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Researcher: Crawford, NL (Dr Nicole Crawford)

Fields of Research

Higher Education
Curriculum and Pedagogy
Language, Communication and Culture
Educational Technology and Computing
Specialist Studies in Education
Teacher Education and Professional Development of Educators
Education Assessment and Evaluation

Research Objectives

Learner and Learning Achievement
Equity and Access to Education
Education and Training
Learner and Learning
Teaching and Instruction Technologies

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

An academicís role? Supporting student wellbeing in pre-university enabling programs; Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice
E-learning in context: An assessment of student inequalities in a university outreach program; Australasian Journal of Educational Technology
Emotional labour demands in enabling education: A qualitative exploration of the unique challenges and protective factors; Student Success
Equity practitionersí Canadian study tour: effective initiatives, learnings and reflections; Student transitions Achievement Retention and Success
Evaluation of a university online Information Literacy unit; The Australian Library Journal
Foundations for change, confidence, and new opportunities: impacts of a university enabling program in north-west Tasmania; Inaugural Students Transitions Achievement Retention and Success (STARS) Conference
Lighting the path(way): articulating curriculum design principles for open access enabling programs
Models of support for student wellbeing in enabling programs: comparisons, contrasts and commonalities at four Australian universities; 2016 FABENZ Conference
Practical and profound: multi-layered benefits of a university enabling program and implications for higher education; International Studies in Widening Participation
Reflective encounters for enabling educators: The role of debriefing in building psychological capital; 2018 Foundation and Bridging Educators New Zealand Conference (FABENZ)
Transitions to tertiary education: Measuring and minimising inequality between private and public school students in a university outreach program; Journal of Academic Language & Learning
Unlocking the potential within: A preliminary study of individual and community outcomes from a university enabling program in rural Australia; Australian Journal of Adult Learning

Research Projects

Articulating curriculum design principles for open access; Office for Learning & Teaching (OLT)
Improving the 'beaten track': investigating alternative pathways to increase higher education participation for mature-aged low socio-economic status students in regional and remote Australia; Department of Education and Training (DeptET)
Regional communities influences on equity participation in higher education; National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education, Curtin University (NCSEHE)

Research Candidate Supervision