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Researcher: Jang, SH (Ms Sunny Jang)

Fields of Research

LOTE, ESL and TESOL Curriculum and Pedagogy (excl. Maori)
Studies in Human Society
Curriculum and Pedagogy Theory and Development
Teacher Education and Professional Development of Educators
Comparative and Cross-Cultural Education
Higher Education

Research Objectives

Education and Training
Learner and Learning Processes
Education and Training Theory and Methodology
Teaching and Instruction Technologies
School/Institution Community and Environment

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A participant recruitment video: an innovative multimedia tool to involve teen YouTube users in online ethnographic research; Conducting Research in a Changing and Challenging World
Conducting research in social media discourse: Ethical challenges; Conducting Research in a Changing and Challenging World
Contemporary co-teaching: The perception of ESL teachers in Australia; AARE
Coping with low motivation: Building the fire for students; The International journal of learning
English-Only Classrooms: Ideology versus Reality; AARE
Enhancing pedagogical roles of ESL/EFL native and non-native teachers through team teaching: How to make this 'International Partnership' successful; The International Journal of Learning
ICT in higher education: Evaluative views of teachers and students; Technologies for enhancing pedagogy, engagement and empowerment in education
Internet-mediated Ethnography: Issues And Challenges In Social Science Research Discourse; Conducting Research in a Changing and Challenging World
Rap Music: Language, culture and identity; Linguistic diversity and cultural identity: A global perspective
Strategic English learning and proficiency among Vietnamese tertiary learners: beyond passive stereotypes; The International Journal of Learning in Higher Education
Team teaching between ESL/EFL native and non-native teachers: how to make this 'International Marriage' successful; 17th international Conference on Learning
Team Teaching in Korean English as a Foreign Language Context: A Culture-Based Perspective; The Third International Conference on Global Studies
Using the voice of teen YouTube users for Web 2.0 technology-enhanced classroom teaching; E-Learning and Social Media: Education and Citizenship for the Digital 21st Century
YouTube as an innovative resource for social science research; Australian Association for Research in Education Conference (AARE 2011 Conference)

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision