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Researcher: Neyland, M (Dr Mark Neyland)

Fields of Research

Terrestrial ecology
Forestry management and environment
Conservation and biodiversity
Tree improvement (incl. selection and breeding)
Natural resource management
Wood processing
Forestry biomass and bioproducts
Community ecology (excl. invasive species ecology)
Ecological impacts of climate change and ecological adaptation

Research Objectives

Terrestrial biodiversity
Native forests
Hardwood plantations
Harvesting and transport of forest products
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Climate change adaptation measures (excl. ecosystem)
Ecosystem adaptation to climate change

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A commentary on “Eucalyptus obliqua seedling growth in organic vs. mineral soil horizons”; Frontiers in Plant Science
A major shift to the retention approach for forestry can help resolve some global forest sustainability issues; Conservation Letters
A synthesis of outcomes from the Warra Silvicultural Systems Trial, Tasmania: safety, timber production, economics, biodiversity, silviculture and social acceptability; Australian Forestry
Burning outcomes following aggregated retention harvesting in old-growth wet eucalypt forests; Forest Ecology and Management
Current and potential use of forest biomass for energy in Tasmania; Biomass and Bioenergy
Do forest edges reduce timber productivity - implications for retention forestry techniques; Forest Ecology and Management
Early impacts of harvesting and burning disturbances on vegetation communities in the Warra silvicultural systems trial, Tasmania, Australia; Australian Journal of Botany
Early regeneration results following aggregated retention harvesting of wet eucalypt forests in Tasmania, Australia; Forest Ecology and Management
Effects of thinning on the longitudinal and radial variation in wood properties of Eucalyptus nitens; Forestry
Factors influencing initial vascular plant seedling composition following either aggregated retention harvesting and regeneration burning or burning of unharvested forest; Forest Ecology and Management
Friction correction when predicting wood basic density using drilling resistance; Holzforschung
Is continuous-cover silviculture, as practised in Bavaria, suitable for use in wet eucalypt forests in Tasmania, Australia?; Australian Forestry
Logging and Fire in Australian Forests: misinterpretation, data and models, and a response to Bradstock & Price (2014); Conservation Letters
Monitoring the implementation of variable retention silviculture in wet eucalypt forest: A key element of successful adaptive management; Forest Ecology and Management
Rationale and design for the Warra silvicultural systems trial in wet Eucalyptus obliqua forests in Tasmania; Tasforests
Retention forestry to maintain multifunctional forests: a world perspective; Bioscience
Seedling regeneration of celery-top pine (Phyllocladus aspleniifolius) after harvesting of rainforest in north-western Tasmania; Tasforests
Short-term effects of firebreaks on seedling growth, nutrient concentrations and soil strength in southern Australian wet eucalypt forests; Forest Ecology and Management
Survival and growth of Nothofagus pumilio seedlings under several microenvironments after variable retention harvesting in southern Patagonian forests; Annals of Forest Science
The effects of mechanical disturbance and burn intensity on the floristic composition of two-year old aggregated retention coupes in Tasmanian wet eucalypt forests; Forest Ecology and Management
The response of the vegetation to a range of alternatives to clearfelling of tall wet eucalypt forests at the Warra silvicultural systems trial, Tasmania, Australia
Thinning influences wood properties of plantation-grown Eucalyptus nitens at three sites in Tasmania; Forests
Timber harvesting does not increase fire risk and severity in wet eucalypt forests of Southern Australia; Conservation Letters
Variable retention in Tasmania, Australia: trends over 16 years of monitoring and adaptive management; Ecological Processes
Variable-retention harvesting in Tasmania: regeneration success?; Australian Forestry
Vegetation of the Warra silvicultural systems trial; Tasforests

Research Projects

Developing climate adaptation models to guide climate-resilient forest revegetation; Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPAC)

Research Candidate Supervision

Effects of Variable Retention Harvesting on Productivity and Growth in Wet Eucalypt Forests