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Researcher: MacDonald, AJ (Dr Abbey MacDonald)

Fields of Research

Teacher education and professional development of educators
Creative arts, media and communication curriculum and pedagogy
Other education
Health promotion
Fine arts
Visual cultures
Continuing and community education
English and literacy curriculum and pedagogy (excl. LOTE, ESL and TESOL)
Higher education
Specialist studies in education
Science, technology and engineering curriculum and pedagogy
Art criticism
Community child health
Primary education
Other creative arts and writing
Primary health care
Educational administration, management and leadership
Art history
Australian history
Environmental law
Critical heritage, museum and archive studies
Sociological methodology and research methods
Gender, sexuality and education
Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development
Physical education and development curriculum and pedagogy
Health services and systems
Secondary education
Social determinants of health
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander curriculum and pedagogy
Drama, theatre and performance studies
Technical, further and workplace education
Preventative health care
Visual arts
Education policy
Social change

Research Objectives

Teacher and instructor development
The creative arts
Expanding knowledge in creative arts and writing studies
Other education and training
Health education and promotion
Assessment, development and evaluation of curriculum
Expanding knowledge in history, heritage and archaeology
Learner and learning
Gender aspects in education
Neonatal and child health
Health policy evaluation
Schools and learning environments
Environmental policy, legislation and standards
Primary education
Workforce transition and employment
Public health (excl. specific population health)
Equity and access to education
The performing arts
Determinants of health
Teaching and instruction technologies

Career Best Publications

Designing STEAM education: fostering relationality through design-led disruption; The International Journal of Art & Design Education
Teachers who feel appreciated are less likely to leave the profession
Teachers’ curriculum stories: perceptions and preparedness to enact change; Educational Philosophy and Theory

Research Publications

"Becoming Co-conspiratorial", in "Tiny Coronavirus Stories: 'This misery loves isolation'"
'All for one and one for all': The formation of a school/university research team; Hawaii International Conference on Education
A canary in the coal mine: How do we hold interdisciplinary process and product in tension with place?; Artlands 2021
A Creative Collaboration: The Australian Arts Education Practice and Research Special Interest Group; World Alliance for Arts Education (WAAE) 2012: Cultural Encounters and Northern Reflections
A diptych of dilemma: becoming an artist and a teacher; International Journal of Education Through Art
A panorama of practice: A/r/tography around the world; 35th World Congress of the International Society for Education through Art
A paradox of being both highly valued and highly scrutinized: the Australian male primary teacher experience; 2018 ATEA & TEFANZ Conference: Teacher Education in and for Uncertain Times
A significant opportunity: Pre-service teachers working in boarding house contexts
A war imagined: Gallipoli and the art of children’s picture books; Australian Art Education
A/r/tographic inquiry in sport and exercise research: a pilot study examining methodology versatility, feasibility and participatory opportunities; Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health
A/r/tography around the world; The Palgrave Handbook of Global Arts Education
Abby Cruickshank MacDonald: How the student can become the teacher and the peer
An analysis of ARC funding for arts education: 2001 - 2012; Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) conference 2013
An exploration of the challenges and benefits of becoming a teacher in a residential education context; Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) conference 2016: transforming education research
And the band played Waltzing Matilda: Australian picture books (1999-2016) and the First World War; Children's Literature in Education: An International Quarterly
Art and teaching converge in a day of creativity at Inveresk
Art Education Australia launch Hadleys Art Prize education kit
Art education during the COVID-19 lockdown; Teacher
Art education: Using new resources and skills; Teacher
Art: what’s STEM got to do with it?; Fifteenth International Congress of Quali­tative Inquiry
Arts-Based Research in Education: Becomings from a Doctoral Research Perspective; Structuring the Thesis: Matching Method, Paradigm, Theories and Findings
Arts-based research, wellbeing and A/r/tography: Developing individual capabilities; 17th Biennial EARLI Conference on Research on Learning and Instruction
Australian Teacher Educator of the Year: Breakfast with Ryk Goddard
Award for Early Career Academic Teaching
Blending art and science for UTAS sustainability forum
Body of Work
Borderlands: traversing spaces between art making and research; Qualitative Research Journal
Cape to Cape – A research informed rationale for business case
Chapter 8 - Mona's 24 Carrot Gardens: Seeding an Ecology of Cultural Value; Exploring Cultural Value: Contemporary Issues for Theory and Practice
Classroom collaborations: Art and the Tasmanian primary school
Co-disrupting applications for arts-based research: implications for education; Webinar Series
Collaboration as metaphoric construct and guiding practice in art-making and teaching: A multimodal rendering; Studies in Art Education
Consumed by consumption
Contemplating [en]active curriculum: becoming health literate through Arts and HPE interconnection; Curriculum Perspectives
Contiguity, collaboration and community: becoming-literate in the intra-connected ecology of things; as people in place through practice and process; Climate Literacy for Art Educators
Converging discipline perspectives to inform the design and delivery of STEAM teacher professional learning; Australian Art Education
Creative Leadership and the Hadley’s Art Prize Hobart (HAPH); Australian Art Education
Cultivating Professional Learning Partnerships in Tasmania; Harnessing the Transformative Power of Education
Cultivating professional learning partnerships in Tasmania: Tom Bentley’s 7 key features of collaboration; Education Transforms 2017
Cultivating quality professional learning partnerships between schools, universities and other stakeholders: take-aways from two Tasmanian case studies; 2018 ATEA & TEFANZ Conference: Teacher Education in and for Uncertain Times
Dancing around drawn edges: Reimagining deficit storylines as sites for relational Arts teacher professional learning collaboration; Australian Art Education
Dark Play: On an Alternative Politics of Aspiration; Playing with Possibilities
Defining professional self: Teacher educator perspectives of the Pre-ECR journey; Australian Journal of Teacher Education
Designing professional learning feedback loops from spaces between COVID19; 2nd International Conference on Art For Technology, Science and Technology (ARTESH) 2020 - Challenges of Art in Practice and Education in Virtual Space Discourse (Reflection, Interaction and Projection)
Designing STEAM education: fostering relationality through design-led disruption; The International Journal of Art & Design Education
Discussion with Ivan Webb
Disrupting disciplines: Empowering students and teachers to drive STEAM teacher professional learning design; Teaching Matters 2018
Dr. Abbey MacDonald receives the 2018 Early Career Researcher Award
Drawn Together: An exhibition of life drawing works from Tasmanian teachers and their students
Education in the Arts (3rd Ed), by Sinclair, C, Jeanneret, N, O’Toole, J, Hunter, M, Oxford University Press, 2018, 273 pp.,$74 AUD, ISBN: 978-0-195-52-794-0
Empowering arts teachers to embrace and enact The Australian Curriculum - The Arts: A Tasmanian perspective; National Visual Art Education Conference Program
Engaging communities in nature conservation through aesthetics and art: Preliminary insights from a Tasmanian perspective; AARE Conference 2018
Entangled: Art in the Tasmanian Primary School
Exhibition draws together History and Art through the common motif of landscape
Exploring How Quality Children’s Literature Can Enhance Compassion and Empathy in the Classroom Context; Compassion and Empathy in Educational Contexts
Exploring the 'everyday philosophies' of generalist primary school teacher delivery of health literacy education; Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education
Exploring the relationship between experiences of working in boarding and teacher development: A Tasmanian boarding school perspective; Australian Boarding Schools Association (Tasmanian Committee) Conference
Exploring the relationship between working in boarding and supporting teachers’ delivery of quality pastoral care: a pilot study; Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Conference 2016: transforming education research
Finalist: Betta Milk ‘Make It Betta’ Health Achievement Award
Formal submission in response to the Child & Youth Wellbeing Strategy
From the wing chair: Stories from and about the experience of living and working in a Tasmanian boarding school; International Journal of Practice Based Humanities
Full STEAM ahead
Good teachers grow: Disrupting negative depictions of teachers through relational a/r/tographic inquiry; Australian Art Education
Greater than the sum of its parts: The formation of a school/university research team; The Role of Participants in Education Research: Ethics, epistemologies and methods
Hadley's Art Prize Hobart - Education Kit
Health Literacy and Equity Research Group
HealthLit4Kids Animation: inclusive and informed participants; Engagement Transforms 2019 (ET19)
HealthLit4Kids: Dilemmas associated with student health literacy development in the primary school setting; Health Education Journal
HealthLit4Kids: Empowering health literacy through the arts in HealthLit4Kids: the benefits of arts-based pedagogies for health literacy in primary school-aged children; Engagement Transforms 2019 (ET19)
Hidden Lessons Unveiled
Home where the art is
How arts-based methods are used to support the resilience and well-being of young people: a review of the literature; Arts-Based Research, Resilience and Well-being Across the Lifespan
How three Tasmanian teachers use and respond to emotion in the secondary English classroom; Australian Association for Research in Education Conference (AARE 2011 Conference)
Inaugural Tasmanian Young Artist Awards: interview with Belinda King
Interdisciplinarity for social justice enterprise: intersecting education, industry and community arts perspective; The Australian Educational Researcher
Interdisciplinarity in action: Notes on Tasmanian education, industry and social justice contexts; Creative Ecologies, Creative Futures (#CHEN2020)
International Teaching Artists Collaborative (ITAC) Think Tank: Teaching artists and artists teaching; Think Tank
Intertwined: An investigation into becoming an artist and teacher
Investigating the assessment practices within an Initial Teacher Education program in an Australian university: Staff perceptions and practices; Australian Journal of Teacher Education
Kit right fit for art prize
Margate Primary wins 2018 Hadley’s School Prize
Media interview in relation to the art teachers exhibition at Inveresk - Beyond the Classroom: Art work by art teachers
On Albatross Island Education Kit
Out of Control
Painting research practice: how exploration of a 'painting as research' metaphor can be used to refine approaches to conducting research; 2012 Australian Association for Research in Education Conference
Posthuman creativities: democratizing creative educational experience beyond the human; Review of Research in Education
President's Report 2015
PREVIEW: Arts-rich education will help lift literacy and numeracy
Principles for a pedagogy of unlearning; Reflective Practice
Professional pathways: Navigating the professional academic landscape post PhD; AUSTRALIAN ASSOCIATION FOR RESEARCH IN EDUCATION (AARE) CONFERENCE 2017
Providing pastoral care to rural students in metropolitan boarding schools; Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Conference 2017
Radio interview regarding inclusion in 'The Educator - Rising Stars' Higher Education list for 2020
Recast the victims and villains, Replay the scene, and Rebuild the stage
Rendering Generalist Primary Teachers' Experiences of Becoming Pedagogical through Making and Responding in Visual Art; AARE Conference Papers 2021 - Pre-Recorded Individual Paper
Rethinking creative educational experience through pedagogies of place; AARE Conference Papers 2021 - Pre-Recorded Individual Paper
Sanitising landscapes: Implications for meaning making; Journal of Artistic and Creative Education
See saws and sweet spots: Negotiating tensions between aspiration and actuality for education outcomes – An Arts educator perspective
Seeing the bigger picture: investigating the state of the arts in teacher education programs in Australia; Australian Journal of Teacher Education
Situating The Smith Family’s STEAM Cart project in relation to state and national interdisciplinary education priorities: A scoping exercise
Something meaningful. Something greater. Something together
Somewhere between the swings and roundabouts: Interdisciplinarity as a tool for navigating career transitions; Australian Association for Research in Education Seminar Series
SPEED: mobility and exchange
State could lead nation in arts education
State's teachers showing off art talent
STEAM Horizons Professional Learning Collaborative – Interim report/future directions
Steam Horizons Symposium a big student and teacher-driven success
STEAM horizons: Boundary conditions and transitions; 2018 ACUADS Conference
STEAM Horizons: Engagement and attainment through interdisciplinary education - Final Report
STEAM Horizons: Navigating contentions and possibilities for interdisciplinary pedagogy and learning in Tasmania; AARE Conference 2018
STEAM skills in schools putting Tasmanian students ahead of the curve
STEM and STEAM and the spaces between: an overview of education agendas pertaining to ‘disciplinarity’ across three Australian states; Journal of Research in STEM Education
STEM and STEAM education as spaces for disruption and rejuvenation in schools: An overview of professional possibilities for ‘disciplinarity’ across three Australian states; 4th International Professional Practice, Education and Learning (ProPEL) Conference
STEM, STEAM and the spaces between: Explicating the enablers and inhibitors of interdisciplinary teaching and learning; 2019 ATEA Conference
Stemming the flow of STEAM
Strangers on a train: the politics of collaboration; Australian Educational Researcher
Students STEAM projects shared with streaming event
Students STEAM projects shared with streaming event
Talking to and about teachers: Resisting deficit discourses; Professional Educator
Tasmania Art Teachers Association President's Report
Tasmanian Art Teachers Association hosts professional learning at UTAS
Tasmanian art teachers join forces after school
Tasmanian Young Artist Award 2017
TATA President's Report 2017
Teachers exhibit their artistic side
Teachers Mutual Bank – ATEA Australian Teacher Educator of the Year
Teachers Mutual Bank/ATEA Teacher Educator of the Year award 2019
Teachers who feel appreciated are less likely to leave the profession
Teachers' curriculum stories: thematic perceptions and capacities; Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) conference 2014
Teachers’ curriculum stories: perceptions and preparedness to enact change; Educational Philosophy and Theory
The art of practice: Exploring the interactions between artist practice and teacher practice; The Future of Educational Research
The Australian curriculum review: the arts and HASS are far from basic; EducationHQ
The battle of the colours: Irish Catholic identity, St Joseph’s Nudgee College, and rugby 1891-1914; Irish Educational Studies
The Educator: Rising Stars 2020
The Formation of the Australian Arts Education Practice and Research Special Interest Group (AEPR SIG); Australian Art Education
The Liminal Space
The museum diorama: Caught between art and history; Australian Art Education
The Relational Art Inquiry Tool: Expanding the possibilities of and for a/r/tographic research; The 7th World Alliance for Arts Education Conference
The Relational Art Inquiry Tool: Supporting participants and researchers from non-Arts backgrounds to engage in and with a/r/tography; Revista VIS: Revista do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Arte
The UTAS teacher educator shifting the pedagogy
Three graces of practice: rendering the reciprocal interactions of artistry and teaching; Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) conference 2016: transforming education research
University’s program keeps art teachers’ skills sharp
UTAS art school hosts primary school exhibition
Vascular rhythms: Embryonic bird/embolism structure
Visual Arts Education/s: Glocal threads to connect, entangle, sustain and nourish during a prolonged lockdown and time of uncertainty; The 4th UNESCO-UNITWIN Symposium: Arts education in and through a time of crisis
Visual literacy; More than words can say: a view of literacy through the arts
What Are Artists and Art Educators Teaching Us About How We Can Conceive and Deliver Teacher Professional Learning Into the Future?; Teaching, Technology, and Teacher Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Stories from the Field
What are your online pedagogic practices, and how can these support art education colleagues (K-15 and grad school) in this shift to remote teaching and learning?; InSEA Research and Praxis Webinar Series
What the arts teach and how it shows (in the time of COVID-19); Professional Voice
Where to from here: becoming climate curious with a/r/tography; Climate Literacy for Art Educators
Write propaganda, shut up, or fight: Philip Gibbs and the Western Front; The Palgrave Handbook of Artistic and Cultural Responses to War since 1914
WWI photographs the focus in contemporary art show
ZartArt National Teacher Artist Prize

Research Projects

Digital Solutions: Taking HealthLit4Kids from Tasmania to the World; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Engaging Communities in Nature Conservation through Aesthetics and Art; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Mentoring for Professional Practice: A Creativity Based Approach ; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
STEAM HORIZONS: Engagement and Alignment through Interdisciplinary Education; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Travel to attend World Alliance for Arts Education Conference - Auckland 21 to 24 November 2017; Ian Potter Foundation (IPF)
BighART. Life long learning; Cape to Cape
Cultivating quality professional learning partnerships between schools, universities and other stakeholders
Situating The Smith Family STEAM cart project in state and national interdisciplinary education priorities. A scoping exercise

Research Candidate Supervision