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Researcher: Wallis, JAC (Dr Jonathan Wallis)

Fields of Research

Latin and classical Greek literature
Latin and classical Greek languages
Other language, communication and culture
Culture, representation and identity
Humanities and social sciences curriculum and pedagogy (excl. economics, business and management)
Classical Greek and Roman history

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in history, heritage and archaeology
Expanding knowledge in language, communication and culture
Understanding past societies
Understanding Europe's past

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

(Un)Elegiac characterisation in Propertius 3.12; Australasian Society for Classical Studies
Ghostwriting elegy in Propertius 4.7; The Classical Quarterly
Introspection and Engagement in Propertius: A Study of Book 3; Cambridge University Press
Marriage and the Elegiac Woman in Propertius 3.12; Ramus: critical studies in Greek and Roman literature
Masculine Redemption in Carl Orff’s Catulli Carmina (1943); Antichthon
Reading Backwards and Looking Forwards in Propertius Book 3
Reading False Closure in(to) Propertian Elegy; The Door Ajar: False Closure in Greek and Roman Literature and Art
Review of L. B. T. Houghton, Maria Wyke (ed.), Perceptions of Horace: A Roman Poet and His Readers; Bryn Mawr Classical Review
Toxic Masculinity in the First-Year Classics Classroom; Toxic Masculinity in the Ancient World book
Trojan Restoration and the Aeneid in Horace, Odes 3.3; Mnemosyne
Turning Elegy Upside Down Propertius 3.1-3; Approaches to Genre in the Ancient World

Research Projects

Genre & Identity in Latin Personal Poetry: Three Explorations in Propertian Elegy; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision

'I summon Hellenic thought'- Classical Myth and Image in the Writings of H.D.
A Homerica Interpretation of the Presocratics- Mysticism or Proto-Science?
Elegiac Ascent- Plotting a Path through Propertius' Poetic Landscape
Finding Ovid- An Investigation into the Nature of Ovid's Outlook on Life, as seen through his Treatment of the Myths in the Metamorphoses
Lucan's Bellum Ciuile and the Epic Genre
The First Meeting of the Roman and Parthian Empires - Geopolitical Context and Consequences
The male aristocratic masochist in literature
The Politics of Rape in Ovid's Fasti
The Role of Battle Narrative in the Bellum Gallicum
Vespasion's Success and the Percieved Nature of the Principate