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Researcher: McAllister, JD (Mr Jaime McAllister)

Fields of Research

Aquatic Ecosystem Studies and Stock Assessment
Fisheries Management
Marine and Estuarine Ecology (incl. Marine Ichthyology)
Fisheries Sciences

Research Objectives

Fisheries - Wild Caught
Wild Caught Fin Fish (excl. Tuna)
Wild Caught Crustaceans (excl. Rock Lobster and Prawns)
Aquaculture Fin Fish (excl. Tuna)

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Assessing the short-term impact of seismic surveys on adult commercial scallops (Pecten fumatus) in Bass Strait
Capture-induced physiological stress and postrelease mortality for southern bluefin tuna (Thunnus maccoyii) from a recreational fishery; Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Examining the functional role of current area closures used for the conservation of an overexploited and highly mobile fishery species; ICES Journal of Marine Science
Examining the role Tasmania plays in supporting populations of eastern Australian salmon (Arripis trutta; 2010 ASFB Conference and Climate Change Symposium
Examining trends in abundance of an overexploited elasmobranch species in a nursery area closure; Marine and Freshwater Research
Influence of latitudinal variation in environmental gradients and population structure on the demography of a widespread pelagic fish, Arripis trutta (Forster, 1801); Environmental Biology of Fishes
Latitudinal, ontogenetic, and historical shifts in the diet of a carnivorous teleost, Arripis trutta, in a coastal pelagic ecosystem altered by climate change; Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Response of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar to temperature and dissolved oxygen extremes established using animal-borne environmental sensors; Scientific Reports

Research Projects

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