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Researcher: Press, AJ (Dr Tony Press)

Fields of Research

International criminal law
Ecological impacts of climate change and ecological adaptation
Public policy
Chemical oceanography
Ocean law and governance
Fisheries management
Physical geography and environmental geoscience
International relations
Environmental law
Conservation and biodiversity
Climate change law
Political geography
Public international law
Marine and estuarine ecology (incl. marine ichthyology)
Biological oceanography
Economic development policy
Environment and resource economics
International and comparative law
Defence studies
Australian history

Research Objectives

International organisations
Effects of climate change on Antarctic and sub-Antarctic environments (excl. social impacts)
Other environmental management
Defence and security policy
Assessment and management of terrestrial ecosystems
Fisheries - wild caught
Protection and conservation of Antarctic and Southern Ocean environments
Measurement and assessment of marine water quality and condition
Public services policy advice and analysis
Citizenship and national identity
Wild caught fin fish (excl. tuna)
International political economy (excl. international trade)
Antarctic and Southern Ocean oceanic processes
Assessment and management of Antarctic and Southern Ocean ecosystems
Assessment and management of coastal and estuarine ecosystems
Ecosystem adaptation to climate change
Legal processes
Biodiversity in Antarctic and Southern Ocean environments
Sustainability indicators

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

ACE CRC Report Card: Southern Ocean Acidification
Adapting to Regional Enforcement: Fishing Down the Governance Index; PLoS One
Antarctic Treaty System Ready for a Challenge; Science
Australia's Antarctica: Proceedings of the Symposium to mark 75 years of the Australian Antarctic Territory
Australia’s most southern shores: the strategic geography of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean; Advances in Military Geosciences
Chapter 9.3. Assessing status and change in Southern Ocean ecosystems; Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean
Chilly warning from scientists on impact of Antarctica changes
Cleaning up after human activity in Antarctica: legal obligations and remediation realities; Restoration Ecology
Conservation Law in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean: the Antarctic Treaty System, conservation and environmental protection; Law and Governance: emerging issues of the polar regions
Developing priority variables ('ecosystem Essential Ocean Variables' - eEOVs) for observing dynamics and change in Southern Ocean ecosystems; Journal of Marine Systems
Diplomacy; Australia and the Antarctic Treaty System: 50 Years of Influence
Direct effects of climate change on the Antarctic krill fishery; Fisheries Management and Ecology
Eyes wide open: Managing the Australia–China Antarctic relationship
Foreword: polar oceans governance - an Antarctic perspective; Polar Oceans Governance in an Era of Environmental Change
Introduction in Australia's Antarctica: Proceedings of the Symposium to mark 75 years of the Australian Antarctic Territory, held in Hobart on 24 August 2011; Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies Research Report # 2
Japan’s whaling fleet sets sail again, and there’s not much that can stop it
Position analysis: Antarctic sea ice and climate change 2014
Position analysis: ocean fertilisation
Position Analysis: Ocean Fertilisation
Reducing Illegal Fishing in the Southern Ocean: A Global Effort; Solutions
Science and policy interactions in assessing and managing marine ecosystems in the Southern Ocean; Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution
Science in the Court! The Role of Science in 'Whaling in the Antarctic'; Whaling in the Antarctic: Significance and Implications of the ICJ Judgment
The 'evil twin' of climate change: Ocean acidification
The Antarctic Treaty System in 2021: important anniversaries but challenges for consensus decision-making; Polar Perspectives
The Antarctic Treaty System: future mining faces many mathematical challenges; The Yearbook of Polar Law
The High Seas and IUU Fishing; Routledge Handbook of Ocean Resources and Management
The principles of the Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources: why its Commission is not a Regional Fisheries Management Organisation; Governing Marine Living Resources in the Polar Regions

Research Projects

A Free Ocean CO2 Enriched experiment (FOCE) to estimate the effects of ocean acidification on benthic habitats; Department of Environment and Energy (Cwth) (DoEE)
Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (ACE CRC); Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER)
Free Ocean Carbon Enrichment infrastructure for the Southern Ocean: measuring impacts of ocean acidification on biological communities; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Geopolitical Change and the Antarctic Treaty System; Australian Research Council (ARC)
The Economic Impact of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Sector on the Tasmanian Economy; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision