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Researcher: Gough, JA (Dr Julie Gough)

Fields of Research

Fine arts
Globalisation and culture
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture
Australian history

Research Objectives

The creative arts
Expanding knowledge in human society
Conserving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and culture

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

1960 - Psycho 1994; If you knew Julie, like I know Julie, 1965; Luna, 1970
Australian Perspecta 1995
New Faces -New Directions
Nuini - We Have Survived
Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarships
Art Cologne
Boxing Boys and Brown Sugar
Chase / Imperial Leather
Dark Secrets/Home Truths
Driving Black Home
History, Representation, Globalisation and Indigenous Cultures: A Tasmanian Perspective; Indigenous Cultures in an Interconnected World
Home sweet Home
Human Nature and Material Culture (map); Human Nature and Material Culture (replica)
Leeawuleena / Night Sky Journey
Magnum as Cook in the Time/Space Continuum, 1997
Samstag Scholarship
Shadow of the Spear
Time ripples in Tasmania: Aboriginal artists in Tasmania Today; Art and Australia
Transforming Histories: The Visual Disclosure of Contentious Pasts
Whispers, Lies and Text

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision

Visual Representations of Tasmanian Aboriginal Culture- History and Implications for Tasmanian Senses of Place and Identity