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Researcher: Pitchford, NW (Dr Nathan Pitchford)

Fields of Research

Exercise physiology
Sports medicine
Sports science and exercise
Medical biotechnology diagnostics (incl. biosensors)

Research Objectives

Specific population health (excl. Indigenous health)
Clinical health
Organised sports
Expanding knowledge in the health sciences
Diagnosis of human diseases and conditions
Treatment of human diseases and conditions
Allied health therapies (excl. mental health services)
Evaluation of health and support services
Public health (excl. specific population health)
Injury prevention and control

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A change in training environment alters sleep quality but not quantity in elite Australian rules football players; International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance
A pre-season training camp alters sleep behaviour and quality but not quantity in elite Australian Rules football players
Can ten days of heat acclimation training improve temperate-condition rowing performance in national-level rowers?; PLoS ONE
Clinical relevance of MRI knee abnormalities in Australian rules football players: a longitudinal study; BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine
Combined carbohydrate and protein ingestion during Australian Rules football matches and training sessions does not reduce fatigue or accelerate recovery throughout a week-long junior tournament; Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
Comparison of 3km time-trial and 20m shuttle run test in the determination of maximal aerobic speed for aerobic endurance training; Journal of Australian Strength and Conditioning (Online)
Does more sleep enhance recovery? Influence of post-exercise sleep extension on physiological, neuromuscular, and perceptual recovery; Exercise and Sport Science Australia Research to Practice Conference
Effect of caffeine on cycling time-trial performance in the heat; Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport
Effects of a 2-week high-intensity training camp on sleep activity of professional rugby league athletes; International journal of sports physiology and performance
Exercise mitigates sleep-loss-induced changes in glucose tolerance, mitochondrial function, sarcoplasmic protein synthesis, and diurnal rhythms; Molecular Metabolism
Hot water immersion; potential to improve intermittent running performance and perception of in-game running ability in semi-professional Australian Rules Footballers?; PLoS ONE
Knee function, pain and magnetic resonance imaging abnormalities in Australian Rules Football players: a cohort study
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-assessed knee abnormalities in Australian rules football players AFL tas knee study
Relationships between internal and external training load in team sport athletes: evidence for an individualised approach; International journal of sports physiology and performance
Resting to recover: Influence of sleep extension on recovery following high-intensity exercise; 22nd Annual Congress of the European College of Sports Science
The effect of sleep restriction, with or without exercise, on skeletal muscle transcriptomic profiles in healthy young males; Frontiers in Endocrinology
The effect of sleep restriction, with or without high-intensity interval exercise, on myofibrillar protein synthesis in healthy young men; Journal of Physiology
The impact of self-reported sleep quantity on perceived decision-making in sports officials during a competitive season; Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport
The quantification of within-week session intensity, duration, and intensity distribution across a season in Australian Football using the session rating of perceived exertion method; International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance
Uncovering the influence of sleep in recovery, training and teamsport competition
Wakeup call: Reviewing the effects of sleep on decision-making in athletes and implications for sports officials; Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine

Research Projects

State-wide Sports Science Services Strengthening Sport and Health in Tasmania; Tasmanian Community Fund (TasCF)
Managing training load in talented high school age athletes

Research Candidate Supervision