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Researcher: Yang, Y (Dr Yang Yang)

Fields of Research

LOTE, ESL and TESOL Curriculum and Pedagogy (excl. Maori)
Comparative and Cross-Cultural Education
Curriculum and Pedagogy Theory and Development
Educational Technology and Computing
Education Policy
Teacher Education and Professional Development of Educators
Higher Education

Research Objectives

Learner and Learning Processes
School/Institution Policies and Development
Assessment and Evaluation of Curriculum
Education and Training
Teaching and Instruction Technologies
Equity and Access to Education
School/Institution Community and Environment

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A critical lens on learning communities: An international comparative study of higher education practice; Australian Association for Research in Education Conference (AARE 2011 Conference)
A cross-cultural study of learning communities in academic and business contexts; The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
A social context for adolescent use of mobile phones; Second international conference on electrical, electronics, computer engineering and their applications
Contemporary co-teaching: The perception of ESL teachers in Australia; AARE
Coping with low motivation: Building the fire for students; The International journal of learning
Embedding a robust evaluation culture through policy review; Studies in Learning, Evaluation, Innovation and Development
English-Only Classrooms: Ideology versus Reality; AARE
Enhancing pedagogical roles of ESL/EFL native and non-native teachers through team teaching: How to make this 'International Partnership' successful; The International Journal of Learning
Evaluation of Feedback in Learning Communities: The Role of Scaffolding Learning in Informal Problem Solving Contexts; The International Journal of Learning
Examining university students' and academics' understandings of ICTs in higher education; Changing Climates: Education for Sustainable Futures
ICT in higher education: Evaluative views of teachers and students; Technologies for enhancing pedagogy, engagement and empowerment in education
Innovating with Science-ercise; ACCE 2016
Rap Music: Language, culture and identity; Linguistic diversity and cultural identity: A global perspective
Team teaching between ESL/EFL native and non-native teachers: how to make this 'International Marriage' successful; 17th international Conference on Learning
The powerful influence of learning communities in academic and business contexts; Fifth International Conference on Interdisciplinary Sciences
Using the voice of teen YouTube users for Web 2.0 technology-enhanced classroom teaching; E-Learning and Social Media: Education and Citizenship for the Digital 21st Century

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision