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Researcher: Bailey, AN (Mr Andrew Bailey)

Fields of Research

Animal management
Animal protection (incl. pests and pathogens)
Animal nutrition
Animal welfare
Agriculture, land and farm management
Animal growth and development
Animal reproduction and breeding
Crop and pasture nutrition
Agro-ecosystem function and prediction
Pattern recognition
Crop and pasture biomass and bioproducts

Research Objectives

Sheep for wool
Raw wool
Other education and training
Beef cattle
Environmentally sustainable plant production
Sheep for meat
Browse crops

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A regional model of sheep lice management practices for predicting the impact of treatment for lice when no lice are detected; Animal Production Science
Live weight and body conformation responses of culled local yellow cows fed maize silage and urea-treated rice straw in an intensive feedlot system in Northwest Vietnam; Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences
On-farm paddock-scale comparisons across southern Australia confirm that increasing the nutrition of Merino ewes improves their production and the lifetime performance of their progeny; Animal Production Science
Production of chemical-free wool in Tasmania; Wool Technology and Sheep Breeding
Watch weaners when winter strikes
WP401 AWI - Sheep Connect Tasmania 2009-2012

Research Projects

Sheep Connect Tasmania 2009-2012; Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI)
Tasmanian Wool SmartFarm; Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI)
Making More from Sheep State Coordination (Tas)
Management of sheep blowfly resistance to pesticides

Research Candidate Supervision