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Researcher: Dibben, MR (Associate Professor Mark Dibben)

Fields of Research

Business systems in context
Organisation and management theory
Business ethics
Corporate governance
Higher education
Information systems
Auditing and accountability
Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development
Organisational planning and management
Business information management (incl. records, knowledge and intelligence)
Law and society and socio-legal research
Human resources management
Sport and leisure management
Consumption and everyday life
History of economic thought
Organisational behaviour
Tourism management

Research Objectives

Management and productivity
Expanding knowledge in commerce, management, tourism and services
Information services
Assessment, development and evaluation of curriculum
Human capital issues
Expanding knowledge in education
Economic issues in tourism
Allied health therapies (excl. mental health services)
Recreation and leisure activities (excl. sport and exercise)
Criminal justice
Tourism services
Environmental ethics
Expanding knowledge in psychology
Other culture and society

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Applied process thought I: Initial explorations in theory and research; Ontos Verlag
Applied process thought II; Ontos Verlag
Applying process thought in organisation studies; Process Studies
Are all goods good? The profit motive - human experience trade-off in Smith, Marx and Whitehead; ANZAM
Are Disciplines the Best for Education?
Checking, not trusting: trust, distrust and cultural experience in the auditing profession; Organizational Trust
Class Conflict and Social Order in Smith and Marx: The Relevance of Social Philosophy to Business; Philosophy of Management
Collegiality in business schools: Development of a collegiality measure and evaluations of its implications; International Journal of Educational Management
Commentary in 'Conflicts and tensions surrounding the Treaty of Waitangi'; Management: A Pacific Rim Focus
Editorial: Philosophy of Management as Moving Beyond Critical Axiologies?; Philosophy of Management
Embedding Employability in Student Programmes: It Starts with the Right Language
Exploring Motivations for Adventure Recreation events: A New Zealand Study; Annals of Leisure Research
Exploring Relationships of Trust in 'Adventure' Recreation; Leisure Studies
Exploring trust and co-operation in organisations: A processual analysis; Reason in Practice: The Journal of Philosophy of Management
Exploring Whitehead's understanding of organizations: Moving beyond the organising experience of individual managers; Philosophy of Management
Flying Kiwi Promotions Ltd: The story of a world land-speed record breaker; Strategic Management: An Integrated Approach
Following a trail ablaze; Applied Process Thought 2: Following a Trail Ablaze
Humbug, Ba and human experience; Philosophy of Management
Interview of Mark Dibben on his chapter ‘Management for Our Common Home'
Leadership as Relational Process; Process Studies
Legislation and child death review processes in Australia: Understanding our failure to prevent child death; University of New South Wales Law Journal
Liberating the curriculum by introducing trans-disciplinary and human values into undergraduate education at the University of Tasmania; Educating for an ecological civilization: interdisciplinary, experiential, and relational learning
Maintaining leisure values in adventure recreation events: the role of trust; Annals of Leisure Research
Management and Organization Studies; Handbook of Whiteheadian Process Thought
Management and the Care for Our Common Home; For Our Common Home: Process-Relational Responses To Laudato Si'
Motorcycle Racing and Neo-Tribes at the Isle of Man; Neo-tribes: Consumption, leisure and tourism
Over the edge of the wild: lessons of discovery through developing transdisciplinary (breadth) units in blended courses; Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning
Participant observation in sport management research: collecting and interpreting data from a successful world land speed record attempt; Handbook of Research on Sport and Business
Person-in-community in Whitehead, Smith and Marx: exploring Marx's concept of class through Smith's concept of social order; Socialism in process
Philosophy of Management; Philosophy of Management
Philosophy of Management; Philosophy of Management
Process Ethics and Business: Applying Process Thought to Enact Critiques of Mind/Body Dualism in Organizations; Process Studies
Process philosophy, philosophy of management and ecological management
Process, enterprise and demonstrable applicability: Towards the liberation of managed human life; Concrescence
Public trust in health care: Trustworthy doctors in confidence building systems ; Quality & Safety in Health Care
Re-thinking technology from an organisational perspective; Process Studies
Reason in practice: A unique role for a ˜Philosophy of Management'; Philosophy of Management
Rethinking ethical leadership using process metaphysics; Radical Thoughts on Ethical Leadership
Revisiting philosophical concerns for the outcomes of management and economics as human and social progress: Smith, Marx and Whitehead on business and the good society; EURAM
Spirituality and its Role in Responsible Leadership and Decision-Making; Responsible Leadership and Ethical Decision-Making Volume 17
Strengthening the Capacity of Victorian Communities to Survive Natural Disasters
The Breadth Unit Learning and Teaching System: The Wisdom of Inter-disciplinarity (translated)
The effects of trust and management incentives on audit committee judgments; Behavioral Research in Accounting
The global context of management; Management: An Australian Perspective
The implications of auditors' dispositional trust and career advancement opportunities for the detection of fraud; Journal of Forensic & Investigative Accounting
The Silencing of Children in Australia; Child Abuse and Neglect Worldwide
The social value of business: lessons from political economy and process philosophy; Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations
The wisdom of being wise: A brief introduction to computational wisdom; 10th IFIP WG 11.11 International Conference on Trust Management (IFIPTM 2016)
To Teach or Try: A continuum of approaches to entrepreneurship education in Australasia; American Journal of Entrepreneurship
Trust, anti-trust, distrust and mistrust [Keynote Address]; Trust Management, Third International Conference (iTrust 2005)
Understanding organizations as Whiteheadian societies; Applied Process Thought 1: Initial Explorations in Theory and Research
What is applied process thought?; Applied Process Thought 1: Initial Explorations in Theory and Research
Whitehead and management: Learning form management practice; Alfred North Whitehead on Learning and Education: Theory and Application
Whitehead’s process relational philosophy; Sage Handbook of Process Organization Studies
Wrest Point: The Life, The Times and The People of Tasmania's Hotel; Australian Scholarly Publishing

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision

An Investigation into the Management of Food Waste- Implementing an Innovative and Eco-Effective Strategy in Australia
CEO Leadership Style, Emotional Intelligence and Ethics- The Impact on Subordinate Manager Work Habits and Organisational Performance
Leadership, Collaboration and the Possibilities of Transformation
Public Sector Grants- An Analysis of Complexity in Modern Public Administration
To What Extent can Incorporating Spirituality in Professional Development Programs, within Educational Institutions, Improve the Lived Experience and Performance of Employees?
What is the Relationship between Hybrid Flexible Delivery and the Level of Critical Engagement in Tertiary Education?