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Researcher: Roberts, JL (Dr Jason Roberts)

Fields of Research

Physical Oceanography
Ecological Impacts of Climate Change
Physical Geography and Environmental Geoscience
Climate Change Processes
Mechanical Engineering
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Aerospace Engineering
Earth Sciences
Surfacewater Hydrology
Water Resources Engineering
Ship and Platform Hydrodynamics
Simulation and Modelling
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
Biological Oceanography
Maritime Engineering
Aerodynamics (excl. Hypersonic Aerodynamics)
Palaeontology (incl. Palynology)
Numerical and Computational Mathematics
Environmental Impact Assessment
Applied Statistics
Information Retrieval and Web Search
Natural Hazards
Quantum Chemistry
Seismology and Seismic Exploration
Automotive Combustion and Fuel Engineering (incl. Alternative/Renewable Fuels)
Climatology (excl. Climate Change Processes)

Research Objectives

Effects of Climate Change and Variability on Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Environments (excl. Social Impacts)
Expanding Knowledge in the Earth Sciences
Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Oceanography
Climate Variability (excl. Social Impacts)
Climate and Climate Change
Expanding Knowledge in Philosophy and Religious Studies
Expanding Knowledge in the Environmental Sciences
Social Impacts of Climate Change and Variability
Ecosystem Adaptation to Climate Change
Marine Oceanic Processes (excl. climate related)
Climate Change Models
Effects of Climate Change and Variability on Australia (excl. Social Impacts)
Expanding Knowledge in Engineering
Expanding Knowledge in the Mathematical Sciences
Expanding Knowledge in the Physical Sciences
Urban and Industrial Water Management
Information Processing Services (incl. Data Entry and Capture)
Water Safety
Air Safety
Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Coastal and Estuarine Environments
Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Environments
Nautical Equipment (excl. Yachts)
Natural Hazards in Fresh, Ground and Surface Water Environments
Farmland, Arable Cropland and Permanent Cropland Water Management
Global Effects of Climate Change and Variability (excl. Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and the South Pacific) (excl. Social Impacts)
Organic Industrial Chemicals (excl. Resins, Rubber and Plastics)
Water Services and Utilities
Climate Change Adaptation Measures
Natural Hazards in Urban and Industrial Environments
Natural Hazards in Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Environments
Marine Air Quality

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A 2000-year annual record of snow accumulation rates for Law Dome, East Antarctica; Climate of the Past
A dynamic early East Antarctic Ice Sheet suggested by ice-covered fjord landscapes; Nature
A high-resolution synthetic bed elevation grid of the Antarctic continent; Earth System Science Data
A method for calculating meshless finite difference weights; International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering
A new direction for Antarctic ice cores: reconstructing Pacific decadal variability and Australian drought history from the Law Dome ice core; European Geophysical Union Conference 2015
A note on digital elevation model smoothing and driving stresses; Polar Research
A synthetic high-resolution bedrock topography dataset for investigating resolution dependence of numerical ice-sheet model simulations; International Symposium on Interactions of Ice Sheets and Glaciers with the Ocean
A tale of two proxies: Lake and ice cores unite for Antarctic paleoclimate analyses; 8th International Symposium on Paleolimnology
Accumulation patterns around Dome C, East Antarctica, in the last 73 kyr; Cryosphere
An Australian contribution to CryoSat-II cal/val in East Antarctica including the Totten glacier region; 2010 AGU Fall Meeting
An extensive subglacial lake and canyon system in Princess Elizabeth Land, East Antarctica; Geology
An ice core derived 1013-year catchment-scale annual rainfall reconstruction in subtropical eastern Australia; Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
Artificial thickening of wind tunnel boundary layers via an array of cross-flow jets; Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science
Artificial Thickening of Wind Tunnel Boundary Layers via an Array of Cross-flow Jets; 14th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference
AusCOM: the Australian climate ocean model; APAC '05: APAC Conference and Exhibition on Advanced Computing, Grid Applications and eResearch
AusCOM: The Australian Community Ocean Model; Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology
Axially symmetric semi-infinite domain models of microdialysis and their application to the determination of nutritive flow in rat muscle; Journal of Physiology
Basal terraces beneath Totten Glacier, East Antarctica; International Glaciological Society: International Symposium on Interactions of Ice Sheets and Glaciers with the Ocean
Bedmap2: Improved ice bed, surface and thickness datasets for Antarctica; The Cryosphere
Borehole temperatures reveal a changed energy budget at Mill Island, East Antarctica, over recent decades; The Cryosphere
Boundary Layer Ingestion Effects in Flush Waterjet Intakes; Inernational Conference on Waterjet Propulsion - Latest Developments
Bounding ingestion stream-tube determination via a CO tracer; Experiments in Fluids
Comment on ‘Drought variability in the eastern Australia and New Zealand summer drought atlas (ANZDA, CE 1500–2012) modulated by the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation’; Environmental Research Letters
Controls of the basal mass balance of floating ice shelves; 18th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference
Correlation confidence limits for unevenly sampled data; Computers and Geosciences
CryoSat-2 validation over Law Dome and the Totten Glacier in East Antarctica - aircraft trajectory accuracy assessment; 20 Years of Progress in Radar Altimetry
Diverse trends in shell weight of three Southern Ocean pteropod taxa collected with Polar Frontal Zone sediment traps from 1997 to 2007; Polar Biology
Evidence of a hydrological connection between the ice divide and ice sheet margin in the Aurora Subglacial Basin, East Antarctica; Journal of Geophysical Research
Expanding OPeNDAP; APAC '07: APAC Conference and Exhibition on Advanced Computing, Grid Applications and eResearch
Experimental Determination of Ingestion Streamtubes for Waterjet Propulsion Intakes; Thirteenth Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference
Flow Distribution at Waterjet Intakes; Fourth International Conference on Fast Sea Transportation
Flow of the Amery Ice Shelf and its tributary glaciers; 18th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference
Future sea level change from Antarctica's Lambert-Amery glacial system; Geophysical Research Letters
High-resolution boundary conditions of an old ice target near Dome C, Antarctica; Cryosphere
Hot rocks in a cold place: high sub-glacial heat flow in East Antarctica; Geological Society. Journal
Ice core proxy of Antarctic sea-ice extent; International Symposium on Sea Ice in a Changing Environment
Impact of canal development on intertidal microalgal productivity: Comparative assessment of Patterson Lakes and Ralphs Bay, South East Australia; Journal of Coastal Conservation
Inferring geothermal heat flux from an ice-borehole temperature profile at Law Dome, East Antarctica; Journal of Glaciology
Inferring ice-flow directions from single ice-sheet surface images using the Radon transform; Journal of Glaciology
Interannual pteropod variability in sediment traps deployed above and below the aragonite saturation horizon in the Sub-Antarctic Southern Ocean; Polar Biology
Interannual variability of pteropod shell weights in the high-CO2 Southern Ocean; 2nd International Symposium on the Ocean in a high-CO2 World
Interannual variability of pteropod shell weights in the high-CO2 Southern Ocean; Biosciences Discussions
Interdecadal Pacific variability and eastern Australian megadroughts over the last millennium; Geophysical Research Letters
Is there 1.5-million-year-old ice near Dome C, Antarctica?; Cryosphere
Land-ice elevation changes from photon-counting swath altimetry: first applications over the Antarctic ice sheet; Journal of Glaciology
Late Holocene climate trends from East Antarctic ice core and lacustrine sediment core records; Polar Regions and Quaternary Climate: Towards High Resolution Records of the last Climatic Cycle - the Antarctic Perspective
Late-Holocene East Antarctic climate trends from ice-core and lake-sediment proxies; The Holocene
Marine diffusive boundary layers at high latitudes; Limnology and Oceanography
Melt rate predictions for the Totten and Dalton ice shelves from a numerical model; 2013 AGU Fall Meeting
Methanesulphonic acid loss during ice-core storage: recommendations based on a new diffusion coefficient; Journal of Glaciology
Modelled stress distributions at the Dome Summit South borehole, Law Dome, East Antarctica: a comparison of anisotropic ice flow relations; Journal of Glaciology
Modelling the response of ice shelf basal melting to different ocean cavity environmental regimes; Annals of Glaciology
Modern to glacial age subglacial meltwater drainage at Law Dome, coastal East Antarctica from topography, sediments and jökulhlaup observations; Geological Society Special Publication
Morphological evidence and direct estimates of rapid melting beneath Totten Glacier Ice Shelf, East Antarctica; 19th EGU General Assembly (EGU2017)
New constraints on the structure and dynamics of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet from the joint IPY/Ice Bridge ICECAP aerogeophysical project; American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting
New magnetic anomaly map of the Antarctic; Geophysical Research Letters
Ocean access to a cavity beneath Totten Glacier in East Antarctica; Nature Geoscience
Ocean acidification impacts on Southern Ocean calcareous zooplankton; AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting 2010
Ocean acidification impacts on Southern Ocean calcareous zooplankton; 11th Pacific Science Inter-congress in conjunction with 2nd Symposium on French Research in the Pacific
Ocean acidification impacts on southern ocean calcifiers; Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions
Ocean acidification impacts on Southern Ocean Pteropods; XXXI SCAR Science Week 2010, including 4th Open Science Conference
Ocean acidification impacts on Southern Ocean Pteropods; Ocean acidification: implications for living marine resources in the Southern Hemisphere Symposium
Ocean forced variability of Totten Glacier mass loss; Geological Society Special Publication
Oceanic heat flux, on-shelf flow and basal melting of the Totten Glacier, East Antarctica; Strategic Science in Antarctica
On the Total, Mean, and Eddy Heat and Freshwater Transports in the Southern Hemisphere of a 1/8o x 1/8o Global Ocean Model; Journal of Physical Oceanography
Optimal site selection for a high-resolution ice core record in East Antarctica; Climate of the Past
Organization of ice flow by localized regions of elevated geothermal heat flux; Geophysical Research Letters
Palaeohydrological modelling of Ace Lake, Vestfold Hills, Antarctica; The Holocene
Pine Island Glacier (Antarctica) velocities from Landsat7 images between 2001 and 2011: FFT-based image correlation for images with data gaps; Journal of Glaciology
Pole relocation for an orthogonal grid: An analytic method; Ocean Modelling
Position analysis: the Antarctic ice sheet and sea level
Reconciling unevenly sampled paleoclimate proxies: a Gaussian kernel correlation multiproxy reconstruction; Journal of Environmental Informatics
Reconstructing pre-instrumental streamflow in Eastern Australia using a water balance approach; Journal of Hydrology
Refined broad-scale sub-glacial morphology of Aurora Subglacial Basin, East Antarctica derived by an ice-dynamics-based interpolation scheme; The Cryosphere
Regional Antarctic snow accumulation over the past 1000 years; Climate of the Past
Repeated large-scale retreat and advance of Totten Glacier indicated by inland bed erosion; Nature
Seafloor shapes of the floating portion of Totten Glacier and Moscow University Ice Shelf, East Antarctica; FRISP
Sensitivity of the Lambert-Amery glacial system to geothermal heat flux; Annals of Glaciology
Simulated melt rates for the Totten and Dalton ice shelves; Ocean Science
Solid Earth-cryosphere interaction with a focus on East Antarctica; POLAR2018
Testing the sensitivity of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet to Southern Ocean dynamics: Past changes and future implications; Journal of Quaternary Science
The Australo-Antarctic Columbia to Gondwana transition; Gondwana Research
The CSIRO Mk3L climate system model version 1.0 - Part 1: Description and evaluation; Geoscientific Model Development
The CSIRO Mk3L climate system model version 1.0 - Part 2: Response to external forcings; Geoscientific Model Development
The effect of basal friction on melting and freezing in ice shelf–ocean models; Ocean Modelling
The impact of bed elevation resolution on Thwaites Glacier ice dynamics; Twenty-Fifth Annual WAIS Workshop
The influence of viscous effects and physical scale on cavitation tunnel contraction performance; Journal of Fluids Engineering
The Law Dome MSA sea ice proxy record: analysis of modern satellite data and re-examination of archival satellite imagery; International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences 2nd Open Science Conference 2016
The subglacial geology of Wilkes Land, East Antarctica; Geophysical Research Letters
The tectonic development and erosion of the Knox Subglacial Sedimentary Basin, East Antarctica; Geophysical Research Letters
Totten Glacier subglacial hydrology determined from geophysics and modeling; Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Toward a high-resolution coupled ocean-sea ice model; APAC’03 on Advanced Computing, Grid Applications and eResearch
Uncertainties in thickness estimates of floating ice when applying buoyancy assumption; International Symposium on Sea Ice in a Changing Environment
Using ice core and borehole data from the Dome Summit South (DSS) drilling site to assess the performance of ice flow relations; International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences 2nd Open Science Conference 2016
Using the latest paleoclimate insights to better quantify the risk of low probability, high impact floods and hydrological droughts – how robust are existing water resource management and supply systems in eastern Australia?; European Geophysical Union Conference 2015
Velocities of the Amery Ice Shelf's primary tributary glaciers, 2004-12; Antarctic Science
Water flux through Aurora Subglacial Basin and its impact on Totten Glacier stability; Buffalo Symposium: Timescales, Processes and Glacier Dynamics
Waterjet Propulsion Intake Flows; AME 97 Postgraduate Conference

Research Projects

Climate Futures for Tasmania: Prospects, Impacts and Information for Adaptation Options; Department of Environment and Energy (Cwth) (DoEE)
Earth Systems Science OPeNDAP Computer Server Framework ; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Flooding in Australia: are we properly prepared for how bad it can get?; Australian Research Council (ARC)
High Resolution Scenarios and Validation of Global Change on the Southern Ocean Since 1950's; National Computational Infrastructure (NCI)
Ice rheology for ice sheet modelling; Department of Environment and Energy (Cwth) (DoEE)
ICECAP II; Department of Environment and Energy (Cwth) (DoEE)
Improving the description of ice flow in numerical models of Antarctica and Greenland; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
IPICS 2k ice core array: Filling the climatological gap of the Indian Ocean sector from Wilhelm II Land; Department of Environment and Energy (Cwth) (DoEE)
Longterm Investigation of the Southern Ocean with High-resolution Simulations of a Coupled Ice-ocean Model; National Computational Infrastructure (NCI)
Ocean forced evolution of the Antarctic Ice Sheet; Department of Environment and Energy (Cwth) (DoEE)

Research Candidate Supervision

An Analysis of Climate Change on Southern Ocean Overturning Circulation and Subduction
Ice Sheet Response to Enhanced Ice Shelf Basal Melt
Investigating the Impact of Ocean Warming on Antarctic Ice Shelves
On Long-Term Climate Studies Using a Coupled General Circulation Model