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Researcher: Jansen, PW (Mr Peter Jansen)

Fields of Research

Physical geography and environmental geoscience
Biological oceanography
Physical oceanography
Chemical oceanography
Biological physics
Ecological impacts of climate change and ecological adaptation

Research Objectives

Effects of climate change on Antarctic and sub-Antarctic environments (excl. social impacts)
Expanding knowledge in the earth sciences
Measurement and assessment of marine water quality and condition
Climate variability (excl. social impacts)
Scientific instruments
Biodiversity in Antarctic and Southern Ocean environments

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

An airborne snow-thickness RADAR for marine glaciology application; Strategic Science in Antarctica
First results from a CryoSat-2 calibration experiment in the East Antarctic sea ice zone, SIPEX-2; CryoSat-2 Third User Workshop
Helicopter-borne observations with portable microwave radiometer in the Southern Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk; Annals of Glaciology
Multi-year observations of fluorescence and backscatter at the Southern Ocean Time Series (SOTS) shed light on two distinct seasonal bio-optical regimes; Frontiers in Marine Science
Particle fluxes at the Australian Southern Ocean Time Series (SOTS) achieve organic carbon sequestration at rates close to the global median, are dominated by biogenic carbonates, and show no temporal trends over 20-years; Frontiers in Earth Science
Satellite remote sensing of Antarctic sea-ice roughness using scatterometer data; International Symposium on Sea Ice in a Changing Environment
Southern Ocean Time Series (SOTS) - Quality Assessment and Control Report Wetlabs FLNTUS instruments Version 2.0
The autonomous clean environmental (ACE) sampler: a trace-metal-clean seawater sampler suitable for open-oceantime-series applications; Limnology and Oceanography: Methods

Research Projects

Sea Ice Physics and Ecosystems Experiment II - an integrated study of physical and ecological sea ice processes off East Antarctica during spring; Department of Environment and Energy (Cwth) (DoEE)

Research Candidate Supervision