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Researcher: Barnett, Tony (Associate Professor Tony Barnett)

Fields of Research

Health and Community Services
Public Health and Health Services
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
Mental Health
Medical and Health Sciences
Aged Health Care
Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Medicine, Nursing and Health Curriculum and Pedagogy
Primary Health Care
Health Promotion
Health Policy
Specialist Studies in Education
Nutrition and Dietetics
Emergency Medicine
Health Care Administration
Health Information Systems (incl. Surveillance)
Rehabilitation and Therapy (excl. Physiotherapy)
Educational Technology and Computing
Cancer Therapy (excl. Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy)
Multicultural, Intercultural and Cross-cultural Studies
Rural Sociology
Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety
Dental Materials and Equipment
Community Child Health
Residential Client Care
Teacher Education and Professional Development of Educators
Special Needs Dentistry
Continuing and Community Education
Clinical and Sports Nutrition
Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice
Aged Care Nursing
Higher Education
Intensive Care
Clinical Nursing: Tertiary (Rehabilitative)
Social Change
Clinical Sciences
Secondary Education
Social and Cultural Geography
Oral Medicine and Pathology
Developmental Psychology and Ageing
Fine Arts (incl. Sculpture and Painting)
Public Nutrition Intervention
Dental Therapeutics, Pharmacology and Toxicology
Adaptive Agents and Intelligent Robotics
Care for Disabled
Oncology and Carcinogenesis
Ubiquitous Computing
Educational Counselling
Educational Administration, Management and Leadership

Research Objectives

Rural Health
Dental Health
Palliative Care
Health and Support Services
Health Education and Promotion
Behaviour and Health
Allied Health Therapies (excl. Mental Health Services)
Public Health (excl. Specific Population Health)
Mental Health Services
Women's Health
Health Policy Evaluation
Cancer and Related Disorders
Teaching and Instruction Technologies
Mental Health
Men's Health
Child Health
Evaluation of Health Outcomes
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health - Health Status and Outcomes
Learner and Learning Processes
Cultural Understanding
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health - Determinants of Health
Occupational Health
Expanding Knowledge in the Medical and Health Sciences
Workforce Transition and Employment
Health Status (e.g. Indicators of Well-Being)
Health Related to Ageing
Neurodegenerative Disorders Related to Ageing
Oro-Dental Disorders
Ageing and Older People
Food Safety
Health Inequalities
Education and Training Systems
School/Institution Community and Environment
Substance Abuse
Endocrine Organs and Diseases (excl. Diabetes)
Environmental Health
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health - Health System Performance (incl. Effectiveness of Interventions)
Indigenous Health
Clinical Health (Organs, Diseases and Abnormal Conditions)
Education and Training
Management of Education and Training Systems
Preventive Medicine
Blood Disorders
Education and Training Theory and Methodology
Learner Development
Disability and Functional Capacity
Social Structure and Health
The Creative Arts (incl. Graphics and Craft)
Diagnostic Methods
Education and Training Systems Policies and Development

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Helping Hands: Transforming practice through innovation in supervision; Transforming Practice through Innovation and Partnerships: Teaching Matters 2016
Helping Hands: Using Augmented Reality to Provide Remote Guidance to Health Professionals; Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
A comparison of the information needs of women newly diagnosed with breast cancer in Malaysia and the United Kingdom; Cancer Nursing
A critical review of the nursing shortage in Malaysia; International Nursing Review
A Delphi survey of nurses concerns about health care, nursing and nursing education in Japan; Asian Journal of Nursing
A grounded theory of interprofessional learning and paramedic care; Journal of Interprofessional Care
A recipe for success: Localism and bounded rationality in lobbying for radiation therapy services in north west Tasmania; SHAPE Symposium 2017
A Recipe for Success: localism and bounded rationality in lobbying for radiation therapy services in North West Tasmania; Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management
A review of bereavement care standards; Rural Health and Collaborative Research Symposium
A systematic review and quality appraisal of bereavement care practice guidelines; Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice
A telephone-based peer support service for Tasmanians living with or affected by epilepsy; Inglis Clark Symposium: Engaging with Impact
Advocacy in rural residential aged care facilities; Making an Impact, 11th National Conference of Emerging Researchers in Ageing
Age, chronic illness and quality of life in rural older adults; Managing Chronic Illness: Challenges and Opportunities for Nursing Practice
Aged care staff’s experiences of ‘Better Oral Health in Residential Care Training’: a qualitative study; Contemporary Nurse
An analysis of the readability characteristics of oral health information literature available to the public in Tasmania, Australia; Bmc Oral Health
An evaluation of the Workplace Based Assessment at the Launceston General Hospital
An exploratory study to identify life support skills training guidelines for General Practitioners; "Reaching across the shores to strengthen Primary Care" WONCA South Asia Regional Conference
Australian clinician's views on Interprofessional Education for students in the rural clinical setting; Journal of Research in Interprofessional Practice and Education
Building Capacity for Clinical Placements and Interprofessional Learning (IPL): Final Report
Building capacity for the clinical placement of nursing students; Collegian
Building policy and service theory from nursing home inspection results: Qualitative Comparative Analysis; International Journal on Disability and Human Development
Caring for families of the terminally ill in Malaysia from palliative care nurses' perspectives; Journal of Clinical Nursing
Challenges to Employing Recent Nursing and Allied Health Graduates in Rural Areas; 15th National Rural Health Conference
Chronic Periodontitis: the hidden pandemic?; 3 minute thesis presentation
Clinical placements in the health sector; NAFEA National Conference "Piecing the Puzzle"
Critical Incident Technique – A useful method for the paramedic researcher’s toolkit; Australasian Journal of Paramedicine
Dental care in rural & remote Australia; Rural Health and Collaborative Research Symposium 2017
Dental care in small remote towns in Queensland; 55th Annual Scientific Meeting of the IADR ANZ Division
Dental care in small remote towns in Queensland; IADR ANZ Division 55th Annual Scientific Meeting
Dental extremes: “they pull out their own teeth in the bush”; 34th Annual CRANAplus Conference 2016, Going to extremes: how isolation, geography & climate, build resourcefulness & innovation in healthcare
Designing for Success: State-wide implementation of the Social Attention and Communication Surveillance-Revised (SACS-R); 6th Rural & Remote Health Scientific Symposium
Developing research capacity in nursing (Plenary Address); 4th National Nursing Research Conference
Development of a Tasmanian Bereavement Care Network; Building Compassionate Communities Tasmania Forum 2017
Disorders of the Kidney; Medical-Surgical Nursing: A Core Text
Disorders of the Ureter, Bladder and Urethra; Medical-Surgical Nursing: A Core Text
Does obesity cause periodontitis? A single-mediation analysis; IADR/AADR/CADR General Session & Exhibition
Embedding oral health with primary health network: A Need of Tasmanian Health Care System; Tasmanian Health Conference 2018
Engaging and supporting families in a multicultural Malaysian palliative care environment; Leadership and Practice Development in Health: Quality and Safety through Workplace Learning Conference
Enhancing team-based health care via interprofessional learning; RWAV 2009 Team Work for Better Health Conference
Establishment of radiation therapy services in North West Tasmania: A community need or election strategy?; BMC Health Services Research
Evaluation of the young Aboriginal drug and alcohol service (yAdas)
Expanding horizons: Using virtual orientation tours to promote rural, remote and Aboriginal health; 35th Annual CRANAplus Conference
Expanding the clinical placement capacity of rural hospitals in Australia: Displacing Peta to place Paul?; Nurse Education Today
Exploring advanced care planning in rural aged care; Australian Nursing Journal
Factors enabling and constraining work-integrated learning in rural practice settings; 6th Rural and Remote Health Scientific Symposium
Fluid compliance among patients having haemodialysis: can an educational program make a difference?; Journal of Advanced Nursing
Food Security and Related Health Risks Facing Vulnerable Youth in the North West Coast of Tasmania
Guidelines for teaching yoga to women with breast cancer-related lymphoedema: an evidence-based approach; International Journal of Yoga Therapy
Health related quality of life and the support needs of carers of cardiac surgical patients: An exploratory study; International Journal of Nursing Practice
Helping hands: an innovative tele-assistance system for clinical skill development with health science students
Identifying and overcoming barriers to the clinical placement of nursing students in a rural environment; ICN International Rural and Remote Nurses' Network
Implementing an outreach headspace mental health service to increase access for disadvantaged and rural youth in Southern Tasmania; Australian Journal of Rural Health
Information needs of Family Members of Critically Ill Patients in Intensive Care Unit of a Tertiary Hospital; La Clinica Terpeutica
Inquiry into adult dental services to identify priorities for Commonwealth funding
Inquiry into the Public Health Amendment (Tobacco Free Generation Bill) 2014
Interprofessional clinical education: clincians' views on the importance of leadership; Collegian
Interprofessional learning and building capacity for undergraduate clinical placements; Leadership and Practice Development in Health: Quality and Safety through Workplace Learning Conference
Interprofessional learning and rural paramedic care; Rural and Remote Health
Interprofessional practice and learning in a youth mental health service: a case study using network analysis; Journal of Interprofessional Care
Introduction to the Urinary System; Medical-Surgical Nursing: A Core Text
Is it time for an advanced rural dentist?; Australian Journal of Rural Health
Is overweight/obesity a risk factor for periodontitis in young adults and adolescents?: a systematic review; Obesity Reviews
Is sugar consumption an associative factor for obesity and periodontitis in Australian adults?; 2017 International Association for Dental Research conference
Keeping them: Factors that contribute to the long term retention of the allied health workforce in rural and remote areas; Allied Health Professionals Symposium
Mapping the interprofessional education landscape for students on rural clinical placements: an integrative literature review; Rural and Remote Health
Measuring nursing work: evaluation of the pilot of a patient dependency system in hospitals in Victoria, Australia; Asian Journal of Nursing
Methodological Considerations for Health and Wellness Research with Older Adults; Health and Well-Being: A Social and Cultural Perspective
Non-dental primary care providers’ views on challenges in providing oral health services and strategies to improve oral health in Australian rural and remote communities: a qualitative study; BMJ Open
Nurse-family interaction in Malaysian palliative care settings focused literature review; International Journal of Palliative Nursing
Nurse-led telephone triage in an Australian rural mental health service; International Journal of Nursing Practice
Nurses shortages in Malaysia: The importance of a healthy working environment; International Nursing Conference “Quality and Safety of Nursing Practice
Nursing in Australia: a contemporary dialogue; Journal of Modern Nursing Education and Research
Nursing in Singapore: What are the issues?; Singapore Nursing Journal
Nursing shortages in Malaysia: the importance of a healthy working environment; International Nursing Conference: Quality and safety of nursing practice
Obesity and periodontitis in Australian adults: a population-based cross-sectional study; International Dental Journal
Older Aboriginal men creating a therapeutic Men's Shed: An exploratory study; Ageing and Society
Oral health education and training for nursing staff in residential aged care facilities; 20th Global Nursing Education Conference
Oral health needs of older migrants with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in developed countries: a systematic review; Australasian Journal on Ageing
Oral health research vs oral health policy: lost in translation?; 2nd Annual NHMRC Research Translation Faculty Symposium
Overweight/obesity is a risk factor for periodontitis in young adults and adolescents: a systematic review; 15th World Congress of Public Health
Overweight/obesity is a risk factor for periodontitis in young adults and adolescents: a systematic review; World Congress on Public Health
Palliative Care: issues for health care Professionals. A selection of edited papers presented at a palliative care conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; CeLTS, Monash University
Physical inactivity induced obesity and periodontitis risk: A sequential mediation analysis of the National survey of Adult Oral health 2004-06; Friday seminar series at the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health, University of Adelaide
Pilot test of a collaborative 'helping hands' tele-assistance system for the development of clinical Skills; Cin: Computers Informatics Nursing
Practice Development; Journal of the Malaysian Nurses Association
Preceptorship; Issues in Australian Nursing 3
Preparing Nurses for safe practice in a time of health care reform; International Nursing Conference: Quality and safety of nursing practice
Preparing student nurses for healthcare reform; Focus on Health Professional Education
Preparing students for placement in Aboriginal health services using online virtual orientation tours: A Participatory action approach; Australian Indigenous Health Bulletin
Preventable hospital admissions for oral health-related conditions in Australia: a descriptive analysis; Australian Journal of Rural Health
Preventable hospital admissions of Australians for oral health-related conditions; 96th General Session and Exhibition of the International Association for Dental Research
Primary care providers' strategies on how to fix the oral health crisis in the bush; Population Health Congress 2015
Professional Issues for Nursing and Nurse Education; Journal of The Malaysian Nurses Association
Promoting mental health through a Rural Art Roadshow: Perspectives of participating artists; International Journal of Mental Health Systems
Promoting research development in a practice setting; Singapore Nurses Journal
Providing palliative care in a rehabilitation setting: a staff needs assessment; Journal of the Australasian Rehabilitation Nurses Association
Q sample construction: A novel approach incorporating a Delphi technique to explore opinions about codeine dependence; BMC Medical Research Methodology
Readability characteristics of oral health information literature available to the Tasmanian public; Allied Health Professionals Symposium
Recruitment and retention of pharmacists in rural and remote areas of Australia: a scoping review; Australasian Pharmaceutical Science Association (APSA) Annual Conference
Reducing dental caries and its impact on quality of life through application of silver diamine fluoride in residential aged care facilities; Annual Rural Health and Collaborative Research Symposium
Reducing nosocomial infection in neonatal intensive care: An intervention study; International Journal of Nursing Practice
Relationship of dental practitioners to rural primary care networks
Relationship of dental practitioners to rural primary care networks: Some preliminary findings; 2nd International Primary Health Care Reform Conference
Relationships between dental personnel and non-dental primary health care providers in rural and remote Queensland, Australia: dental perspectives; BMC Oral Health
Response to yoga protocol for treatment of breast cancer related lymphedema; International Journal of Yoga
Retention of allied health professionals in Tasmania; The Australian Journal of Rural Health
Review of headspace Clinical Pathways in Tasmania
Review of headspace Clinical Pathways in Tasmania: Delivered via The Link Youth Health Services and Cornerstone Youth Services Inc, Tasmania
Risk factors of periodontitis in the Australian adult population; School of Health Sciences Friday seminar series
Rural and remote tele-assistance for procedural skills: the 'helping hands' project; Australian Nursing and Midwifery Journal
Rural Art Roadshow: a travelling art exhibition to promote mental health in rural and remote communities; Arts & Health
Rural Health Benchmarking Project 2013/14 Final Report and Recommendations
Rural Health Benchmarking Project 2013/14: Final Report and Recommendations
Rural pharmacies and oral health in Tasmania; Allied Health Symposium
Scope of Practice for Australian Enrolled Nurses: Evolution and Practice Issues; Contemporary Nurse: health care across the lifespan
Simulated Learning Environments Distributed Simulation Project: Final Report University of Tasmania
Smart Homes for Older People: Positive Aging in a Digital World; Future Internet
Social Determinants: Common Risk Factors for Chronic Periodontitis and Systemic Diseases
State-wide implementation of the Social Attention and Communication Surveillance-Revised (SACS-R); 15th National Rural Health Conference
Stress, quality of life and the support needs of carers: the need for holistic approaches to the rehabilitation of cardiac surgical patients; UMMC Nursing Congress
Student, tutor and staff nurse perceptions of the clinical learning environment; Nurse Education in Practice
Students' experiences and perceptions of interprofessional education during rural placement: A mixed methods study; Nurse Education Today
Submission in response to the Advanced Care Directives Working Group of the Clinical, Technical and Ethical Principle Committee of the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council: A National Framework for Advanced Care Directives Consultation Draft 2010
Submission to the Productivity Commission inquiry into Caring for Older Australians - The Right for an Individual Choice: advance care planning
Tasmanian bereavement care network and initiatives project: final report
The changing oral health situation in Australia and moving towards primary oral health care; Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management
The effect of yoga on women with secondary arm lymphoedema from breast cancer treatment; BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine
The effects of yoga on shoulder and spinal actions for women with breast cancer-related lymphoedema of the arm: A randomised controlled pilot study; BMC complementary and alternative medicine
The evaluation of a successful collaborative education model to expand student clinical placements; Nurse Education in Practice
The paradox of going hungry when there is so much food: the perspective of vulnerable youth and their caseworkers; Journal of Food Security
The relationship of dental practitioners to the primary care networks in rural and remote Queensland and the application of technology in the management of dental problems; Centre for Rural Health, School of Health Sciences Seminar series
The relationship of primary care providers to dental practitioners in rural and remote Australia; BMC Health Services Research
The rural paramedic in Tasmania an interprofessional approach; Allied Health Professionals Symposium
Thriving in transition: A model for student support in the transition to Australian higher education
Trauma to the Urinary System; Medical-Surgical Nursing: A Core Text
Tribute Vale Associate Professor Erica Bell; Rural and Remote Health
Urinary Tract Infections; Medical-Surgical Nursing: A Core Text
Using overseas registered nurses to fill employment gaps in rural health services: quick fix or sustainable solution?; Australian Journal of Rural Health
Using Yoga in breast cancer-related lymphoedema; Journal of Lymphoedema
Utilisation of oral health services provided by non-dental health practitioners in developed countries: a review of the literature; Community Dental Health
Vale: Erica Bell; The Australian Journal of Rural Health
Virtual tours of rural and remote healthcare facilities; Australian Nursing and Midwifery Journal
Workshop evaluation report: network characteristics of a youth counselling service
Yoga management of breast cancer-related lymphoedema: A randomised controlled pilot-trial; BMC Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Yoga, breast cancer-related lymphoedema and well-being: A descriptive report of women’s participation in a clinical trial; Journal of Cinical Nursing
Youth with Severe Mental Health Illness – Service Mapping Draft Report October 2016
‘For pain, no shame’ and ‘My secret solace’: accounts of over-the-counter codeine dependence using Q methodology; International Journal of Drug Policy
“Sorry, I’m not a dentist”: perspectives of rural GPs on oral health in the bush; Medical Journal of Australia
“The public rely on me a lot”: Rural pharmacists’ perspectives on their roles in oral health care; Australian Journal of Rural Health

Research Projects

An innovative tele-assistance system to support education in clinical procedures; Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania (DHHS)
APHCRI Centre for Research Excellence in Primary Oral Health Care; Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute (APHCRI)
Descriptive study of network characteristics of a youth counselling service; Health Workforce Australia (HWA)
Epilepsy Connect; Tasmanian Community Fund (TasCF)
Food Security and Related Health Risks Facing Vulnerable Youth in the North West Coast of Tasmania; Department of Regional Australia, local government, arts and sports (DRALGAS)
Healthy eating for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) people undergoing cancer treatment; Tasmanian Community Fund (TasCF)
Helping hands: an innovative tele-assistance system for clinical skill development with health science students; Office for Learning & Teaching (OLT)
Hosting Virtual Orientation Tours of rural practice settings via the TCEN website; Health Workforce Australia (HWA)
Preparing students for placement in Aboriginal Health; Health Workforce Australia (HWA)
Prospective identification of ASD in infants and toddlers: Social Attention and Communication Surveillance; Autism CRC Ltd (ACRC)
Tasmanian Bereavement Care Networks; Tasmanian Community Fund (TasCF)
The Effect of Yoga on Women with Secondary Arm Lymphoedema from Breast Cancer Treatment. A Pilot Trial; Swan Research Institute (SRI)
Thriving in Transition; Office for Learning & Teaching (OLT)
Using electronic clinical prompts in General Practice to increase bowel cancer screening participation in Tasmania: A pilot study; Cancer Council of Tasmania (CCT)
Zero Invasion Dentistry; Tasmanian Community Fund (TasCF)
Deed for Multi-Project Funding for the operation of various projects under the Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training Program 2016-2018
Evaluation of the Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Service for Cornerstone Youth Services
Evaluation of the Palliative Care After hours Phone Support Service Tasmania
Managing tooth decay of primary teeth in young children using silver diamine fluoride to reduce cost, fear and pain
Regional Bereavement Care Networks and Initiatives
Review of clinical model/pathways for headspace Hobart
SMART (Silver fluoride Modified Atraumatic Restorative Treatment) Clinical Trial
Youth with Severe Mental Illness - Research Brief Service Mapping - Stage 1
Advanced care planning in rural residential aged care facilities
Building capacity for clinical placements in East Gippsland.
Building clinical placement capacity through Inter Professional Learning (IPE)
Capacity building in nursing education program
Clinical Practice: innovation in mental health project
Delivery and evaluation of Maternal and Child Health Nurse re-entry program.
Delivery of the Post Registration Nursing Degree and other capacity building initiatives in Papua New Guinea
Develop a Graduate/Masters Program in Rural Health Care Practice for Doctors and Nurses
Develop and Implementation of a Victorian Rural Nurses Continuing Education and Professional Development Support Unit
Developing Nurses’ Health Care Reform Capabilities
Development and delivery of the Bachelor of Nursing course to rural and regional areas in flexible mode
Development and implementation of a double degree program in nursing and rural health practice
Development of a collaborative, flexible graduate studies in community health nursing practice with Deakin University.
Development of a multi-campus industry linked postgraduate critical care course.
Development of a national re-entry program for Maternal and Child Health Nurses by distance education.
Development of a research based aged care graduate program, delivered by flexible mode nationally and internationally.
Establish and implement a Victorian RHSET Advisory and Support Training Program.
Evaluation of a Patient Dependency System Pilot in Victorian Public Hospitals.
Mobile Community Health Laboratory” used for health screening, promotion and education activities throughout SW Victoria in conjunction with local government and communities.
Provide consultancy, analyse data, and produce a report on the Warrnambool Base Hospital Drug and Alcohol Patient Screening program.
Recruitment and retention of overseas trained nurses from non-traditional countries to rural hospitals in Gippsland, Victoria
Strategies to facilitate work readiness for nurses in Victoria.

Research Candidate Supervision

Ambulance Involvement in the Treatment of Palliative Care Clients Within the Rural Areas of Tasmania.
Community Process Modelling and Rural Community Development
Exploring education and interprofessional learning in rural clinical learning environments
Family Members' Constructs of Collaboration and Family Advocacy in Rural Residential Aged Care Facilities.
Inter-Professional Learning (IPL) in Paramedic Practice
OTC codeine addiction- a comparative study on pathways to addiction in rural and metropolitan areas within Tasmania
Primary health care in rural remote Australia- GP lead multidisciplinary teams - how have Australian Government rural health policies been put into practice?
Relationship of Dental Practitioners to Primary Care Networks in Rural and Remote QLD and the Application of Technology in the Management of Dental Problems
The Effect of Yoga on Women with Secondary Arm Lymphoedema from Breast Cancer Treatment. A Pilot Trial.
The Impact of Mental Health Cinical Traning / Education on Consumer Outcomes
The Significance of Health Literacy to Health and Wellbeing of Older People in Rural Tasmania
Under What Circumstances Should Paramedics Perform Endotrachael Intubation?
Work Ability in an Australian Context