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Researcher: Mauro-Flude, MN (Dr Nancy Mauro-Flude)

Fields of Research

Communication technology and digital media studies
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture
Performance art
Communication studies
Digital and electronic media art
Fine arts
Drama, theatre and performance studies
Visual arts
Communication and media studies
Other creative arts and writing
Photography, video and lens-based practice
Data visualisation and computational (incl. parametric and generative) design
Art history, theory and criticism
Performing arts
Other built environment and design

Research Objectives

Communication across languages and culture
The creative arts
The performing arts
Expanding knowledge in creative arts and writing studies
Understanding New Zealand's past
Expanding knowledge in built environment and design
Expanding knowledge in commerce, management, tourism and services

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

#Afterglow: Notes on Transmediale 2014
#Baglady 2.0
'Be my' review
'Occult computing for artists: an introduction; un Magazine
'Resist' She Said
'Self Portrait in the age of the #selfie'; Sawtooth Annual
'Testing Ground'
/ you will _KNOW how_: an interview with Nancy Mauro-Flude
10 Murray in Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
A Masked Bawl
Aesthetics of Transmission; Energies in the Arts Conference
Awry Signals
Bag Lady 2.0 in SPARK Platform
challenge & change in media arts education
Charming atavisms, new perspectives; Real Projects for Real People
Circe's new equipment
Circe's New Equipment & sister0's Paraphernalia; DPI
Circe’s New Equipment and sister0's P A R A P H E R N A L I A :: Nancy Mauro-Flude
Coded Poetry: Word Explorations in Nancy Mauro-Flude's ISM ¦ Breath¦ She¦ Who¦ With¦ I¦
Confession...networked performance (with Audrey Samson)
Dances with her Shadow Verbo
Dances with her Shadow: An ode to Man Ray's Rope Dancer accompanies herself with her shadows (1916)
Digital Materiality, Experiential Learning and Possibility
Engaged Autonomy: Digital Materiality, Craft Knowledge and Possibility; ACUADS: Australian Council of University Art and Design Schools Conference
Error does not compute
Error in Time
Error in Time
Error in Time
Error in Time
Error in Time
Error in Time()
Experiential Prototyping with Miss Despoina; Runway Australian Experimental Art
Exposing the Inner Workings: An Interview with Nancy Mauro-Flude
Feminism and Maker culture; DRHA: Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts
Feminist Sensibilities: Focusing on the Art of Nancy Mauro-Flude and Selena de Carvalho
Flag raised to healing arts
Hack In A Box
Hacking the metropolis; Art Associoiation of Australia and New Zealand annual Conference 2014
I am googable therefore, _I Am_
I See You
I See You in Lookout
Inside the Intimate machine
Is Starlight a WiFI Signal?
Is the “4th Wave” of Feminism Digital?
Ism ¦ Breath ¦ Who ¦ She ¦ With ¦ I; Code {poems}
ISM ¦ Breath ¦She ¦ Who ¦ With ¦ I
ism ¦ she ¦ who ¦ with ¦ I
ism | breath | she | who | with | I
ism¦breath¦she¦who¦with¦I:A day of Regex Poetry with Virginia Woolf; Geek Mook
ism| she: 20th Century text
Life, death and Big Questions
Linux for Theatre Makers: Embodiment & *nix modus operandi, in 'FLOSS+Art '
Linux for Theatre Makers: Embodiment & Nix Operandi; FLOSS + Art
Looking for An Image to Protect me
Media Divination 3.0
Methodologies of Risk: Experiential Prototyping, Hands-On Practice and Critical Making; Intersecting Art and Technology in Practice: Techne/Technique/Technology
Mind, Play, Empathy & Machines: SEAM 2010: Agency and Action
Monday at MONA FOMA
My First Burial
Nancy Mauro-Flude takes to Phoenix Gallery for Error in Time at Brighton Digital Festival 2012
Networked Art Forms
Networked Art Forms and Tactical Magick Faerie Circuits (NAF:TMFC) - an event that included symposia, exhibition, performances, workshops and social gatherings. 31 May - 30 June 2013, Contemporary Art Tasmania (CAT), the Tasmanian School of Art, University of Tasmania and on the Internet
Networked Art Forms and Tactical Magick Faerie Circuits (Part I of II); Feminist Journal of Art & Digital Culture
Ode to paraphernalia': Bricolage as a design approach for electronic performance tools; Technoetic Arts
Paraphernalia and the trash stratum; Institute for Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies Conference
Paraphernalia as a design approach for electronic performance tools; Leonardo Journal
Paraphernalia: Dances With Her Shadow
Paraphernalia: the don't anthropomorphise me version
Pataphysical Salon (ludibrum)
Producing Realingmnets, Shake Things Up
raw marvel: Computer is dreaming
Raw Marvels
read_run_execute in Bloodbath
Residency at Montrose Bay
Residency Rosny College
Resist, She said - Sister0
Rethinking Tactical [and tactile] Media for Artists and Activists; Media in Transition 6: stone and papyrus, storage and transmission conference
screen bleed
Scrying: MEA
Scrying: MEA
Sound to Light
Starlight is a Wireless Signal in Trajectories
Structures, Strictures & Students
Tasmanian Experimental Technology and Art
The art of the long distance relationship
The big connect
The Genderchanges Academy; linux.conf.au
The intimacy of the command line; Scan
The Intimacy of the Commandline; Live Interfaces 2012
The Intimacy of the Commandline
The Intimate Machine'
The Push Pull Decade
The Reluctant Clown
Toussaint' in The Australian Stage
Tribute to Auntie Ida West
Ver Weg - Nancy Mauro Flude
Vessels For Infinite Veracity: Theatre Machines And The Body
_New Game_

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision