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Researcher: Collie, N (Ms Nicole Collie)

Fields of Research

Archaeology of Europe, the Mediterranean and the Levant
Urban geography
Community planning
Other information and computing sciences
Land use and environmental planning

Research Objectives

Other information and communication services
Urban planning
Expanding knowledge in built environment and design
Understanding past societies
Terrestrial biodiversity

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Deconstructing the Donut; Australian Research Management Society Conference 2018 (ARMS 18)
Encounters and content sharing in an urban village: reading texts through an archaeological lens; Shared Encounters: Content Sharing as Social Glue in Public Places
Managing Urban Landscapes for Biodiversity Conservation and Human Health
Ritualising encounters with subterranean places: an investigation of urban depositional practices of Roman Britain
The present via the past: An archaeological approach to analysing the design and use of a contemporary urban village
The Present via the Past: An Archaeological Approach to Analysing the Design and Use of a Contemporary Urban Village; Spaces & Flows

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision