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Researcher: Mitchell Ferguson, TG (Mr Thomas Mitchell Ferguson)

Fields of Research

Ship and platform structures (incl. maritime hydrodynamics)
Naval architecture
Maritime engineering
Ocean engineering

Research Objectives

Tidal energy
Wave energy
Expanding knowledge in engineering

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A PIV investigation of OWC operation in regular, polychromatic and irregular waves; Renewable Energy
Development of the Tamar River Tidal Test Facility; 12th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC 2017)
Effects of fatigue damage on the high strain-rate performance of DH36 steel; Ships and Offshore Structures
Effects of Structural Ageing on Blast Analyses of a Naval Vessel: A Technical Review; PACIFIC 2017 International Maritime Conference
Improving OWC performance prediction using polychromatic waves; Energy
PIV investigation of 3-dimensional flow within an oscillating water column; International Journal of Marine Energy

Research Projects

Blast Survivability of a Fatigued Naval Surface Platform; Australian Institute of Nuclear Science & Engineering (AINSE)
Blast and shock modelling Phase 3
Defence Material Technology Centre Project 9.82 - Blast and shock modelling Phase 2 - See RMDB 5252 for Phase 3
Experimental investigation of full-scale MAKO tidal turbine in the Tamar Estuary
Performance of a novel tidal energy turbine
Performance of the novel Xl prototype tidal energy turbine
Underwater Collision Research Facility - Phase III

Research Candidate Supervision