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Researcher: Arundel, A (Professor Anthony Arundel)

Fields of Research

Innovation management
Economic development policy
Research, science and technology policy
Public administration
Agriculture, land and farm management
Applied economics
Social theory
Industry economics and industrial organisation
Agricultural economics
Social change
Cross-sectional analysis
Human information interaction and retrieval
Sustainability accounting and reporting
Consumer-oriented product or service development

Research Objectives

Technological and organisational innovation
Public sector productivity
Industry policy
Macro labour market issues
Economic growth
Management and productivity
Other plant production and plant primary products
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Horticultural crops
Public services policy advice and analysis
Supply and demand
Other education and training
Livestock product traceability and quality assurance

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A Profile of Research and Development Activity in the Tasmanian Economy: A Report for the Department of State Growth
A taxonomy of innovation: How do public sector agencies innovate? Results of the 2010 European Innobarometer survey of public agencies
Advancing innovation in the public sector: aligning innovation measurement with policy goals; Research Policy
Agbio:a developing story
Agricultural biotechnology: A developing challenge; Chemistry & Industry
Applying configurational thinking to identify recipes for producing service innovation in the service sector; International Journal of Innovation Management
Biotechnologies in Agriculture and Related Natural Resources to 2015; OECD Journal: General Papers
Biotechnology Indicators for Public Policy
Breeding business: the future of plant breeding in the light of developments in patent rights and plant breeder's rights
Can “bottom up” innovation strategies improve managerial innovations in the university sector?; The 2016 Tertiary Education Management Conference (TEMC)
Collaboration and innovation outputs; Knowledge Flows in European Industry
Complexity of innovation in the public sector: A workgroup-level analysis of related factors and outcomes; Public Management Review
Conventional and experimental indicators of knowledge flows; Knowledge Flows in European Industry
Data on the digital economy in Tasmania: Report from the 2010 Tasmanian Innovation Census
Datacard and success factors for innovation in the Australian Public Service
Defining biotechnology - carefully; Trends in Biotechnology
Developing internationally comparable indicators for the commercialization of publically-funded research
Disruptors in a time of disruption: Social innovation in the Australian disability sector; The 9th International Social Innovation Research Conference: Beyond Boundaries? Organisations, Systems and Social Innovation
Diversifying Tasmania's Economy: Analysis and Options
Environmental innovation: Using qualitative models to identify indicators for policy
Errors in the Interpretation of Innovation: Results from an Innovation Survey in Australia; 7th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
European Public Sector Innovation Scoreboard 2013
Exploring a pre-theoretical management phenomenon: promising ways forward for researching social innovation in organisations; 30th Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Conference
Exploring innovation success recipes in low-technology firms using fuzzy-set QCA; Journal of Business Research
Export and innovation indicators for priority sectors in Tasmania
Export and innovation indicators for priority sectors in Tasmania: Report from the 2010 Tasmanian Innovation Census
From the 19th to the 21st Century: Indicators for the Knowledge Economy; Knowledge Economy; Challenges for Measurement
From too little to too much innovation? Issues in measuring innovation in the public sector; Structural Change and Economic Dynamics
Guidelines appendix - Synthesis report on pre-testing employer and employee questionnaires; In: The MEADOW Guidelines
History of the Community Innovation Survey; Handbook of Innovation Indicators and Measurement
How Europe's economies learn: a comparison of work organization and innovation mode for the EU-15; Industrial and Corporate Change
How European public sector agencies innovate: the use of bottom-up, policy-dependent and knowledge-scanning innovation methods; Research Policy
How Firm Managers Understand Innovation: Implications for the Design of Innovation Surveys; Handbook of Innovation Indicators and Measurement
How firms innovate: R&D, non-R&D, and technology adoption
Human Health Biotechnologies to 2015; OECD Journal: General Papers
Indicators for environmental innovation: what and how to measure; The International Handbook on Environmental Technology Management
Innovating the innovation indicators
Innovation in Australian Businesses: How often, how much and what impact?
Innovation in Difficult Times: Results of the 2010 Tasmanian Innovation Census
Innovation Metrics for Australia
Innovation scoreboards: indicators and policy use; Innovation Policy in Europe: Measurement and Strategy
Innovation Survey Indicators: What Impact on Innovation Policy?; Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators in a Changing World: Responding to Policy Needs
Innovation Surveys and Innovation Policy: the European Experience: A presentation to the Government and Industry of Columbia; Results of the Second Survey of Innovation in Bogota and Cundinamarca
Inter-firm collaboration and innovation performance for new-to-market products: The moderating role of technological and skilled knowledge assets; International Journal of Innovation Management
Internet-enabled access to alternative food networks: a comparison of online and offline food shoppers and their differing interpretations of quality; Agriculture and Human Values
Knowledge and technology transfer performance of European universities and research institutions: Assessing the influence of institutional by-laws and practices; 18th International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators
Knowledge Transfer Study 2010-2012
Leaping into real-world relevance: an ‘abduction’ process for nonprofit research; Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly
Lessons from high capability innovators: innovation in the agriculture, forestry and fishing industry
Lessons from High Capability Innovators: Results from the 2013 Tasmanian Innovation Census
Management and Service Innovations in Australian and New Zealand Universities
Measuring eco-innovation; United Nations University Working Paper Series
Measuring Innovation in the Australian Public Sector
Measuring the dynamics of organisations and work: employee-level survey; In: The MEADOW Guidelines
Measuring the dynamics of organisations and work: employer-level survey; In: The MEADOW Guidelines
Methodologies for measuring innovation in the public sector; OECD
Metrics for Knowledge Transfer from Public Research Organisations in Europe: Report from the European Commission's Expert Group on Knoweldge Transfer Metrics
Metrics for the commercialisation of knowledge produced by public research organisations; WIPO
Multidimensional Innovation in the Public Sector: An Analysis at the Work Group Level; ANZAM - Managing on the Edge
New Evidence on the Frequency, Impacts and Costs of Activities to Develop Innovations in Australian Businesses: Results from a 2015 Pilot Survey
OECD Biotechnology Statistics - 2006
OECD Biotechnology Statistics 2009
Organizational pathways for social innovation and societal impacts in disability nonprofits; VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Non-Profit Organizations
Overview of innovation policy affecting knowledge flows in EU member states; Knowledge Flows in European Industry
Private-Public Collaboration and Innovation Performance: Does Training Matter?; International Journal of Innovation Management
Private-Public Collaboration and Innovation Performance: Does Training Matter?; 5th ISPIM Innovation Symposium
Research on innovation in the public sector: past present and future; Smart use of indicators for innovation policy
Rethinking science and technology indicators for innovation policy in the twenty-first century; National Innovation, Indicators and Policy
Rethinking the effect of risk aversion on the benefits of service innovations in public administration agencies; Research Policy
Social Innovation in Disability Nonprofits: An Abductive Study of Capabilities for Social Change; Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly
Structure, Business Demographics and Innovation in Burnie
Surveys and Policy: Lessons from the CIS; Innovation Policy in Europe
The Bioeconomy to 2030: designing a policy agenda; OECD
The Development and Adoption of Product and Process Innovations in European Firms; R&D Management Conference
The effectiveness of policies for formal knowledge transfer from European universities and public research institutes to firms; Research Evaluation
The impact of the regional environment on the knowledge transfer outcomes of public research organisations: Preliminary results for Europe; FinKT Conference Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship
The nature and incidence of workgroup innovation in the Australian public sector: Evidence from the Australian 2011 State of the Service survey; Australian Journal of Public Administration
The organization of work and innovative performance: a comparison of the EU-15; Blue Sky II Indicators Conference
The role of an inclusive innovation culture and innovation support strategies in university managerial and service innovations: Survey results for Australia and New Zealand; Informing Science and Innovation Policies: Towards the Next Generation of Data and Indicators
Thriving within the turbulence: a complexity theorizing approach to social innovation by nonprofit organizations; Handbook of Research on Contemporary Approaches in Management and Organizational Strategy
Transformed management scholarship and ways forward for exploring social innovation in organizations; International Studies of Management and Organization
‘It’s not all about government, business managers can foster innovation too’

Research Projects

Pathways to Market: Transforming Food Industry Futures through Improved Sensing, Provenance and Choice; Australian Research Council (ARC)
A data profile of R&D in Tasmanian firms, using data from the Tasmanian Innovation Census
Baseline Innovation Survey of DHCS staff
Baseline survey of the cost of administrative and regulatory compliance to Tasmanian businesses and the level of engagement of Tasmanian businesses with Digital Economy
Developing a Datacard for Public Sector Innovation
Developing a Framework for a Place-Based Approach to Economic Diversification in Tasmania
Export and Innovation Indicators Extension Project
Exports and innovation indicators for priority sectors in Tasmania
Frequency, Costs and Impacts of Innovation in Australia
Indicators for the digital economy
Innovation in the Burnie Region
National Innovation System Metrics Project
Nature of Innovation in the Northern Tasmania Region
Profile of Research & Development and Innovation in Tasmania
Public Sector Innovation Measurement
Tertiary Education Sector Innovation Survey

Research Candidate Supervision

A global investigation into the leadership practices and impacts of young women leading social-purpose organisations and enterprises
Access to 'Alternative' Food System Qualities- A Comparative Study of Internet and Non-Internet Mediated Systems of
An Investigation into the Management of Food Waste- Implementing an Innovative and Eco-Effective Strategy in Australia
Diffusion of New Technologies in Service Industries
Improving Quality of Public Service Delivery through Innovative Management Practices- Solomon Islands Experience in the 21st Century
innovation modes and capability transition in a low technology environment
Innovation Strategies employed by Public Sector Managers in a Low Risk Environment
Skill Utilisation in Australia- A Response to the Proposed 3Ps Solution for the Implications of Population Ageing
The Evolution of Subject Approaches to Innovation Measurement, and Implications for New Innovation Indicators