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Researcher: White, RD (Dr Robert White)

Fields of Research

Business systems in context
Social theory
Innovation management
Social change
Organisational planning and management
Applied sociology, program evaluation and social impact assessment
Public law
Tourism management
Macroeconomic theory
Gender studies
Legal institutions (incl. courts and justice systems)
Human resources management
Auditing and accountability
Other commerce, management, tourism and services
Private policing and security services
Urban sociology and community studies

Research Objectives

Government and politics
Expanding knowledge in human society
Work and labour market
Pacific Peoples community services
Civics and citizenship
Law enforcement
Justice and the law
Community services
Environmental policy, legislation and standards
Socio-cultural issues in tourism
Social class and inequalities
Management and productivity
Professions and professionalisation
Other transport
Children's services and childcare
Gender and sexualities
Basic aluminium products
Other culture and society
Citizenship and national identity
Industrial relations

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Actor Networks' as a Theoretical Lens for the Strategic Management of Knowledge in Organisations
20th Century Accounts of American Citizenship; International Journal of Social Science Studies
Animals and modernity: changing human-animal relations, 1949-98; Journal of Sociology
Animals and Postmaterialism: An Anomaly for Inglehart; The Australian Sociological Association 2000 Conference
Australian dreams: Home ownership, share ownership and Coalition policy; Jubilee Conference of the Australasian Political Studies Association
Birds in Flight: Reconceptualising Servicescapes in Ecotourism; The Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference
Business in action: Framing and overflowing in the logistics of an Australian company; Journal of Sociology
Contested Citizenship; The Australian Sociological Association 2003
Corporate environmental disclosure and political reason; Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference 2001
Corporate governance as interformance: A case study of one Australian company; ANZAM '99
Corporate governance as interformance: A case study of one Australian company; ANZAM '99
Corporate Governance, Interformance and Legitimacy: A Case-Study of Annual Reports
Corporate self, corporate reputation and corporate annual reports: re-enrolling Goffman; Scandinavian Journal of Management
Disciplinary boundaries and corporate reports: A survey of 30 years of annual reporting literature
Disciplinary Rhetorics and Fractal Orderings: A Study of Sociologies of Knowledge and of Presidential Addresses to the American Sociological Society/Association
Don't Mourn the Death of Theory, Organize! Globalization and the rhizome of anarcho-syndicalism; Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies
Economic man and disciplinary boundaries: a case-study in corporate annual reports; Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal
Emergent Issues for crime prevention; Crime Prevention
Environmental Crime in Transnational Context: Global Issues in Green Enforcement and Criminology; Routledge
Explaining Support for Animal Rights: A Comparison of Two Recent Approaches to Humans, Nonhuman Animals, and Postmodernity; Society and Animals
Homeownership, Shareownership and Coalition Policy; Journal of Australian Political Economy
Issues in Share ownership in Australia; 16th ANZAM the Australian & New Zealand Academy of Management Conference
John Law, Organizing Modernity; Australian and New Zealand Journal of Sociology
Juvenile Justice; Oxford University Press
Marshall, Mannheim and contested citizenship; British Journal of Sociology
Marshall, Mannheim and modern citizenship; Jubilee conference of the Australasian Political Studies Association
News for Tasmania
Pacific Dunlop and path dependency: An explanation, a test and a problem; ANZAM Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management 2001: Closing the Divide
Police Cooperation
Rationality and Rhetoric in the Corporate World: The Corporate Annual Report as an Aristotelian Genre; Prometheus
Rationality and rhetoric in the corporate world: The corporate annual report as an Aristotelian genre (Internal)
Regimes of risk management in corporate annual reports: a case-study of one globalizing Australian company; Journal of Risk Research
Required reading: Sociology's most influential books; Journal of Sociology
Responsal routinization: Environmental responsibility in the annual reports of one Australian company; Ninth Greening of Industry Conference
Review: David Frisby 'The Alienated Mind'; Australian and New Zealand Journal of Sociology
Rhetorics of environmental routinisation in one Australian company's annual reports; Australian Journal of Social Issues
Share ownership in Australia : The emergence of new tensions?; Journal of Sociology
Share-ownership and the triple bottom line: A preliminary study; The Australian Sociological Association 2001 Conference
The life of class: a case study in a sociological concept; Journal of Sociology
The Men and the Boys; Journal of Sociology
The Sociology of Knowledge, Citizenship and the Purification of Politics; Sociology Mind

Research Projects

Sentiments and risks: Changing attitudes to animals in Tasmania; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Socio-Political Dimensions of Increased Share-Ownership in Tasmania; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision

"Talking UP" the Birth Rate- The Typologising of Women and their Fertility
A comparative analysis of wildlife tourism
An archaeology of value
For the Love of Money Moral Orientations Toward Money in the 'Good Life'
Gendered and ethnicised national identities in Australia and Japan
Habermas' Theory of Meaning
Sociology of the internet
The Social Distribution of Internet Use in Australia- A Case Study
Understanding whistleblowing
Youth, mobility and governance on the North West Coast of Tasmania