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Researcher: Yamazaki, S (Associate Professor Satoshi Yamazaki)

Fields of Research

Environment and resource economics
Fisheries management
Economic development policy
Labour economics
Agricultural economics
History of economic thought
Natural resource management
Aquaculture and fisheries stock assessment
Ecological impacts of climate change and ecological adaptation
International economics
Sociology of culture
Government and politics of Asia and the Pacific
Cross-sectional analysis
Sociology and social studies of science and technology
Rural sociology
Population ecology
Stochastic analysis and modelling

Research Objectives

Assessment and management of coastal and estuarine ecosystems
Preference, behaviour and welfare
Fisheries - recreational freshwater
Human capital issues
Fisheries - wild caught
Productivity (excl. public sector)
Environmental protection frameworks (incl. economic incentives)
Wild caught rock lobster
Wild caught fin fish (excl. tuna)
Assessment and management of terrestrial ecosystems
Aquaculture fin fish (excl. tuna)
Ecological economics
Other environmental management
Climate change adaptation measures (excl. ecosystem)
Industry policy
Wild caught edible molluscs
Balance of payments
Expanding knowledge in human society
Expanding knowledge in economics
Wild caught crustaceans (excl. rock lobster and prawns)
Trade policy
Government and politics
Other culture and society
Wild caught prawns

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A Bayesian belief network model for community-based coastal resource management in the Kei Islands, Indonesia; Ecology and Society
A contingent valuation of recreational fishing in Tasmania
Allocation of harvest between user groups in a fishery with habitat effect; Natural Resource Modeling
Are marine reserves and harvest control rules substitutes or complements for rebuilding fisheries?; Resource and Energy Economics
Are per capita CO2 emissions increasing among OECD countries? A test of trends and breaks; Applied Economics Letters
At-sea dumping of dredge spoil: an overview of the Australian policy and legislative framework; Australasian Journal of Environmental Management
Biomass management targets and the conservation and economic benefits of marine reserves; Fish and Fisheries
Centrostephanus Subsidy Program: Initial Evaluation
Co-management of large-scale and medium-scale fisheries: an assessment of the fishery tax system in Indonesia; Marine Policy: The International Journal of Ocean Affairs
Community-level analysis of correlated fish production in fisheries and aquaculture: The case of Japan; Marine Policy
Contribution of cash transfers in moderating household food insecurity in small-island communities: Experimental evidence from Indonesia; Marine Policy
Determining management preferences in a multimethod consumptive recreational fishery; Ecology and Society
Does Sending Farmers back to School have an Impact?: Revisiting the Issue; The Developing Economics
Economic effects of sea surface temperature, aging population, and market distance on a small-scale fishery; ICES Journal of Marine Science
Effectiveness of harvest strategies in achieving multiple management objectives in a multispecies fishery; The Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Estimating maximum economic yield in multispecies fisheries: a review; Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries
Excess Capacity and Capital Malleability in a Fishery with Myopic Expectations; Marine Resource Economics
Excess capacity and efficiency in the quota managed Tasmanian Rock Lobster Fishery; Marine Policy
Exploring conflicting management objectives in rebuilding of multi-stock fisheries; Ocean & Coastal Management
Fishers percieved objectives of community-based coastal resource management in the Kei Islands, Indonesia; Frontiers in Marine Science
Fishing access agreements and harvesting decisions of host and distant water fishing nations; Marine Policy
How did a network of marine protected areas impact adjacent fisheries? Evidence from Australia; Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics
How has the COVID-19 pandemic response impacted small-scale fish farmers in Bhutan?; Aquaculture
Intra-village and inter-village resource use conflict in Indonesia: The case of the Kei Islands; Ocean & Coastal Management
Maximising net economic returns from a multispecies fishery
Me and my behavior: An experiment on individual characteristics and compliance behavior in recreational fishing; Frontiers in Marine Science
No-take marine reserves and illegal fishing under imperfect enforcement; Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Non-consumptive values and optimal marine reserve switching; Ecological Economics
Output versus input controls under uncertainty: the case of a fishery; Natural Resource Modeling
Product switching and efficiency in a declining small-scale fishery; Ecological Economics
Productivity improvement to sustain small-scale fish production in developing countries: The case of Bhutan; Aquaculture
Productivity, social capital and perceived environmental threats in small island fisheries: insights from Indonesia; Ecological Economics
Profit and equity trade‐offs in the management of small pelagic fisheries: the case of the Japanese sardine fishery; Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Rebuilding East Coast Rock Lobster Stocks: Developing an Effective Management Framework for Recovery
Report: Economics of under-exploited fisheries in the Southern Ocean and their potential contribution to global food security
The impact of stock collapse on small-scale fishers’ behavior: Evidence from Japan; Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
The influence of nudges on compliance behaviour in recreational fisheries: a laboratory experiment; ICES Journal of Marine Science
The role of precaution in stock recovery plans in a fishery with habitat effect; Ecological Economics
The South-East Commonwealth Marine Reserves Network - public knowledge, perceptions and values survey
Training and Visit (T&V) Extension vs. Farmer Field School: The Indonesian Experience; Economic Transition and Natural Resource Management in East and Southeast Asia
Valuing recreational fishing in Tasmania and assessment of response bias in contingent valuation; Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics
When push comes to shove in recreational fishing compliance, think ‘nudge’; Marine Policy
WTO must ban harmful fisheries subsidies; Science

Research Projects

Assessing food security and resilience of small island communities to socio-environmental changes: The case of the Kei islands in South Maluku; Australia-Indonesia Centre, The (AINC)
Bioeconomic Modelling of Marine Reserve Networks; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Developing Analytical Skills and Tools for Incorporating Multidisciplinary Approaches into Marine and Climate Change Research - An Example of Capacity Building at the Disciplinary Boundaries; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Evaluation of the subsidy for the Centrostephanus fishery; Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (NRE Tas)
Linking marine reserves, illegal fishing and enforcement; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Maximising net economic returns from a multispecies fishery; Fisheries Research & Development Corporation (FRDC)
Rebuilding Southern Rock Lobster stocks on the east coast of Tasmania: informing options for management; Fisheries Research & Development Corporation (FRDC)
Socio-economic characterisation of a small scale commercial fishery: opportunities to improve viability and profitability in the Tasmanian Scalefish Fishery; Fisheries Research & Development Corporation (FRDC)
The Future Harvest Master Class; Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre (ASCRC)
Economic Impact of Quota Evasion in Commonwealth Fisheries
Economic Value of Recreational Freshwater Fishery in Tasmania
Economics of under-exploited fisheries in the Southern Ocean and their potential contribution to global food security
Marine Parks Impact Statement Pilot Peer Review
Tasmania-ASEAN Trade Relationship

Research Candidate Supervision

Marine Protected Areas and Ratchet Effects