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Researcher: Moore, R (Dr Robyn Moore)

Fields of Research

Sociology of migration, ethnicity and multiculturalism
Sociological methodology and research methods
Sociology of gender
Gender studies
Social change
Humanities and social sciences curriculum and pedagogy (excl. economics, business and management)
Organisational behaviour
Medicine, nursing and health curriculum and pedagogy
Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development
Teacher education and professional development of educators
Higher education

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in human society
Assessment, development and evaluation of curriculum
Other culture and society
Understanding Australia's past
Expanding knowledge in education
Social class and inequalities
Management, resources and leadership
Teacher and instructor development

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Death by a thousand cuts': women of colour in science face a subtly hostile work environment
'I was completely oblivious to gender': an exploration of how women in STEMM navigate leadership in a neoliberal, post feminist context; Journal of Gender Studies
'When I look in the bathroom mirror, I see all the women standing behind me': An evaluation of a leadership development program for women in STEMM; Journal of Sociology
An evaluation of a leadership development programme for women in STEMM in Antarctica; The Polar Journal
Are Leadership Styles in STEMM Gendered?
Difficult conversations: race, class and gender in White Australia; Routledge International Handbook of Race, Class and Gender
Disrupting whiteness in the classroom: Early stages of a collaborative investigation; Southern Knowledges Symposium
Exploring research relationships and other ethical challenges of participatory visual research in remote environments; Journal of Sociology
Exploring the methodological challenges of using participant-produced digital video diaries in Antarctica; Sociological Research Online
History textbooks still imply that Australians are white
Male allyship in institutional STEMM gender equity initiatives; PLoS One
Resolving the tensions between white people's active investment in racial inequality and white ignorance: A response to Marzia Milazzo; Journal of Applied Philosophy
Secondary school textbooks teach our kids the myth that Aboriginal Australians were nomadic hunter-gatherers
The influence of paternal co-participation on girls’ participation in surfing, mountain biking, and skateboarding in regional Australia; Leisure Studies
Using collaborative peer engagement to bring a decolonising lens to teaching practice; Teaching Matters
Using collaborative peer engagement to bring a decolonising lens to teaching practice; TASA 2019
Using the pluriverse concept to critique eurocentrism in education; Teaching Matters
Using the pluriverse concept to critique Eurocentrism in education; Journal of Applied Learning & Teaching
Walking into a headwind: The barriers women face trying to build science careers
What style of leadership do women in STEM fields perform? Findings from an international survey; PLoS One
Whiteness=politeness: interest-convergence in Australian history textbooks, 1950–2010; Critical Discourse Studies
Whitewashing the gap: the discursive practices of whiteness; International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies
Who is Australian? National belonging and exclusion in Australian history textbooks; Review of Education
Women’s experiences of racial microaggressions in STEMM workplaces and the importance of white allyship; International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology
Writing for Research; Social Research Methods
‘Death by a thousand cuts’: visibly and culturally diverse women’s experiences of racial microaggressions in STEMM organisations; Gender and Sexuality at Work: A Multidisciplinary Research and Engagement Conference
‘Walking into a headwind’ – what it feels like for women building science careers
‘Walking into a headwind’: What it feels like for women building science careers

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision