post discharge - who is responsible for the provision of advice?; International Association for the Study of Pain 16th biannual World Congress on Pain
Medication adherence following acute coronary syndrome: does one size fit all?; American Journal of Cardiovascular Drugs
Medication use review - feasibility study in Australian community pharmacy; National Medicines Symposium 2010
Medicine-induced pulmonary toxicity; Australian Pharmacist
Minimising risk of cardiovascular drug interactions with statins; Prescriber
Monitoring the growing use of esomeprazole; Prescriber
My desert island drugs; Prescriber
Mysterious fluctuations in blood pressure: a juicy tale; Prescriber
Not a matter of size; Prescriber
NSAIDs are not as safe as patients think; Pharmaceutical Journal
Off-label use of medicines in paediatric inpatients at an Australian teaching Hospital; Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health
Off-label use of medicines in paediatric inpatients at an Australian teaching hospital; National Medicines Symposium 2012
Omega-3's post-MI: can we rely on diet to increase intake?; Prescriber
Omega-3-acid ethyl esters 90 (Omacor); Annual Medicines Update 2011
Opioid use in Australian nursing home residents; 5th Association of South-East Asian Pain Societies Conference
Opioid use in community dwelling elderly in Australia; 5th Association of South-East Asian Pain Societies Conference
Opioid use in elderly community and nursing home patients; 5th Association of South-East Asian Pain Societies Conference
Over-the-counter medicines; Independent Nurse
Over-the-counter orlistat: an alli for whom? Patients or profit makers?; The Pharmaceutical Journal
Oxycodone in combination with naloxone (Targin); Annual Medicines Update 2011
Pain and functionality following sternotomy: a prospective 12-month observational study; Pain Medicine
Pain intensity and pain self-management strategies following discharge after surgery: An Australian prospective observational study; Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics
Paracetamol should remain the first line option for persistent pain; British Medical Journal
Patent expiries - How should they affect prescribing advice?; Pharmaceutical Journal
Patient experiences with gabapentinoid therapy for persistent pain; Australasian Pharmaceutical Science Association Conference
Perceptions and current practices of community pharmacists regarding antimicrobial stewardship in Tasmania; International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy
Persistent pain management in Australian general practice; Australian Journal of Primary Health
Persistent post-operative pain and its influence on preoperative pain management; International Association for the Study of Pain 16th biannual World Congress on Pain
Pharmacological management of pain in Australian Aged Care Facilities; Age and Ageing
Polypharmacy, hyperpolypharmacy and age - the implications for medication management services; National Medicines Symposium
Potential savings with a modified-release nitrate review; Prescriber
PPIs and hypomagnesaemia: more common than we thought?; Prescriber
Prescribing and medicines management ‘Down Under’; Prescriber
Prescribing data; Independent Nurse
Prescribing outside of licence; Independent Nurse
Promoting antimicrobial stewardship in the community - are nurses an untapped resource?; NPS MedicineWise Conference, National Medicine Symposium (NMS)
Proton pump inhibitors; Australian Pharmacist
Provision of chest pain action plans and warning signs information after acute coronary syndromes; National Medicines Symposium 2010
Puting your money where your mouth is; The Pharmaceutical Journal
Question from practice: diclofenac salts: potassium or sodium?; Pharmaceutical Journal
Questions from practice - Amitriptyline and migraine ; Pharmaceutical Journal
Rasagiline (Azilect); Annual Medicines Update 2011
Rates and Consequences of False Penicillin Allergies in Australia; JAMA internal medicine
Reflections on NHS England’s OTC prescribing ban; Prescriber
Repeatable antibiotic prescriptions: an assessment of patient attitudes, knowledge and advice from health professionals; Australasian Medical Journal
Reporting adverse drug reactions; Independent Nurse
Self-monitoring: the importance of patient education; Australian Pharmacist
So what am I actually taking this medicine for?; Prescriber
Statins - the medicines people love to hate!; Prescriber
Statins and coenzyme Q10; Pharmacy Professional
Steroids sprayed on the skin; Prescriber
Subacute pain as a predictor of long-term pain following orthopedic surgery: an Australian prospective 12 month observational cohort study; Medicine
Switching statins: potential drug interactions with simvastatin; Prescriber
The case for doxycycline; Prescriber
The community pharmacy contract; Independent Nurse
The dangers of self-monitoring; Prescriber
The importance of an accurate medication profile; Prescriber
The name game: from Eurasian nations to Balkan war criminals; Prescriber
The Persistence of opioid use following surgical admission: an Australian single-site retrospective cohort study; Journal of Pain Research
The pitfalls of brandnames; Prescriber
Thiazides and ears ; Pharmaceutical Journal
Treating peptic ulcer disease caused by H. pylori; Australian Pharmacist
Updating and validating quality prescribing indicators for use in Australian general practice; Australian Journal of Primary Health
Upping our game when documenting adverse reactions; Prescriber
Use of opioid analgesics in older Australians; Pain Medicine
Validation and implementation of a national survey to assess antimicrobial stewardship awareness, practices and perceptions amongst community pharmacists of Australia; Journal of Global Antimicrobial Resistance
What are clinical interventions?; Australian Pharmacist
“Good prescribing is a bit like good driving; everybody thinks they’re a good driver.” An exploratory study on the barriers and facilitators to using quality prescribing indicators (QPIs) in general practice; APSA-ASCEPT Joint Meeting

Research Projects

Does hospital opioid prescribing increase the risk of chronic opioid use?; Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation (RHHRF)
Management of post-operative pain and the progression to persistent post-operative pain; Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation (RHHRF)
Palliative Care Formulary Review; Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania (DHHS)
Clinical Interventions Workshop
Review of APF 22

Research Candidate Supervision

A Retrospective Cohort Study Evaluating The Trend in Opiod Use in Tasmania From 2001-2010
Assessment of Antibiotic Use